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  1. So, this is a clear tactic I apply as much as possible or useful!!!....of course, I know that bridges respawn after some times but it can help my side to organize a defense when too much Panzer are attacking!!! I found same tactic from some german palyers and never complained..... ...TOTAL WAR , means TOTAL WAR....except vulching I don't forbid myself anything!!! You just have to know, if I bomb a bridge (except if it is a target in the game), My camp is not gaining advantage (except the one above) and my avatar do not gain points!!!😉 ........................................................... Question to @Temuri regarding bridges (not targets) I noticed that when destroyed, they respawn or they do not respawn .......what is the matter ? Thanks by advance
  2. I was here at this moment and Russian front troops were at 74%.....
  3. Many thanks for your comment!!!😉 At the moment, I am working on German Bf-110 G skin pack.....don't know for future with P-38 skins.
  4. If you deliberately waited for the end of mission, so it is logical you are considered"in flight". the parser is analysing situation of your virtual pilot (and plane) only when you press "end of mission". There, parser should consider you still where "in flight".
  5. First of all i never said you were camping on the area .....Maybe a bad translation, i don't speak fluente english. Then, you should better take a look at my stats. I regularly attack tank or artillery positions. I place the interest of my camp first and foremost, my virtual life too and that's why I spend a lot of time in supply, flying very slowly and for a long time to supply the Air bases of my camp. That I spend a lot of time on the roads to break a depot because it is also important for my camp. But when the opportunity arises, I take great pleasure in destroying an enemy tank in combat as well. Actually with the tank set as it stands, it's true, I refuse to serve as duck shooting for Tigers and other Panthers .... but don't worry, as soon as the tank set is more balanced, I will be present to pick you up. Finally, if the game allows tankers to attack depots, it's just because we are not in the real war when for 1 x Tiger there were 100 x T-34 .... ... so take a Tiger and go destroying a Russian depot ...... you will see the road will relax you and you will be more useful for your camp than spending one hour in the air looking for a T-34 on the road like you did this morning. Anyway, as Temuri said above, very soon, tankers will be considered as prisonners (dead) when despawning deep in ennemy territory!!! so discussion will be close. Regards
  6. Yes, patience, with risk to drive for 1 hour and find the depot destroyed by bombers!!! 🤣 Yes, patience, with the risk to be killed on road by a fighter-bomber 😅 Yes, patience, with the risk to be killed on depot by the AA defense 🤣 So it is not, either, a sinecure to go on depot.......
  7. I will tel that to my horse!!!!! 😂 THIS IS A GAME............ok ? we are not in real war and any one can do what he wants if it is whitin rules!!! We just look to push our camp to victory and if I have to spend 1 hour driving to reach a depot and destriy it, I will do..............😉 If tanks have only attack on front troops, it will resume to ambush !!
  8. Sorry, not seen ....many thanks 😉 For a tanker, it is obviously clear that attacking Front troops or a depot or any thing else is not so easy: long road and in any case much more than 2 kms. So the issue to disconnect, so be considered by parser as alive if the driver is not dead seems to be the best solution. Otherwise, tankers will not play anymore!! Haza is bad player. This morning he straffed my tank and heavily damaged it. I was about 10 kms behind German lines. I disconnected as my engine was out of service and no solution to repair or escape. At this point two comments: 1/ why using only the 20mm guns....with a bomb, my tank should be destructed and tanker dead....no hope to be alive!!!!! 2/ In the stats, the kill is well noted and assigned to Haza.... So what more? the only thing interesting Haza is to kill (death) the tankers?......There, my mission was finnished and he saved some objects (good for German camp) and he got the kill....perfect no ? Be careful when you change gameplay, I drive tanks and fly on planes....same thing happenned to me. Damaging a tank, tank disconnecting and result: some times I got the kill, some times, not......this is the simply way to fully destroy the tank and killing crew or not. CCG_Pips
  9. Hello Temuri and Untamo, Any changes in rules and game play with new updraged server? Many thanks by advance
  10. No, you can finnish mission behind ennemy lines, but if you have any damage and even if tank is safe (damage caused by shell or invisible object etc...) you will be considered as killed IN THE GAME but NOT on general Finnish server ranking system. By chance, travel back to friendly lines is not mandatory, otherwise the server should be not suitable for tankers (even attacking ennemy troops should be complicated (calculation of travel, fighting and travel back in friendly lines).
  11. You are right No_Face. This is a bug. I already accountered same trouble with tanks on Rear depot but never with trucks !!!!
  12. Of course, when a destroyed object is from you to the target, your shell explodes on the "invisible" part of the destoyed object. In the case of your screen, depending on the angle of fire, the "bunker" object is between you and your target.
  13. Definitively, when I do a supply, I only use this skin for Russian side........Any "normal" Russian fighter will recognize the skin and will not shoot at you.......except if he is a full idiot.
  14. I thanks you for your hard work and offering us outstanding playing hours, but it is a kind of competition, you know? It is for sure one of the foremost interest of a lot of players ....WIN !!!! And sometimes we are désappointement to see that our efforts to win are devalued by something out of the competition itself. I should point that this is the key point you could place at the top of your concerns. 😉
  15. Thanks for your reply, but you must understand that this change a lot of things. If the depot was destroyed, Russian forces should be on the on Crimea land now!!!😉
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