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  1. Hello!! What's wrong on this afternoon missions? no any stats are reported.
  2. Salut, Si tu veux une réponse de l'un de nos "experts", commence par nous indiquer les spécifications de ton matériel (carte mère, processeur, carte graphique, RAM etc....) 😉
  3. Hi All, Something wrong with tankers stats .... Early this morning in Mission started at 00:16, I drived my tank to the German position and destructed some materials. Then a PzIII hit my tank and damaged it. I drove it back to the Russian position (long.......long trip back !!!!!!!) and once returned safe (crew) the system started reparation of the tank. After fully repared (all components), left the server (it was very late about 1:15). And this morning in the stats I see that my tank is considered as disabled!!!!!😖.........I do not understand.
  4. 😉.........My first flight on a C-47.....1961 from Colomb Béchard (South Algerian west Sahara) to Algier (Algeria) and the top was for pure fun, co-pilot took me by the hand and he sat me down in the cockpit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After about 60 years, I still remember and for sure this adventure gave me the Air flight virus!!!😄 At this NICE time, rules in planes where not so strict !!! You can understand why I am so crying to do not see this beauty flyable !!
  5. Yes experienced again yesterday and that's true for both side. When one or two ennemy tanks are on spawn, any spawning tank is killed even before starting engine and it is just unplayable......with planes, it is far more easy, even on a base under attack...😉
  6. You are right, but in another hand (until improvement will be released), you can escape from your tank and save (vitual) lives of remaining crew....😉
  7. Server rules: -This is a total war server, so basically no rules, so any dirty trick you can imagine, if it helps to defeat the enemy, it's ok ... Attacking airfields basically demands for vulching, etc. Cheating(breaking the game mechanics) is of course not allowed, will be reported to the devs, and the offender receives a permanent ban on the server. - No teamkilling, this includes ground targets. There's an automatic system in place to detect this, and players will be punished if they TK. If you are a victim of a false positive, give us an email. - Gentleman rules are enforced (no chute shooting etc.). No insulting other players. Thanks to IV./JG51-V_Spalek To respect this rule!!!!!!!!!!!!🥵
  8. Seems that, AA, is again firing on ground targets ....................😟
  9. COMPLAINT: This afternoon (17/02) on the mission starting about 17h00 (??) It was just impossible to spaw on Red Tank camp. At the begining, I was suspecting a blue player (human) to camp on red tanks side and killing all players arriving.......but after looking carefuly, it was clearly AI guns and Tanks on blue camp that fires to everything spawning or present on red camp.............😡 Result: it is really unpleasant to be killed 5 times, just wanting to play on red side !!!! To who make missions, please do not place both camps too close. I do not know for blue side nut it is simply unplayable. Thanks
  10. And some mission with me on the Finnish server??? 😉 Yesterday night a great fight against PzIII & Pz IV.....................👍
  11. DOWNLOAD ...................> https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/55058-ccg-pips-skin-download-center/
  12. Ok volume 2 of IWO JIMA MUSTANGS is ready for download !!!
  13. 2ND VOLUME will be released soon !!!!😉 N° 542 - "FIGHTING LADY" - Flown by Lieutnant Ralph S. Gardner & 2nd Lieutnant Chester Jatczak - 457th Fighter Squadron / 506th Fighter Group - Iwo Jima May 1945 😉
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