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  1. I have no idea about simulation business but I think that if Jason find two or three studios doing quality job, a good way to take money is to offer regularly, some contents (planes, vehicles, ships) at the right cost (everyone need to lives from his work) ....and fans will purchase what they consider as valuable in the game (in their own interest of course).
  2. If we can get new US or British tanks (for Bodenplatte and Normandy maps) at 25USD ou even 30 USD, I agree immediately because the other solution is that we get NOTHING.....my choice is done.πŸ˜‰
  3. Great addition to the game. AA guns would be included in a tank section and protect them from air attack..............purchased!!!!πŸ˜‰
  4. Nothing more to say !!!!! πŸ˜„
  5. Yes, I agree, being able to adapt TC to IL-2 is a great achievement. This is what causes my disappointment even more. If TC was badly done, we wouldn't be here to discuss it, we would have already moved on. To stop on such a good path would be such a shame.
  6. What is detestable is this lack of response from the devs and Jason particularly. We would like to know: yes..... no......there will be........... there will be no future for a new TC. Other than "buy" "buy" that's all we know. Yes, but when we have bought everything to support the project ... what more can we do? Not even proposed solutions such as, for example, a subscription to launch a TC 2. We are reduced to play, again and again the battle of Prokhorovka and same period/front ..... we can play for hours, after a while we get bored. On this point, there is a total lack of communication and vision beyond the first experience. Great disappointment.
  7. Fully agree................> Finaly, Bodenplatte is from now the least beautiful of all the maps. It is a shame πŸ˜ͺ
  8. You do not understad what I say and you open you great mouth for nothing.....sorry. We never (Colosky and me) looks for our stats (prove we die like all others) and we attack what is valuating for our side ( tank positions/ depot/artillery/Flak on bridges etc...) One very important point, we do not play like "pure dogfighters for points and stats), we just try (with no big success) to play as a real tanker, trying tp save his live as much as possible. If you prefer doing a lot of point and die twice or more per mission, it is your choice and we do not critic you, so please, do the same with us. More, I do not find any interest to destroy an artillery position with impunity but if it is impossible to attack because you are destroyed at 2000 meters. ...for sure, it is not so interesting. I was just asking to Temuri to make an average between no defenses and too heavy defenses that makes an artillery position impossible to just approach closer. the way you speak seems to be rather jealous.
  9. This morning, I was not on spot and I even still not saw the artillery position when I was hit by one bullet and killed !!! Artillery positions should be a natural and prioritarly target for tanks, so medium defense is acceptable but not a too heavy one.
  10. If Airfields are well protected by AA, I do not understand why it should be not a target. Also, I was fully agree (even if it was not in my profit) to defend Artillery positions. But now, it is simply impossible to attack Artillery positions (what remain for tanks as targets????) The AA are firing at too far distance and are deadly (as always). Why do not use simple anti-tank guns firing at 1000 meters like on Tank positions. Even some defending medium or light tanks should be better for every ones. As per proposal, tankers can have additional target and artillery positions should be not so easy to attack...do not forget also that the Tank spawn on artillery position is a possible defense position.
  11. Hmmm !! a tank player spawning on a Temporary Air base during such long time is just not understanding how to play on Finnish server and what targets are important for the victory of his side................!!! I tried it some weeks ago and after 30 minutes waiting for nothing, i was finally killed by a Ju-87 without hearing or seeing it at any moment!!!! LOL
  12. ???? On Air base (not temporary) Tank spawn is just impossible!! Some days ago, I tried to pass an air base to go for depot target. I was killed from about 4 or 5 km by a 37mm Flak gun !😲 So, I cannot imagine a tank spawning on an Air base...
  13. Real torubles with your server... 9.50 TODAY.............Impossible to enter, stopped at the loading. Then, unable to deactivate server access window or to do anything. Obliged to shut down the computer (manually....this is not good!!) I can understand thet your server can be down or closed but not that it make so troubles with the whole game. Thanks to see what's happen (I follow each time your advice to clear the data/multiplayer/moscowwb file)
  14. No, sorry, AA Guns are firing on ground targets on depots and Stations!!!!πŸ™„
  15. Many thanks [DBS]Tx_Tip !!!! Very nice campaign, well done. It is just a great honor to see my skins in a campaign as well carried out! πŸ‘
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