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  1. I don't know why I did it, I don't really need it, I have a 1/24 typhoon in my stash and no real room for it. But I saw a cheap Airfix 1/24 hellcat, the highest bid was low, so I bid on it. I ended up winning the thing for $70. My wife is going to be pissed when that turns up.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I wasn't trying to be a dick, "facts" are being thrown around these days, not just game related, with no real evidence of their authenticity. Not only that but the blind acceptance of anything posted on the internet without question has made me weary. Appreciated.
  3. Does anybody have a 3 tone cammo template for the A-10c? I have the official template but it doesnt contain any cammo pattern. I've seen many cammo repaints but no template. Can anybody help?
  4. is the loss of sound, kind of a lowering and dullness, in a dive a bug or a feature? Edit, this is in the P51
  5. One must remember also that the ai in BoX uses the same flight model as the player. I'm no expert, by a long way, but that must affect computing, and therefore fps, power? I wonder if given a FC fedelity ww2 module with improved ai flight models in DCS would increase performance in DCS. Both games have different approaches but I would love to see a DCS "quality" rhineland map. I played both games today, the atmosphere, map, sounds, tracer effects all impressed me immensely in DCS. The lack of flyables in DCS as well as the one WW2 map disapoints me. If DCS were to start releasing FC fedelity WW2 modules, therefore speeding up production, they would be hard to beat.
  6. Yes but the Germans were are all saints in the 2 world wars. They could never do anything like that.
  7. Do not post pics with Swastikas period. Not from books or even photographs.
  8. Do not post pics with Swastikas period. Not from books or even photographs. It's not fine.
  9. I have VR and never use it anymore. I used it in my old place but after my recent move it has stayed boxed up in a cupboard. I hate to admit it but DCS is my go to sim at the moment because it looks far better than il2. Il2 is a much better experience than DCS in VR but I just dont play it anymore. It looks old tech, to me. If Il2 had the lighting and ability to populate their maps like the Normandy map in DCS I would spend my time in il2. Unfortunately the limits of the current engine is turning me off. For the first time in forever I took the P51 online in DCS and was gobsmacked by the beauty of the experience. Admittedly there were only a handful of folk in the server but it was smooth I even scored a 109k, he disconnected before I registered the kill but I'm claiming it. My ideal sim would be il2 in the DCS engine. I dont need the full fidelity of the DCS aircraft but I cant do without the beauty of it right now. I would say the il2 engine needs an upgrade. Just my opinion.
  10. Impossible? I think not.
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