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  1. It must be me but I've never gotten JSGME to work. Followed the above instructions and typically the 262 mod doesn't show up.
  2. Ah yeah tried everything. Re-downloaded the game again to do a bit of testing. It will crash 100% on mission start on career mode playing Russian. And randomly playing German. Very frustrating the way you lose control of your computer over a game. Suffice to say that was my last time downloading it not wasting anymore of my time with it. Moreover it's a shame because I'm a huge fan of the series and I personally like Stalingrad over BLITZ and subsequently I'm not at all sure that I'll buy Kuban now.
  3. The crashing would be bad enough if wasn't for the fact that it completely locks up my computer. Resulting in a cold restart. This will occur the second the first mission in any campaign opens and will occur randomly in single missions as well. BOS BLITZ runs perfectly I cant understand it. Using Nvidia Drvs 391.01 GTX 950. Also using the steam version.
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