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  1. Yes, now the links are working, thank you.
  2. Alas, your link does not work. It shows https://www.dropbox.com/s/ajvtfzcsai5vj44/IL2M41_4k_Skinpack.zip?dl=0
  3. ICDP publish skins for new, this link does not work, there are no files.
  4. Please publish this version, but without the little stars under the cab. These small stars symbolize aerial victories, and when there is no sufficient confidence in his experience fighter wearing these values are not korrektno.Pust leather version of the IAP has 3 regiment, but without assigning aerial victories.
  5. Yes, HSFX team stopped. I poured pogotovleny to work NSFX 7.0.3 here https://yadi.sk/d/HH50wqAprxoyy Setting: 1. Download, select the mouse all the patches and unpack into the same folder. 2. Set up joystick control, enter the callsign and your screen resolution. Or just copy the folder to the root folder "User" and the file "Conf.ini" with its own settings from other versions of Elah. 3. All. We enjoy the flight. 4. The archive folders are added 2 - "Setting Config Elah" - "the F" and "protractor" for the bombing. 5. The current version Graphics, Sound Effects and set to the maximum.
  6. Unnecessary progress, the previous version, with only one hand, so much the better. I do not like labels and numbers on board the aircraft, because the new version is I do not like!
  7. I am waiting for this particular skin and no other, but the post # 164 told me that I wait in vain!
  8. Images in your message can not be considered to publish again. I also developed a device for determining the angle of the wind like you, we both came to the same idea. I intresno see your version of the device, but unfortunately your image is not possible to see.
  9. Friends, publishing the own colourings of airplanes and historical colourings for the general use, accompany please variants without a number on a fuselage. Image of number for a fuselage, means on your own.
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