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  1. Why do I have no clouds in this game? Live weather... nothing, preset weather...nothing. i see all these gorgeous screen shots and I get nothing. Im sad and a little miffed. Anybody else get zero clouds?
  2. Yeah really. Attention to detail my arse. Joking aside, I own the Normandy map and I must say flying in the BoBP map is somewhat underwhelming now. It seems so sterile and empty.
  3. I think its a limitation of the engine. Something I believe they're working on I will rehash it over and over when folk continue to paint ED as the knights on white horses over the debacle. and nobody was griping, merely pointing out what's in black and white.
  4. Where did you get that from? Show me the source of your information otherwise its just conjecture on your part. "The vast majority of funds needed to finance this project have and will continue to come from Eagle Dynamics (not Kickstarter). To give you a feel… just the Eagle Dynamics developed and funded flight model for the Bf-109K has already cost us about 120k USD" THAT is from Wags. More than just "providing the engine and acting as QC"
  5. Its all good. The usual story has done its rounds and has become the "truth" that most folk believe and repeat.
  6. From The Kickstarter page " under The project is a joint venture between RRG Studios and Eagle Dynamics. Its all there on the page. Also from here "The exception will be the circumstances which led to this change in product management and development." People will believe what they want to believe. They would rather believe that ED jumped in and saved the project from failure rather than believe they were shafted.
  7. Not exactly true. "Luthiers WW2" game was a joint venture with ED it didn't fail, it's still in production just waaaaaaaay over due and unrecognizable, except for the original aircraft, from the original Kickstarter. ED fired Luthier. There's a lot of misinformation still being circulated. I know some folk will accept any and all BS, but stop spreading it around.
  8. Considering the lack of official help and complexities, there are some quite outstanding mods for DCS. The fact that one can, in theory, make your own aircraft, ships, ground assets is one of the great things about DCS. There are a lot of failed mods and with each update a lot of mods become broken but the modding community over there is pretty impressive.
  9. I'm surprised at the surprise, of some folk, that ED missed a release date. C'mon be honest, you didn't really think the carrier would be out this week did you?
  10. I don't know why I did it, I don't really need it, I have a 1/24 typhoon in my stash and no real room for it. But I saw a cheap Airfix 1/24 hellcat, the highest bid was low, so I bid on it. I ended up winning the thing for $70. My wife is going to be pissed when that turns up.
  11. Thanks for the replies. I wasn't trying to be a dick, "facts" are being thrown around these days, not just game related, with no real evidence of their authenticity. Not only that but the blind acceptance of anything posted on the internet without question has made me weary. Appreciated.
  12. Does anybody have a 3 tone cammo template for the A-10c? I have the official template but it doesnt contain any cammo pattern. I've seen many cammo repaints but no template. Can anybody help?
  13. is the loss of sound, kind of a lowering and dullness, in a dive a bug or a feature? Edit, this is in the P51
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