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  1. Y'all sound like experts. Get together start a game studio and start producing your ultra violent video games. Throw a bunch of swastikas everywhere and see how far you get. Then blame the liberals for everything, grab your guns and start taking your persecution complex out on the general public.
  2. You are definitely not alone. I suffer from depression myself. A lot of people do but don't realize it. It definately helps to talk about it with a professional or just a good friend. As namhee said, those that have no experience cannot fully understand what it truly feels like. Honestly a flight simulator forum probably isn't the right place for this, the whole internet is full of trolls who will latch onto any percieved weakness unfortunately. All the best with your struggles.
  3. That would be a lot of work. Even just to colour them.
  4. I can't see a WW2 CFS using that technology. There are zero satelite images of anywhere from 1939-1945. Wont be happening.
  5. I think he has a really big match. Excellent skills.
  6. I wonder, was your camper feature complete when you bought it? Were you promised breaks for it, that were never delivered? A steering wheel that the manufacturer decided they were just not going to make? Did the manufacturer decide nah were not going to finish your camper because we've decided to make a sports car instead? If so you have a point, otherwise your camper has absolutely no relevance here.
  7. I like DCS. I love my F-14. You are right about me disliking ED. I do not trust what wags says. He has proven himself full of shit on more than one occasion and Sith Huckabee Sanders is even worse. I will purchase another heatblur product if it catches my imagination, I like what they do, but I will not purchase another ED module. And I will criticize ED for their short comings as much as I like as I have paid for the right to do so.
  8. There's no doubt DCS looks good. It is a fantastic looking sim. However Some of the core features of any "simulation" are sorely lacking in DCS. If DCS is to truly become what everybody wishes it was it needs to address those issues instead of pumping out more and more Betas that require endless manhours that should be spent on the foundations.
  9. As a football fan liverpool deserved something for their incredible season. But as a spurs fan I'm gutted. Bon appetit Arthur
  10. No they wont. We've already seen under the hood revamping from GB devs for free. After EA GB are a finished product, not a beta. The problem with ED is they're selling a beta at full price. Those that want it buy it. Once the sales have hit their peak there is little income, yet they still have to spend man hours developing the module because it's not finished, it's still in beta. They are basically financing the continued development of their betas by releasing more betas. And when that doesn't work they charge extra for battlefield survivability.
  11. GB devs give you upgrades included. Every single GB aircraft has options. One does not have to pay for them. Upgrades nearly killed this game. At least the GB devs had the inteligence to take note of the communities outrage on the matter and act sensibly. I did not miss a thing, bug fixes should be free. I think you miss a vital point, The black shark has been out for a decade and still has bugs! Also the graphics upgrade is necissary because they upgraded their graphics engine and while the blackshark is still for sale in their shop, at full price, it required an upgrade. Same with the A10c, I wonder what pay for upgrade will be included in the A10c graphics upgrade. But you go ahead and keep cheering ED along and you keep feeling pissed off when somebody criticizes ED.
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