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  1. N° 227 - "MARY ALYCE" - Flown by Lieutnant Robert Louwers - 46th Fighter Squadron / 21st Fighter Group - Iwo Jima June 1945
  2. After some vacations, I took again my brushes and made a new one: N° 67 - "STINGER VII" Flown by Captain Robert William Moore - 45th Fighter Squadron / 15th Fighter Group - Iwo Jima June 1945 There are two version of the color scheme for 45th Fighter Squadron : June 1945 and August 1945. I chose the more colorful
  3. May be, I do not know , for sure, dev's should take in consideration playable issue when product is released, before launching a project. At this moment it is absolutly not enjoying to play on Russian side any mission or campaign. Russian is just a target for German Tiger and Panther (soon)......this as nothing to do with quality of tanks designing (outstanding) or history accuracy of the material. Just to say that Kursk was, may be not the right battle to make. Historically, the Russians won the battle by the enormous mass of armored vehicles which attacked the Panzer Divisions but at the cost of how many losses? HUGE .... This is not applicable to a game. I also point out that Su-152 WAS NOT (large debate between historians during years and years) present at the battle and is nevertheless included in the tank set. The disproportion of the forces and powers of fire make the TC simulation is so bad that nobody wants to play on Russian side....it is a pitty.😟
  4. Panther is a great adding and can't wait for it but what about opponents? i am surpirsed that Russian devs did not made a real opponent to German tanks such as T34/85 or Su-85 AT LEAST ....!!! at this moment a Russian player have simply no chances .........
  5. Merci Bex!!!! ENORME BOULOT et bien réalisé par dessus le marché !!!😉 Là tu es plus efficace qu'avec tes élucubrations 3d rudderesques !!!!😄
  6. Many thanks @Pierre64................Great !!!😉
  7. Hello Pierre , No, I do not know (not made research on that point, frankly speaking) ...it is not shown on all aircraft.
  8. You are right both Rjel and SOLIDKREATE. Specification porject numbers are related to ordered contracts between Department of US ARMY AIR FORCE, North American constructor and various factories (such as Inglewood CA) So, it is may be related to serial numbers blocks, period of consttruction and factories. Each time, Department of US ARMY AIR FORCE, ordered a quantoty of planes to a factory, a new contract was engaged.....and so on, a new number edited.....but reading documents show that it is not certain. examples: (Rjel) P-51D-20 = AAF. SPEC. PROJ. NO. 92917-R - 44-63632 - CONFIRMED.HIST.PHOTO P-51D-20 = AAF. SPEC. PROJ. NO. 92917-R - 44-63694 - CONFIRMED.HIST.PHOTO but P-51D-10 = AAF. SPEC. PROJ. NO. 32792-N - 44-14937 is also related to serial number 44-72518 (????) Ok, now, I need some aspirin tablet !!!😄 FOR SURE, direct documents are still in the Department of US ARMY AIR FORCE in Washington (?) they have archives and if this informations are not "classified"...it is, may be, possible to get them...😉
  9. Myself and friends made research without success. The specification number depended of the US ARMY AIR FORCE DEPARTMENT and most probably, details exist somewhere .... For sure, that number change from aircraft type and factory, but seems it follow serial numbers. My ONLY source are decal sheets from AEROMASTER and Carl Molesworth work and each plane I made for "BLUE DIAMONDS" or "IWO JIMA" follows the numbers I found there. But then, if I does not have that source, the only way is to find a close serial number and apply same Specification number......(with some possible mistake). Anyway, this is just a detail on a skin 😉 Sorry for my bad English !!!😓
  10. Well done brother !!!!😄 Just to say that construction number, does not appear on the factory Stencil blocks....it is the specification project number. Please compare the picture here below And you will see that plane is a P-51D-25-NA (plane in the game is a P-51D-15-NA) and serial number is correct with your document ( planes sent unassembled from Inglewood california factory to Australia), but construction number does not appear on Factory stencil. It is only the ARMY AIR FORCE SPECIFICATION NUMBER. Anyway, your job is a great help and we will have all necessary documents for the serial numbers!!!😉
  11. Second plane of Volume 2 N° 550 - "MADAM WHAM - DAM" - Flown by Major Harrison E. Shipman from 458th FS / 506th FG SOFT SIDE.................> HOT SIDE...........................>
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