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  1. How would you get the developers to look into the 'VR check 6' problem. I think it would be great if we could set up a toggle to toggle front view or rear view. Once in rear view head movement would be 1:1. Toggling from front view to rear view would have to be instantaneous, this would eliminate any sickness due to non 1:1 movement. What do you other VR flyers think about the TOGGLE 'VR check 6' idea? To be competitive with the guys that use TrackIR we really need this, not to mention that i"m 70 years old and I just don't have full motion in my neck to look over my shoulder. So let's see if we can get the developers interested in adding a 'toggle 6' feature for VR. I do love flying in VR.
  2. Cut my teeth on IL2 1946 and loved it. Now play IL2 box. But I miss all the planes that were in IL2 1946. The reason I fly IL2 BoX is the servers are populated. Are there any servers that are populated for IL2 1946? (when I say populated I mean numbers like 50 to 70 players) Cheers Metabo
  3. Just after the latest update I've noticed that the German planes literally disappear even when within a few hundred meters when looking down from above and they are low over trees. This may also be happening with the Russian planes in the same scenario. I don't feel that this is a bug, but it may have something to do with the new 4K textures. When plane is down low it should be somewhat visible. Hopefully others have noticed this anomaly. I will try tweaking to see if I can improve this on my end, but up till the last 4k update if was fine. Planes low on the trees were hard to see but they could be seen, but now no way. Cheers, CIA_Metabo My system: Vizio M60-C3 4K tv, Intel Core i7 6700k, Motherboard EVGA Z170, RAM DDR4 32 GBytes, GPU EVGA Nvidia geforce GTX1080Ti Here's an idea, don't bomb spawn bases. Bomb the targets that the map builders spent hours building for the bombers to hit. And if in a fighter patrol and defend your targets or provide escort for your bombers. Bombing is hard work. No one wants to be killed at their spawn base.
  4. I've been hoping someone in the states would put up a server. The main problem is 'population' if you can't populate the server with players it won't matter how good the server is. The trick is getting people to play in good numbers and that will encourage even more players to join. Would love to see you put up a server and give it a go. The server I play on gives me a ping form 140 to 170, not great but not high enough to cause problems.
  5. I find it very discouraging to sit down to play some IL2 and hope to have some fun only to run into problems with the game. Problem 1. You log into one of the host servers select a plane and you are never spawned into that plane. Problem 2. You finish a mission and try to click the start button for another mission only to have the dreaded gray start button. Problem 3. Many of the maps have so much lag that the game puts up AA at a target that you don't see for anywhere from 30 seconds to several minutes later. Problem 4. Randomly getting kicked from one of the game servers. I would like to know why these problems can't be addressed and fixed. thank you , Metabo
  6. It looks amazing. Although as a private pilot, I've never encountered raindrops punching through a cloud.
  7. Thanks, I was wrong about this being a problem in all planes. The planes that I set up the seating position with TrackIR and the F10 save are fine in VR, but the new planes I have not set up for TrackIR yet. I believe that after I do that the VR position will be better also. And yes, The lean and recenter will do a quick fix until you use the recenter again. Thanks to the devs, the graphics in flat screen are fantastic and much improved in VR as well. Metabo
  8. I've noticed that the seating position of the pilot in VR seems to be too close to the dash. This seems to be in all aircraft now. Has anyone else noticed this anomaly? Is there a way to set the pilot position the way we do for TrackIR? I'm now flying in VR full time even though it's not as competitive as using TrackIR due to the 1 to 1 movement, but it's definitely fun! I'm hoping that the seating position of the pilot can be resolved. I've only spent a short time flying in 3.001 update, so if I notice anything else I'll add to this post. You should've heard be laugh out loud when I flew through a cloud and saw the moisture on the windscreen, total surprise just too damn cool! Cheers, Metabo
  9. Okay 19//Tuesday, that worked. Lol wtf? Anyway I owe you a beer. Thanks my friend Metabo
  10. Clear what cache, what history? Remember we are talking about a forum server and a game. So, what cache and what history and how do you do that?
  11. I know this has been covered in the past and I read all that I could find on the topic, but no answers that are not more than a few years old. I changed my username in my profile and saved it. I don't see it changed when I log on to any of the Servers hosting IL2 Battle of Stalingrad. I've done this in the past with no problem. Is there a time limit? Is there a limit on how many times you can change your user name? Some information on this topic would be nice. Maybe 'Do's and Don'ts. Thanks in advance Metabo
  12. I started building control shelves on each arm of a swivel chair so letting go of the sticks is not necessary. You will lose control of the rudders but only for the time to look back. I have not tried this as I have not completed the build. CIA_Metabo
  13. I have an idea, update the bios on the mother board
  14. I've tried BoX in VR and I really like it. The only problem that I have is not being able to look behind me. VR movement is 1:1 and because I'm 67 years old I can't twist my body around to check my six. Is there any way to have VR movement be adjustable so that we old timers can check our six. Until this happens I can not fly in VR.
  15. Hate the 'Thud'. It has to go. VR is matching reality so thus the head restrictions. We need a VR only server for IL2 so we can really put this new tech through a test.
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