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  1. Well, no question here of waging a war between those who want the C-47 flyable and those who do not want it or who would like another type of plane. Anyway, decision is not ours. On the other hand if I respect your vision of looking much for the B-25 for example (besides me too I would like very much ), I just want to show that there were also a lot of people waiting for the C-47. In my squad, we almost all have the JU-52 and we will buy, almost all the C-47 ....😉
  2. No this is wrong. First of all, there is at least one server in which the JU-52 (and of course a possible flyable C-47) is widely used for supplies and earns points for those who use it. It is even very useful for his camp when dropping paratroopers (even if in this case, there is no point to be gained). This server is the FINNISH one. In addition, I know a lot of players who will be ready to buy it, me included, with additionnal quantity as gifts for the community. It is obvious that it would have been better if it was included in the aircraft pack with "Bodenplatte" released, jus
  3. Each time I was flying this plane, I felt like I was using my garden brush cutter (Due to the engine sound !!!) 😅
  4. Many thanks Jason !!! You want we purchase MORE ? Give us more contents to buy ..................> FOR EXAMPLE, with these beautifull US paratroopers, do it flyable and I will buy 10 x C-47 ...........😉
  5. This is not a news. There is a long time ago that PzIV on depots are not destructible (except with bombs).
  6. Funny that same "words" were painted on that P-51D and another pilot !!!!😉
  7. Seems that you are a GREAT specialist of battle of France but your knowledge is very limited and obviously your brain does not allow you to think much more than 1940. It has now been 3 times that you attacked myself and my country with ... if I did not have Australian friends in Melbourne, I could tell you the story of an Australian division routed during the campaign of Lebanon / Syria in 1941 ..... by French troops loyal to Vichy and out numbered + Royal Navy firing heavy shells from the sea......(Battles of Sidon, Merdjayoun and Djazïn) I could also tell you tha
  8. mmmmhhh !!! checked again this morning. It seems that 80% of the Germans are in fighters to protect their depots or fronts troops.... it is not useless but at this point it is ineffective. Our bombers die but destroy their targets at the end.
  9. What is especially incomprehensible is that the blues have periods where they smash the red front without difficulty and they seem to be within reach victory and ...... suddenly ..... a red counter attack , they retreat and seem to lose morale quickly and everything crumbles in a few missions.
  10. Sorry but first of all there is no personal insult in my post. Then, what you are writing is wrong. Where do you see that the action of the tankers is only turned towards the antics and attack of enemy planes in takeoff or landing? Luckily for tank players, there are a lot of other much more interesting actions to do on this server. In addition, you offer another server reserved only for tanks with in an Air option, some slots for attackers ..... in a way you offer tanks players to serve as targets for Stuka or IL-2 pilots .... 😁 This is not serious. Everything
  11. One thing is certain, you are stubborn!!!!!!! NO !! and NO !!! A great majority of players does not look to a special Tank server. We love to fight on same server with planes (fighters/bombers/attackers) do you understand? This is a LONG TIME you are bothering us with your complaints and same ideas from antoher time..........if you do not like this server, you can play on several other servers !!! Right ?
  12. This story of invisible trees (or invisible stones) is greatly exaggerated. I wandered a lot on the map deemed to be the worst (Velikiye Luki) and I was able to enter the forests without encountering an invisible tree every minute. As in reality, it is advisable to drive slowly (12 / 13km per hour) and everything is going well. Have you tried driving any engine (cars or any type of vehicle) in an unmaintained forest ? with holes, rocks hidden by brush? with dead tree trunks lying down? Me, yes in the forests of southern Senegal with an armored vehicle .... believe me, the speed was
  13. May be I do not understand perfectly what you are saying, but if I understand (and sorry if I misunderstand) .... the number of tanks which appear on a spawn and which is indicated in numbers under the spawn icon is visible ONLY by his own side .... the enemies cannot see this number and do not know how many tanks have left on this spawn (except to change sides for 5 minutes as I have already seen it done by some !!!!!! ... which makes me angry each time besides😡) .... and for my camp, this figure is important because it allows me to primarily spawn where there are fewer tanks ...
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