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  1. What is motivating you to participate in TAW project ? Online war system/realistic gameplay/ realistic settings/ emotions / stats /something else ??? TAW is the best server campaign because ground attacking is a truly meaningful experience--bombing moves the map and wins the war. I also like the strong penalty for death which makes you value your life and provides for more realistic flying on the server overall. I even paid out a bounty (a six pack of beer) to one of my squadmates for for shooting down Blakhart. No other server compels me to offer bounties for bagging a neme
  2. Okay, I found the definite solution: use the undocumented "-t" option. Resaver preserves the localization files doing this. Also, you must run missionresaver.exe from its home "bn" directory in Windows or the .list file gets trashed.
  3. You need to run the mission resaver from its resident bin directory. Not doing this causes the list file to usually be 0 bytes. Apparently, this is due to a hard coded "../.." in the program.
  4. @super-truite mentioned to me an obvious work around: Do file/directory juggling so that you use resaver.exe to only create the .msnbin file. Do not let it ever touch the other files in the main mission directory that players will be downloading. I am going to give this a try.
  5. I was recently not able to get it to work, and this function seems to not be implemented as implied in the ME user's manual.
  6. Yeah....the mission editor works just fine, of course. I just wish there was an option in the mission editor to state that you will use only one localization file. I need to use resaver for some additional functionality implemented via scripts that I want to add to my multiplayer server mission. Alonzo just told me that he regularly uses resaver on his multiplayer missions which use heavy grouping and the localization files are preserved just fine. However, when I personally tried to use resaver on his missions (after saving them on my machine to get the text .mission file), res
  7. I have having the same problems. Resaver.exe (most often?) deletes the localization indexes in the localization files (i.e., "mission.eng"). Is there a fix or good work around? Is this a known bug to the devs? What good is this program if it trashes your mission? On another note, how many mission/campaign editors make use of multiple languages? Seems this feature is more trouble than it is worth if it is a source of bugs.
  8. I was very alarmed to first learn that even the idea was even being considered which naturally upset me. You're absolutely right...the idea may not have originated with you or you may not be personally espousing it. However, the wording of question #2 is clearly biased for generating a result that will shut down gameplay during North American evenings. There are two options proposing changes and 1 that does not but it ends with "I don't care about the results" which discourages a response for this option. I do not think making North Americans who enjoy TAW during their evenings
  9. Does anybody have any ideas on how to recruit some of the players that regularly play Finish which is almost always full during North American evenings? TAW is vastly superior to Finish in terms of providing more exciting and realistic gameplay, imo, and I feel more would be attracted to it if they could get over the initial learning curve with the rules. We simply need more players during North American evenings and the problem is solved. There is no conspiracy by anyone to make TAW a PvE experience--we want and welcome competition during NA evenings.
  10. Great idea, Blackhart...make TAW for Europeans only. /s
  11. I use the utility JoystickCuves by xedoproject.com to map to a virtual joystick the thumb stick of my x56 throttle to be both a view axis and a handbrake. I tell the utility to ignore half the axis so that the center position is read as the starting or end point and the other half of the axis is ignored. Apparently, the program requires connection to www.xedocproject.com to work but if you go there you get an "account has been suspended" error message, and the program will not run or install. Does anybody else use this program and know of the situation or how to contact the dev
  12. Thanks for the app; I'll give it a try. I am very curious as to how you actually tell the IL-2 executable to start recording?
  13. Thanks for the information, super-truite! You have given me a lot of information and some tools to work with. My only question at this time is how you detect when a mission finishes?
  14. I'm looking to ( 1) have a program to randomize wind direction and/or (2) use a command line to quickly change the weather in the mission files and briefings. I know this has been discussed in the past here but I can no longer find this thread. Does anybody have any advice on how to best accomplish this? I'm trying to achieve what @=LG=Kathon does on the TAW server with regular changes in windspeed between missions (and weather too). I see the wind parameters in the .mission file and the briefing in the language files. If I directly manipulate the .mission file How does t
  15. Hi guys....first thanks to @Sokol1, for pointing me to this forum. I am interested in creating a control unit comprised solely of a bank for 12-16 rotary encoders primarily for use in modern flight simulators like DCS, X-Plane 11, and MSFS 2020. For example, a G1000 glass cockpit unit will have over 12 rotary encoders to control things like heading bug, barometer, radio frequencies, altitude select up and down, inner and outer dial for the MFD, etc. Despite the obvious need for a control panel that has large number of rotary encoders, I have not yet seen anybody do a project like
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