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  1. CCG_Pips

    Tank sims

    Just to say: We are a small team flying at 100% BOxxxxx With the pre sales of Flying Circus, all of us bought it (we all have already ROF in our machines)....But VR and future développement pushed us to support that project. surprisingly two or three of us bought also Tank Crew and tested it.....after some post on our forum and consideing the game is at the beginning of its development ....all of them bought it and we are currently playing on Tank Crew, discovering a new overview on our favorite simulation game!!! Many thanks to Jason and all the dev team for they work and hours of fun they offer us....!!!
  2. CCG_Pips

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    AFTER A FIERCE BATTLE ........................> ............................................ DO YOU SEE SOME DIFFERENCES BETWEEN TIGER AND PzIII ??? 😄
  3. CCG_Pips

    Small preview of Tank Crew

    Ok!!! yes I do not use the HUD on planes !! that's right !! Thanks a lot !!!😉
  4. CCG_Pips

    Small preview of Tank Crew

    again...sorry to ask you again but I do not find where to see what ammo is used. When i press RAlt+G is heard the switching of ammo but don't see difference when firing and so on not sure if this action is really active ? What do you think about?
  5. CCG_Pips

    Small preview of Tank Crew

    Many thanks Bommel !!!!!!!!!!😉
  6. CCG_Pips

    Small preview of Tank Crew

    How do you changes ammo (HE or AP) in the tanks and also how is it showing? Many thanks by advance !!😉
  7. CCG_Pips

    Action à Kerch par [DBS] Tx-Tip

    On va tester ça de suite !!! Merci Bex😉
  8. CCG_Pips

    Pip's 4K skins

    Merci pour vos screens les gars !!!!☺️
  9. CCG_Pips

    Developer Diary, Part 196 - Discussion

    Wooowwwww!! Thanks a lot for your so splendid work. I am in love with the Po-2 😍
  10. CCG_Pips

    Campagne Les Bouchers de Kuban

    Accent Provençal on: Oui, ils sont braves !!! Accent provençal off 😄
  11. I am in !!!!!!!!!!😍
  12. CCG_Pips

    Attention aux vieux simeurs...

    Non ma poule, Œil de Lynx, ça c'était avant..............désormais c'est œil de rapace (pour tout le monde) et ***** de ******** (pour les intimes) ☺️
  13. CCG_Pips

    Pip's 4K skins

    Merci à tous pour vos commentaires 😉
  14. CCG_Pips

    Spitfire Mk.IX 4k template?

    No, thank you !!!!!!😊