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  1. No, we prefer this half way procedure and does not want to go on DCS. By the way, you can go to War Thunder, it is fine for you.
  2. Who said it was funny ?
  3. Update on tomorrow !!!!😉
  4. Fully loaded (with fuel and weapons).................> minimum 1800 meters to hope a safe take off. So you just have now to check on all maps of the game😉 At the moment, I did not found any airfield that allows a take off with Me-262 except a "touristic plane" (with no weapons and minimum fuel)😉
  5. For sure, you absolutly needs a medical agree and a deep heart checking before to test it (even more if you are using VR)
  6. you are dreaming my dear !!!😉
  7. Hi Gordon200. I cancelled this skin, made in 2k at the time. Now, I will made a new one ( I do not know when) in 4k 😉
  8. Hi MeoW.Scharfi You 're just a terrific fighter in P-47!!!! I have not😉 even 1% of your skill !!!! Congratulations for your video !!!👍
  9. Ben, sauf que pour le moment, en zone ennemie, une fois au sol, tu restes le cul par terre et que personne ne vient te chercher sauf, éventuellement, un char............
  10. Tu voudrais en faire quoi d'un flingue sur un Yak ? te suicider si ton avion est en feu ??😳
  11. Another one in my basket !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😊 😊
  12. Many thanks for your comment. The name of Ernest Sprouse is on the skin !! You are very lucky to had this great fortune to speak with him!!!! Salute!!😉
  13. Many thanks for all these very good news!!!!😉👍
  14. Hello, do'nt know if you are here and in simworld for long time but, do'nt worry, some peoples loves controversy, some others, fans of DCS/COD etc... are jealous of the IL-2 BOS serie success and have no other way than to look for the slightest flaw and make critics without a constructive means.... This is the way of our hobby and nothing will changes that for a while............. I just ignore these people for a long time and love as many others this fantastic game!!! Regarding tank crew, peoples are looking backward to some games with much more game play or features, of course, Tank Crew is not at this moment on same level (except graphism) but for sure in less than two years, all these old games will be forgotten!!😉
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