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  1. This is a complete distortion of the facts. The new renderer in IL-2 has broken both Reshade and 3dmigoto. Nothing has been done by the developers to ban or prevent the use of these "mods" as stated by Jason.
  2. I really, really like the death timeout overall...it adds an element of suspense that is not to be found on other servers and forces pilots to fly more conservative on average. I get tired of the hyper-aggressive attacking behavior of pilots flying on other servers and I am often thrilled to have just survived a mission despite not getting any ground kills. However, I do think you should get rewarded for flying many missions without dying so the death penalty does not affect the frequent flyers so much....maybe like an addition of .05 lives for every successful combat sortie (i.e., a new life every 20 combat sorties). That way, if a map lasts a very long time then a the pilot would not be forced to take a timeout at some point due to 3 death penalty occuring.
  3. No, Sinerox is just lamenting that TAW does not have more numbers during North American evenings on average especially in comparison to Combat Box and WoL. The overall average numbers have been much lower than us TAW lovers would like to see for the last several weeks now. Of course, now that Red has won the campaign we may even see lower numbers.
  4. ACG continues to fly on both sides very regularly (which I'm personally fine with) so any enforcement of the "It's forbidden for squadron members to fly on the both sides at the same time" rule needs to be applied equally to both ACG and SCG squadrons in my opinion. ACG should not get special exemption simply because they are larger than SCG--we are a very large squadron with different factions too. ACG is also getting recognized on the leaderboards as a single squadron for both sides. (Good job Red ACG for being #2 on the tank leaderboard currently!) Again, I think the ultimate solution here is to make it so that a pilot can only fly on one side per campaign if the admins want to try to deal with any perceived collusion problems which I don't think is a serious problem in the first place especially when you are getting shot down by squadmates flying for the other side.
  5. Enforcing the "squadron members flying on the same side only" is going to be difficult for large squadrons like ACG where many of their members barely know each other if at all. I perfectly understand why the rule is in place--to try to prevent collusion--but any cheaters can easily circumvent it anyway by changing their IL-2 names anyway. When you have a large squadron, you will have players that refuse to play one side and/or enjoy mixing it up often to balance sides.
  6. Brief Description: Tiger tanks appear much smaller than other German tanks at longer distances: Detail Description: I noticed that Tiger tanks were very difficult to see at longer distances. The picture below proves this by showing that PIVGs(left) and PIIIs (right) appear larger than the tiger tanks (middle).
  7. Thanks...I was spacing and hit LAlt + F instead!
  8. What's the keybind name exactly and where is located? I tried working through all of them in the weapons keybind section and could not find anything like that.
  9. I noticed on the IL-2 1941/1942 "operation features" notes it says the following: "The gunsight is installed on a sliding bar which allows the pilot to extend the gunsight towards the pilot allowing for an increase in the field of view through the gunsight." This is NOT actually implemented in-game, right?
  10. Well, I suppose I can crate a mission with Ace and low "AI level" and park off the six of an AI bomber to see if the guns hit better. I know that AI level for the ground AI makes a huge difference in shooting skill.
  11. Are there different AI levels for the gunner positions of the attacker and bomber aircraft or do they always have the same ability level? Or put another way, does the "AI Level" of a plane refer only to the pilot abilities or does it also apply for the gunners too? I noticed that multiplayer servers sometimes have player planes spawn in with a "AI Level" of "low" or "normal." This applies to the gunners of the plane, right, since there is no AI controlling the aircraft? Basically, I'm confused if there is a way to set gunners ability levels so that they shoot more accurate or not. I've heard rumors that gunners abilities are randomized but I don't see where something like this is set in the editor.
  12. Big thanks to @=LG=Kathon and the rest of the admin team! I and the rest of SCG had a great time overall! Here were my main critical thoughts which might help future TAW capaigns: 1. American anti-aircraft (AA) was very weak because it was (1) often slow to wake up after spawning in and (2) only had the short range range quad .50 calibers AA guns (M-16s) and no medium AA (e.g., Bofors 40 mm or 37 mm M1). (The slow firing large caliber stuff is ineffective overall.) So, maybe increase the spawn detection radius or attack area radius and add some Soviet 61-K or 72-K AA to help them out for the next Western Campaign if no British or American medium call AA are represented in game. Medium caliber AA may have fended off 262s on the airfields sufficiently well had it been present. 2. Many here are complaining about the imbalance of Germans over Americans during North American evenings but this was only true for the second map. On the first map, the Allies almost always outnumbered the Germans. Obviously, the inclusion of th 262 was a significant factor for this but maybe not the only one. I have little doubt that if SCG flies Red next time that Red will heavily outnumbered Blue during North American evenings--not sure there is an easy fix here but I am personally against putting further restrictions on the numbers beyond those already in place since I do enjoy flying with my squadmates and having fun is what IL-2 is all about in my book. 3. The flight times using the whole Bodenplatte map were very long (which is realistic). I would prefer that the campaign map be cordoned off into different sections which is sometimes done for Eastern TAW maps like in the Moscow area. The large distances may also have provided stalemate type conditions on the ground war due to attacking forces having to fly too far. 4. When a paved airfield is close to a grass airfield, TAW should choose the paved one over the grass one, imo. 5. If TAW is going to place restrictions on squads only flying on one side during the same time then it would be nice if this was actually enforced or followed by the squads. There was one large squad that broke this rule REGULARLY. 6. The amount of whining and vitriol on this forum is beyond ridiculous--everybody should be way more thankful that we even have a dynamic campaign like TAW in the first place.
  13. Each side on each map has limits of lost aircraft, pilots, tanks and trucks visible on the main TAW page. · if aircraft or pilot limit is exceeded then current map is lost · if tank limit is exceeded then tank convoys are not generated · if truck limit is exceeded then supply convoys are reduced by half in number of vehicles. Limits for the current map can be increased by warehouses and ships. Different maps may have different number of limits at the beginning for each side. In Axis offensive map Axis have more limits and for the first several missions they mainly attack by tanks convoy. Similarly in Allied counteroffensive map Allied have advantage in limits and tanks convoys at the beginning.
  14. I heard a rumor that when the tanks killed limit is exceeded the campaign map is finished. Is this true or do tank columns simply stop being generated as stated in the manual?
  15. How is the "Top 5 Tanks Killers Squads" score calculated exactly on the leaderboards? Obviously, it's not based solely on total tank kill count.
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