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  1. Shooting paratroopers in real wars has always been considered fair game by all sides involved as far as I'm aware. Plus, in IL-2, they're not even human. I assume that each shot paratrooper would be one less landed near the airfield and make capture of the airfield less likely. Wiki hasa comprehensive article on the topic as usual: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attacks_on_parachutists
  2. It would be nice to reward pilots for actually dropping the paratroopers in the target zone, obviously. However, I'm not sure if there is any easy way to accomplish this with the current version of the Il-2 mission editor.
  3. There's a strong possibility that SCG will fly Red next TAW. If we switch, and 72AG flies Red as they usually do, then I would be willing to bet that Reds win next campaign.
  4. Do warehouses spawn for only one mission then? If so, how many times per map? Section 3.10 of the rules is written poorly and I have no idea what this means eactly: Warehouses and ships are spawned and visible on the map once a few days. If not destroyed they increase limits by.
  5. @Norz So you computed the total hours from the squads page? If so, it's probably pretty close but not all pilots are in squads.
  6. I'm still curious as to what the real (versus the perceived) imbalance of pilots is. Can someone please write a script that parses the pilot statistics page to compute the total hours flown for both sides?
  7. Indeed, there is a checkbox in the force complete command that forces a flight to drop ordinances which is not documented in the manual. Thanks!
  8. Fiddling with distance and altitudes between the previous waypoint and the attack area command can make a big difference too between working and not working.
  9. I have a mission where I have a flight for 4 Pe-2s attacking an airfield with 2 500kg bombs and I simply wanted them to dive-bomb the field in one pass. Of course, I am having great difficulty in getting the AI to behave in a reasonable fashion for this task. Here are some observations and questions I have: The Attack Area Command with the “Attack Ground” option can get the bombers to drop both bombs in one pass (at a somewhat low altitude that is higher than the assigned altitude) but the flight of 4 clusters the bombs very tightly around a random point--not very realistic or effective. The Attack Area Command with the “Attack Ground Targets” option works better. The flight of 4 creates separation and most of the planes attack different targets and drop on the very first pass. (Very nice!) However, they just drop one bomb and then they start circling around for another attack. The problem is that they can take a very long time for them to eventually drop their second bomb (i.e., more than five minutes). Most of the time they simply circle ineffectively and cannot figure out how to attack a second target. Can the priority of attack setting change targeting and bombing behavior in a significant way? Any ideas on how to make the second pass faster or more effective? (Edit: Setting priority of the Attack Area Command to "high" versus "medium" or "low" does speed the rate of bomb drop. The planes are terribly inefficient using "low.") I played briefly with the “Attack Command” where you select individual targets but I did not see any advantage to the Attack Area command with Ground Targets in my brief testing. Anybody prefer the the Attack Command over the Attack Area command in a scenario like this? Is there any way to force planes to jettison bombs? Given my testing, I think the best solution is to just have them drop the single bomb on the first pass and then force them onto the next waypoint. It just sort of bothers me that the bombers fly home with one or two bombs attached to their bellies. Do bombers land with bombs if they have them? What is the purpose of the time property in the Attack Area Command? Does it serve as a simple deactivation? I ask because this value seems completely worthless to me as you need other triggers to get the aircraft to stop attacking the area and go on to the next waypoint (like a MCU timer or an onplanebingobombs event.) Perhaps this value can help save system resources by deactivating the command? I just don't know why you wouldn't set this value to a very large time like 999 minutes. Which formation setting gives a more spaced flight between “safe” and “loose?” I am hardly seeing a difference between the two and they both seem pretty tight to me! The bombing accuracy of the AI is perfectly pinpoint every single time—something a human could never achieve when it targets an individual ground unit. How does plan pilot skill affect flying ability, gunner accuracy, and bombing accuracy? I did not see any effect on bombing accuracy when I changed pilot skill. I remember seeing a patch note recently related to bombing accuracy by the AI but it is way too accurate compared to normal human behavior. pe2targetpractice.zip
  10. Argh...I was looking forward to playing TAW in the next couple days but its been shut down for Christmas. Don't worry LG, I'll still spend time with the family but I don't do that all day long. Of course, I always respect decisions by the admins but I'm still disappointed as most have extra time off from work to play.
  11. Regarding pilot balance, we have hard data on the statistics pages as to how many hours have been flown by each side. This should give an very good indication of what the actual balance is. I'm seeing a lot speculation and assumptions from previous posts as to what the actual numbers are. Regardless, there are many variables that dictate balance at different times and many are completely out of the control of the TAW admins. However, TAW has rules to at least try to help balance the sides like differing death penalties, limiting available airfields, etc. Note that in the past several TAWS, SCG took a more active role in trying to keep the two sides balanced but we have been essentially been forbidden from switching sides this campaign.Several of our fighter pilots fly less TAW now because they don't have targets to shoot against at different times.
  12. Where is this global ranking list indicating server populations? I would guess that any population loss for TAW is due to some pilots preferring to fly the recently introduced American planes and not primarily due to AI gunner or ground AA settings. I prefer TAW due to its dynamic campaign which no other server currently provides so I will continue to fly it regardless of population levels though TAW and Combat Box are always the top two populated servers when I fly. So I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree on what constitutes a fun gaming experience, Ogg. In looking at your 5 hours of TAW gameplay this campaign, I honestly think you have very little clue on how to deal with ground AA in TAW (e.g., 72-K). The AA hasn't shot me down YET this campaign because I greatly respect it and utilize proper tactics to neutralize or kill it. That's what makes TAW fun...adapting your tactics to best deal with a very hostile environment and avoiding the harsh penalties for failing.
  13. This discussion demonstrates exactly why the developers should provide better support for 3D VR so that there is some quality control where zoom settings are roughly comparable to 2D users--2x is clearly not nearly enough but does 10x goes too far? Why don't we just have 5x for both 2D and 3D? That we have to rely on a 3rd party developer to provide what is essentially a cheat (i.e., features not available to everyone) to make the zoom roughly comparable is really not acceptable in my opinion for a competitive game/sim. When many of the multiplayer servers were running the "alternative viewing"system, the one where the contacts get blown up at long distances to make spotting easier (~10-20k), I was flying with a wingman using VR and he was EASILY IDing aircraft that were only 2 or 3 pixels wide on my 2K, 27" monitor. In this case, he obviously had a huge advantage in IDing aircraft over me. The difference is much smaller with the default viewing system but I'm convinced that 10x clearly gives the VR user an advantage versus 5x of 2D. That's why I originally sought out this mod so I could get more zoom comparable to my VR wingman but I cannot run this mod online. Also, you're not clear in your writing EAF_Ribbon. In the first part of your last message you write, " (i don't use any mods)," but then you write you need the "10xzoom". So, are you using the 3Dmigoto "mod" or not? If you have access to a 2K monitor like I do, then please provide a scenario with a plane contact, say 8k distance, and show screenshots of the difference between the target using the 5x zoom in the 2D screen versus the 10x zoom using 3D. This should give us an excellent idea of the difference, right?
  14. Yes...this exactly my question. There should be some quality control by the developers as to maximum zoom/fov value allowed between the different hardware so that everybody has roughly equal ability to identify aircraft in the distance. It don't think this would require too much work and it doesn't have to be exactly equal. 2D users are clearly better at VR users without the 3dmigoto mod but significantly superior with based on my observations on online play with both types of users.
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