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  1. It is surreal to see people who used the trakir complain now that by turning their heads slightly you can see at 6 o'clock. Why didn't you say it while you used the trackir? The trackir is a hardware that uses software, the mod is a software that you can use without hardware (if I uderstood good), the trackir does not change anything while this mod seems to do it instead. If there are problems with VR, it is up to the developers to fix it and I understand that there is little hope in this regard and try to solve it yourself. Now I understand why I was intercepted in an area of the map far from the front and far from the targets and far from any hypothetical interception route while taking altitude ... However I'd like to understand from those who defend this mod if it can be hypothetically used to have an advantage over the player who does not use it? Yes or no? Thx and sorry for my bad English
  2. In quick mission puoi scegliere la quota di partenza che di default è 1500 mt. Quando klikki sull'icona che hai scelto sulla mappa si apre una finestra dove puoi scegliere l'aereo ed in basso a questa finestra vedrai la quota di partenza di 1500mt apri il menù a tendina e potrai scegliere la quota di partenza tra cui se partire dalla piazzola a motore spento o dalla pista a motore acceso.
  3. Simple technical problems? I think this is an obvious case of paranoia and persecution mania. Anyway, since you like my stats, study it well and maybe you could understand that there is nothing anyone should be interested in. And please be precise about my current streak which is 13 airkill and 1105 ground streak. Sorry for my english S!
  4. How does the return based with the tanks work? I came back near to where I started. I quit the mission and the game tells me in service but then in the stats I am destroyed... It seems to me that if you are hit even if you return to the base safely, you are destroyed! S!
  5. Can anything be done against spawnkillers? With aircraft you can choose another field to take off if you need it but with tanks not. Can multiple spawn points be placed? I hope you can do something otherwise it is impossible to play with the tanks ... Thx S!
  6. On your site I don't see the information of the mission in progress. I only see a small faq. Is it normal? S!
  7. Guys, I have the gunners always locked by default. I think if you lock the gunners once then they are always locked. S!
  8. I saw him without engine ditch at sea near artillery sector. And anyway I did the track. S!
  9. http://ts3.virtualpilots.fi:8000/en/sortie/319325/?tour=34 It has ditched in the sea in the enemy zone and far away from ihis field but in mission report he landed safely at his field. S!
  10. Is it normal to only see enemy depots on the map? Instead on the site map all the depots on both sides are visible. How many ground targets must be destroyed to destroy the front depot? With 41 targets destroyed (5 AAA, 18 vehicles and 18 airfield objects) the depot was still active even though it was all destroyed. Does hitting a depot also affect the next mission? The depots change at every mission, it doesnt seem that the previous mission influences the war situation. Thx Guys S!
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