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  1. Yes somewhere very sad to loose all the topic!!!!😭 I will from now, make a topic for each pack and download will be linked to my squad. Many thanks for your help and constructive critics are always profitable!!!😉 I took opportunity to modify some other minor points ...........
  2. Sorry for a BIG MISTAKE.....All the topic has been removed and I have no possiblity to recover it !!!!!!!!!😪 (except if a dev can do it?) From now I will post here my screens shot and you can download all packs from my squad website on following link: http://skinsmenhirs.forumactif.org/t1200-telechargement-des-packs-pips-s-skins i replied to @Sevenless on the last post (Unfortunately not availalble now) And please, apologyze. Here the small correction I made with red color saturation.................> I humbly think it as a little bit better. I will correct very soon, skins already made. here the 3rd (corrected skin) "JERSEY JERK" of Major Donald J. Strait See you next !
  3. Many thanks for this High grade skin!!!!! 😉
  4. Les Garçons......................................>votre pub pour les produits hallucinogènes risque de faire mauvais effet sur les modérateurs !!! faites gaffe quand même !!! 😂😂
  5. Sorry !! fully mistake for me...I wanted to speak about the Cathedral of AMIENS of course !!!!
  6. For whom knows a little bit the Arras Era. The Cathedrale of Arras (built on XIII century and one of the biggest in France) , was a very easy landmark all over the era at long distance. it's a pity that this great cathedral is absent! 😳
  7. Never mind .....it is a great Skin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. 👍 GREAT JOB !!! congratulations😉
  9. Ok, thanks ...so it is clear now. If I just want to play, I can use tanks, if I want to improve my stats, it is better to take planes !!!😉😎
  10. Thanks for your reply. As you can check, my palyer name is shown on stats and when using a plane, I have no troubles...I think, problem comes with tanks. 😉
  11. Sorry for my question (may be already cleared by someone): Some days ago (2 or 3 days, I do not remember exactely), I started a mission during afternoon with a T-34. I made a long run into German lines and found an artillery point that I destroyed completely. Then, I returned to my spawn point. Total time of my mission was at last 1 hour. When mission ended, my name was not shown on list of players and, of course, no points or object destructed in stats. So just want to know if I missed something. Many thanks by advance.😉
  12. Ok VOLUME 2 is ready.... (Even if Broadberry skin is already offered in the generic skins of the game, I intended to have that superb skin in the pack😉) Pack VOLUME 2 "N°56 Squadron Royal Flying Corps" 1917/1918 - for futures Flying Circus Maps Template by @IDCP 100% historical DOWNLOAD DROPBOX: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gw0t3wuvbelsa2t/PACK SKINS N.56 SQUADRON-RFC-VOL2.7z?dl=0 DOWNLOAD MEDIAFIRE: http://www.mediafire.com/file/pfxl4bnprrwv5iu/PACK_SKINS_N.56_SQUADRON-RFC-VOL2.7z/file
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