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  1. That's probably in the properties of the Word document from which the IL2-BoS manual is saved as a pdf. Both the RoF and IL2-BoS manuals share a similar design.
  2. VR implementation will be what determines what sims I fly in the next year or two. In the meantime, after TF's 5.0 will trees cause damage?
  3. Me, too, on both of the above. The free Zero available for X-Plane is gorgeous, but also quite demanding on computer resources.
  4. This WIP damage model dates back from March of this year. I don't think it's implemented yet, but will be for all ships, afaik:
  5. My 72 year old mom called me last night to brag she had just seen it and would see it again. Because of my schedule my tickets are for a showing on 12/27. Patience I need.
  6. Yep, Autumn map in 4k is gorgeous, especially with reshade.
  7. You can add in responses that your gunners speak back to you. The more phrases you add, the more "random" they will sound.
  8. I rely on Voice Attack extensively in Star Citizen, and I use a personalized version of Anna at https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/153203/updated-voiceattack-profile-anna-fully-state-aware-control-everything-with-your-voice/p1 I enjoy saying "Leroy Jenkins" to set my Super Hornet into combat mode. I rely on cheat sheets hanging from both sides of my monitor to remember all my controller settings in BoS, RoF, and X-Plane, so I plan to use Voice Attack in those, too, after the Oculus Rift or something better comes out at a high enough resolution.
  9. I'd like to see if my new cpu can handle 16x. My old i7 950 did a year ago...
  10. In X-Plane I sometimes fly a T65 X-Wing over a Google Earth version of Los Angeles (where I live). The modeling was done by a hobbyist and isn't particularly great, a d thete isn't any combat, but it's better than nothing. :^) I also have a TIE Fighter, but the crappy fov in those things is ridiculous- those huge panels would never be acceptable to actual combat pilots.
  11. Making some or initial tanks free-to-play (ala ROF's Spad and Albie) could be a great way to bring some tankers into our world, who may then get the flying bug.
  12. Is it TrackIr compatible? I preordered SW Battlefront just to fly an X-Wing.
  13. Yes, I was so pleased it got picked up for a season!
  14. On X-Plane I fly over my neighborhood and all around LA. I used a free piece of software to download Google maps (in 2D) of LA into my X-Plane install, so I recognize where I am flying. It's quite fun flying a Zero over Santa Monica where I work and then out to Catalina.
  15. If you haven't found it already, I think this classic will help you, Galen104: In Pursuit: A Pilot's Guide to Online Air Combat by Johan Kylander.
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