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  1. Thanks very much Black Six. I'll have my wallet ready for the moment they appear though
  2. Hello All, According to the Store Page Bodenplatte and Flying Circus have maps and campaigns. Is this the case yet? I always hold off buying until there is a campaign set in the correct location.. Cheers
  3. Thanks for the responses guys. A bit dissapointing but I can see the logic for sure.
  4. Hi All, My apologies if this has already been discussed, but will B17s be included in Bodenplatte? As there is no mention in the list of planes on the page I guess not flyable, but will they be available as targets for the Luftwaffe? Cheers
  5. Are you using VR? If so, how are you getting on reading the text in game?
  6. Can't even log onto your servers to play the game. If your servers are down I'd really appreciate some sort of notice to save us wasting our lives trying to run it. I did briefly get into the game earlier before it froze up on me, and was presented with great wall of campaign background text which I'm sure is very nice but is totally unreadable on my Oculus Rift because the VR resolution is so poor in the game. Maybe there is an option to change the size of the text but with your servers not working I guess I wont find out for a while.
  7. Hi RabbitFoehammer, It sounds to me like you are being affected by the Oculus asw (asynchronous spacewarp, they call it...). This is a method Oculus uses to smooth graphics by adding frames, and it confilcts badly with the prop effect in IL2. You can turn it off by using CTL and 1 on the numeric keypad. Better still, download the Oculus tray tool and set up a profile for IL2 with asw turned off. This won't necessarily remove the effect entirely but should make the game playable. If it works for you, you will probably find you can experiment with upping your settings again. Good luck
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