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  1. Glitterman

    Stay alive in multiplayer

    To me the game the changers from SP to MP were: get used to constantly check 6 and around, fly higher than I was used to, and hit and run if possible (avoid engaging for long time if you are not positive its the only one around). I fly alone and don´t use Teamspeak, but as Justin said I´m sure are great help. ...and you better listen Dream Theater 😜:
  2. Glitterman

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    I would not like East again. Long shot imaginary scenario for me here: No more, or one last west European one, post Bodenplate, in example Berlin, adding B17 and some "exotic" planes. (This or extend Bodenplate with more planes to end Europe with a mega extension) Then move to Pacific to explore at least 2 more BoX, early and late war. And in years to come coming back to Europe, closing and starting again the circle, with Battle of Britain (an old CloD passing the torch), maybe with a new game engine/technology to start a new saga. Dream on.
  3. Glitterman

    What is your favourite plane

  4. Glitterman

    Zoom while Shooting

    I got it attached to the slide axis button on my Saitek X52 throttle. To me its a fantastic ergonomic button to use zoom with my left thumb. To the point that i have not changed my old X52 to a Hotas Warthog this Christmas because of this button (i will try to figure out how to implement the way I use the zoom before I change to warthog). This have me doubting about changing to Warthog or to X56 wich have the same slide as X52. I wish Warthog had a so ergonomic slide button in the throttle. I use zoom to search and identify enemy planes and ground objects when flyinh around, and for shooting (but then I only apply full zoom if i engage only one enemy). I put zoom just in the seconds previous to shot, and if the background have some clouds against sky, or ground terrain in the distance, to serve me as reference of my movements; sometimes when I have applied full zoom while turning chasing enemy at hight alt, against deep blue sky, I have lost references of speed and position of my own plane and then stalled. To me this is a lovely feature of the game I constantly use. I love to watch details and shapes of enemy planes zoomed when shooting, or enjoy zooming friendly planes when flying formation.
  5. Glitterman

    keep spinning on ground

    Check rpm is 100%
  6. What a great addition 109K is! The P47 hype had me blinded about it. Deserved almost an exclusive update 😜, ...so happy to have this two in the same update! Thank you guys!👍
  7. Glitterman

    DD today?

    Thanks dev team!! I love "winged skull" skin!
  8. Glitterman

    DD today?

  9. Glitterman

    A Thought on Pricing

    Using "$/minute of joy" ratio, it is a bargain, ultra cheap. Would i wish it was cheaper? For sure, as long as the product quality mantain. (low prob) Would i wish it was free? For sure, as long as the product quality mantain.(unrealistic) Do i consider is a good and fair pricing? Absolutely, specially when you look DCS pricing for example, as noted before by many others. Excellent product and good and fair price. A happy customer here.
  10. Glitterman

    Tactical Air War

    My god...that easy 😳. I was not able to figure it out as read in the manual. Thank you Kathon!
  11. Glitterman

    Tactical Air War

    I need some help with account registration. Can anybody explain me how to create another account without updating il2sturmovik account, please? As i read in the manual : "It’s possible to register two different accounts: one for Allied and one for Axis. To switch between them please update il2sturmovik.com account to match account on TAW. If you don’t want to update il2sturmovik.com account then you have to change names of your accounts on TAW page" My il2sturmovik name is Glitterman My TAW name for my account (blue side) is Glitterman If i change my TAW name to Glitterman_2 to play Red, it will not match my original il2sturmovik account, and i wil not be able to play. i´m confused about this. Anybody can help me about this? Thank you!
  12. Maybe this have been shared before, anyhow, ...it worths a duplicate thread. Full screen and high volume for maximum joy.
  13. Glitterman

    Bf 109 Cockpit & Aircraft Familiarization

    Thank you Barone!! Very welcome here!
  14. Glitterman

    Wishlist Blitz improvements

    I´m a new player of this game, just some days, and i'm sure it has been said before by many, but i would suggest to include the option to bind zoom to axis. Its a very useful feature i miss in this sim. BTW, i'm enjoyign the sim very much, congrats!
  15. Glitterman

    Questions on the Spitfire

    Thank you!