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  1. Should the invite time be 1400 DAYLIGHT time instead of standard? Maybe insert a UTC to avoid confusion?
  2. Thanks for providing the best server in the IL-2 community.
  3. I am also experiencing this bug and I do not use VR.
  4. Is there anyway to tell if a transport/resupply sortie is actually successful? That is, the destination airfield actually received an increase in supply level? I tried my hand at some JU-52 transport sorties last night but they were all longer than 15 minutes and the details on the sortie on the TAW website do not indicate any information beyond the following: spawn, takeoff, landing, experienced received, and combat mission rewarded. Would there be a difference in experienced received say for example if I forgot to load supplies in the JU-52 flying from one field to another? Can we have a message added in the TAW sortie log that indicates actually supply added to destination airfield?
  5. You might want to clarify what you mean by Dead is Dead exactly and in what context it might occur.
  6. I now sometimes encounter a bug where my zoom keys stop working correctly. Again, hitting the escape key to quickly go to the menu and then back out again resolves the bug. This is a problem with the Track IR interface.
  7. Would anyone be willing to put all of the data into an excel file for easier comparison? Or does one exist?
  8. JoyToKey works perfectly fine for me. I have one of my buttons set up to be a control key and this has effectively doubled the number of available buttons on my HOTAS setup. One important trick is to use the regular keyboard while making keymap assignments in BOS and NOT the joystick button. JoytoKey would not work correctly for me until I tried this work around because BOS would always recognize that the joystick button was being pushed instead of the control key which I assigned it. I have not had any bugs or conflicts with using the control key--works 100% correctly for me.
  9. I misunderstood the original message so my first sentence is nonsense. Still, TAW has had good numbers (with usually only Wings of Liberty doing better) and I've always been disappointed that more people don't play DED Random Expert. I've always wondered why TAW is more popular on DED...they seem to be roughly the same to me based on my limited experience.
  10. Like too much work for too little players playing? I don't see any reason why this server could not be as popular as TAW with a few minor modifications.
  11. I am also experiencing this same bug (and I do not think you understand the problem Mastiff--this has nothing to do with the mouse movement or conflicting keybindings). It's like the "fixed quick view" functionality gets broken and it acts like "centered quick view" function instead except that it returns to your last viewpoint right before you turned TrackIR off. Hitting escape and and going to the options menu and returning does fix the problem, however, so this is a workaround for now. The bug is present for me BEFORE doing any alt-tabbing out of BoS. The reason I am turning off TrackIR is to create new custom views for keys that I can hit while my head tracking is on (e.g., close up views of side instrument panels, etc.)
  12. I feel this is a good is full realism overall. However, I've had a few issues: 1) Currently, I can't get into server despite multiple attempts. Homepage says a mission time of 36 minutes has elapsed. I load the mission but then I get dumped immediately into the multiplayer server list. 2) According to the manual, a warehouse outpost should be destroyed at around 100 points but I've frequently put more than 100 points of damage into a target (including seeing additional damaging from other players on several occasions) yet I have not seen one destroyed in many missions. Bug or manual error or something else? 3) Having to kill 4 out 5 five targets seems pretty difficult to me unless you have a massive coordinated effort from a team. Would it be better to drop the requirement down one to like 3 targets if the battlefield is too static over days of time? One thing that I think makes TAW a superior strategic campaign is that the ground war with tanks and such can affect the map control which is absent from this server.
  13. Dang, I really only enjoy playing BoS on this server. Hopefully, the next round will start soon. Thanks to all that make this server possible.
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