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  1. CCG_Pips

    Skins WIP ET RC

    Tu travailles sur PHOTOSHOP ou GIMP ?
  2. ???? Ou bien pas compris ta demande mais chez moi, zéro souci...il s'affiche dès le démarrage!!
  3. CCG_Pips

    CCG_Pips 4k "skin packs"' Home

    Hi Woop, Thanks for your comment😉 CCG means: CERCLE de COMBAT GAULOIS ( In English: Gallic fighting group). http://skinsmenhirs.forumactif.org/ 😉
  4. CCG_Pips

    CCG_Pips 4k "skin packs"' Home

    Many thanks Yankee_One and all supports here !!!😉
  5. CCG_Pips

    CCG_Pips 4k "skin packs"' Home

  6. CCG_Pips

    CCG_Pips 4k "skin packs"' Home

    My "Little Toni" version is now ready !!! heading on for 5 x other "White tail" P-39 !!!!😉 Pack coming soon ............>
  7. CCG_Pips

    Skins WIP ET RC

    Euhhhhh....là tu dérailles un peu quand même !!!! 😄
  8. CCG_Pips

    Skins WIP ET RC

    Elle est magnifique ta Skin Tromplamort!!!😉👍
  9. CCG_Pips

    CCG_Pips 4k "skin packs"' Home

    Hello Kirk, O studiato la skin "Little Toni" arriverà in un Pack "White Tails P-39"(6 x come al solito) !! Penso che sarà molto carina, ma devo ancora ricercare per le stelle americane speciali della metà del 1943 !! (senza i bordi blu) ... quella della skin ufficiale mi sembra sbagliata ...... da controllare?!! .. I studied and the skin "Little Toni" will arrive in a pack "White Tails P-39" !! (6 x skins as usual) I think it will be very pretty but I still have to research for the special US stars of mid-1943 !! (without the blue borders) ... those of the official skin seem to me wrong ...... to check ..
  10. CCG_Pips

    La ZSF prend sa retraite

    Allons Zargos !!!! Tu ne vas pas nous faire ça !!!!!😳 Nous avons tous nos passages à vide et plus envie de ....................(voler, skinner, créer des missions etc...) mais après quelques temps ça revient !!! Ne laisses pas tomber .......même si les retours sur le forum Français sont très faibles (le mot est juste adéquate) ....plus haut sur le forum international , les retours sont plus sympas et donnent envie de faire pour la communauté ...😉 A plus 😉
  11. CCG_Pips

    CCG_Pips 4k "skin packs"' Home

    2 x packs for Palestina war of 1948. This pack does not intend to match with il-2 Bxxxx maps but the Spitfire Mk IXe is perfectly suitable with that era!!!! You can use th pack for your own missions or on dogfight servers. TEMPLATE BY ZARGOS DOWNOALD PACK 6 X EGYPTIAN SPITFIRE http://www.mediafire.com/file/65nd8fww00gw87n/SKINS_SPITFIRE_MK_IXe_REAF.rar/file The Egyptian fighters are two-tone camouflage: Dark Earth / Middle Stone - the undercarraige is Azur blue (all this colors come from the British Royal Air Force) The lettering is authentic and I was inspired by the number 664 (letter L- the one that is historical) to make all the others. I also used the squadron badge and the personal badges of pilots, found on the net directly or re-worked. Tous les détails des appareils: N° 652 - LETTER A - WING COMMANDER N° 656 - LETTER E N° 660 - LETTER F N° 661 - LETTER H N° 664 - LETTER L N° 679 - LETTER T ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DOWLOAD PACK 6 SPITFIRE ISRAELI AIR FORCE http://www.mediafire.com/file/k31tngk6kz9dc3f/SKINS_SPITFIRE_MK_IXe_IAF.rar/file For the Israeli side, I used historical schemes for the following planes: No 57 of Ezer Weisman who will become, later president of the state of Israel ... he was at that time, commander of the 105th Squadron As well as: n ° 26 (camouflaged) and N ° 10 (aluminum) - of the 101st Squadron of which they carry the historic insignia. All others are inspired by these two. Two planes are aluminum, three are camouflaged in Dark Earth and Dark Green for the top and Medium Sea Gray for the undercarriage (all from British colors, of course). Ezer Weisman's N ° 57 is overall black. numbers 26 - 27 - 28 must be used with the option "Clipped Wings" (see photos for them) And as for the Egyptians, I used Israeli badges found on the net. Enjoy !!😉
  12. CCG_Pips


    Non, 3 😋
  13. CCG_Pips

    CCG_Pips 4k "skin packs"' Home

    Hi Detcord, Frankly Speaking, I should do an upvote to each of your achievements .... they are all more beautiful than the others 😉 Next pack will come very soon !!!😉 😉
  14. CCG_Pips

    CCG_Pips 4k "skin packs"' Home

    Hello spitfirejoe... P-47D skins have their won link to mediafire now😉 And Spitfire for 1948 Palestinian war are on last step and will be available for download very soon 😉😉