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  1. The cities all look great but the countryside, devoid of any life, looks like a huge golf course to me. The devs have done a good job with a historic layout but I'd like to see some semblance of the war. Pristeen landscapes are great for FSX and othe civ sims but this is 1944 and a war has been going on for 5 years. It all looks so sterile. But I do understand that a damaged building with associated rubble in the streets would have a far bigger impact on performance than a 6 polygon undamaged one.
  2. What WT offers that BoX doesn't for the MP crowd is short, objective based missions. Everyone starts at the same time. A built in hyper lobby. With BoX you're joining in on a one hour mission with anywhere from 59 to 5 minutes remaining. With no idea what objectives remain, who's doing what or where they are. So most folk will fly towards the nearest tracer they see for instant gratification. It gets real old real fast. That's my personal experience, that's what I do. I don't feel part of the effort, in fact I rarely see any objective based effort from either side. Bombers and transports will follow objectives, albeit alone, because that's their purpose. Fighter jocks will generally fight for themselves. Ask any bomber pilot and they will rarely see any escort. There really is no organization in BoX MP. Folk rip on WT for its arcade FM, "it's not a simulator", but in general the WT player is more historically accurate when it comes to gameplay strategy than the average BoX player. We have an arcade game played by simulators and a simulator played by arcade gamers. Ive never felt any sense of accomplishment when a MP round has finished in BoX, win or lose, unlike WT. That's my opinion based on my experience from both games.
  3. I don't want to be that guy but... you and the other folk piling on talon_ are making "this a bigger deal that it needs to be" There is an inconsistency in Jason's reply. Jason did not say "bombs were used by Tempests DURING THE WAR, rockets were not. That's why the latter isn't included". He said "THE TIME PERIOD WE COVER IN BoBP". Where neither were used. Did you not see that or are you being deliberately obtuse? Great update by the way.
  4. I wonder if the P-51 will get the RAF pilot that the P-47 is getting. But the map is looking better, if that is normandy.
  5. You can put a gamer into a sim but....
  6. There's a clue in the give away 2
  7. I often think that the folk who ask for these mega cannons are over compensating for something.
  8. You remember when we said we were working on a 50% increase in VR performance? Well we were talking sh1te, as usual. Everything is subject to change, except our incompetence.
  9. personaly I don't think collectors need to be Bo* specific. I would love to see some British/commonwealth aircraft. Just to fill out that side. Were not going to N Africa, thats been said on many occasions so how about A P-40C, Hurricaine or a Beaufighter? Would love to see those three in this engine. At some point were going to the Pacific, which to most folk means the USN against the Japanese. "The forgotten war", CBI, will no doubt be forgotten in this title also which doesnt leave much for us commonwealth flyers. I'd pay for a British/Commonwealth expansion because I know theyre going to be overlooked. Beaufighter Hurricane P-40c
  10. There is nothing special about you. The horror, for you, is that you're just like everybody else. You want to be different, you want to be special so you delude yourself. That's why you're depressed, there's nothing special about you, you wish there was but there isn't. You hear things you want to hear. They are the delusions of a lonely unimportant, uninteresting nobody crying out for attention. That's why you start these pointless threads. Attention, not to be "amusing", just attention. That's why you grow shitler facial hair. You're an attention seeker. Nobody but the one or two right wing nutjobs who frequent these forums give a fishes tit if you're gay or not. You could put your dick in a dead fish for all I care. Find one of the seedy back of the internet righ wing shitholes that are out there and tell them you're gay. You'll get all the attention you crave.
  11. Y'all sound like experts. Get together start a game studio and start producing your ultra violent video games. Throw a bunch of swastikas everywhere and see how far you get. Then blame the liberals for everything, grab your guns and start taking your persecution complex out on the general public.
  12. You are definitely not alone. I suffer from depression myself. A lot of people do but don't realize it. It definately helps to talk about it with a professional or just a good friend. As namhee said, those that have no experience cannot fully understand what it truly feels like. Honestly a flight simulator forum probably isn't the right place for this, the whole internet is full of trolls who will latch onto any percieved weakness unfortunately. All the best with your struggles.
  13. That would be a lot of work. Even just to colour them.
  14. I can't see a WW2 CFS using that technology. There are zero satelite images of anywhere from 1939-1945. Wont be happening.
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