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  1. July 3, 2014 here, and yup, Star Citizen shows the power of “no” and focus that 777 has to create something amazing and immersive. I use vorpX to fly around in Star Citizen whenever they release a new patch, and it can be amazing, too - but it is far more frustrating after six years of watching feature creep.
  2. Thank you, Nephris - I provide all the tech support for my buddy, so when he gets back from his trip I will remote support his machine and set his ports and router settings to see if that allows us to coop together
  3. Thanks, Arthur - maybe it's something on my buddy's machine, which I helped him build a few years ago - ah well, this hobby of ours constantly challenges and furthers our technical skills 🤪
  4. Thanks very much, DD_FT. I tried what you suggested, and also made sure my firewall allows ports 28000 and 28100 through, but my buddy still gets the Unable to connect to game server #10019 error message. Maybe I need to serve the coop mission from a different machine than my own gaming machine. Hi chris_uk_83 , I'm in Los Angeles and also have an Oculus Quest, if you ever want to get on Teamspeak or Discord and would let me join your coop mission I see you are able to get running
  5. I also have the 6700k running at 4.8 Ghz, though using what I assume to be a less-demanding Oculus Quest as my HMD. I really enjoy my IL-2 VR flying experience right now, though I’d like less screen door effect, of course. I am on the fence as to what and when to upgrade - a 3080 video card would be very tempting when they are released, though I’d wonder if that would be pointless without also upgrading my cpu, which means a new motherboard because of the older socket used by my 6700k. Perhaps I should wait until a noticeably better HMD is released to then drive my upgrade process.
  6. Thanks for this tip, jokerBR! I'm going to try and see if this will address my occasional sudden disconnection of my Oculus Quest Link to my USB C port on my computer. It's quite maddening when I am suddenly cut off from all control of my plane and view because my HMD lost its connection. Here are two other fixes I discovered elsewhere on the 'net for CH peripherals that may be helpful to others troubleshooting what's described in this thread: When using Teamspeak, because of a known conflict from its "Gamepad and Joystick Hotkey Support" plugin (found in Tools > Options > Addons), CH Control Panel controls may become disabled / greyed out, particularly when switching to a different map. Quitting Teamspeak brings those greyed out buttons back in CH Control Panel so you can download the map again and enable it. Also, if the buttons grey out without Teamspeak, if you hit the Windows key and type “store” and open the Microsoft Store that way, they come back.
  7. Agreed, probably it will be more arcady than any of us here like since it will also support cross play with PS4 and Xbox, which of course means supporting their controllers (and a fanbase that can be... toxic). I figure I will eagerly enjoy SW Squadrons for awhile, since it should be actually playable, as opposed to Star Citizen, but always return to IL-2 BoX and FC to be truly satisfied
  8. On Saturday I tried to host a Syn Vander coop mission using my own computer as the server, but when my buddy joined the server and the mission started to download, he kept seeing server timeouts or messages along the lines of server lost (I didn't write down the specific error messages he told me over Teamspeak). I allow Il-2 through my firewall, both private and public. Does this port forwarding setup in my Arris NVG599 router look right? According to Speedtest.net I get about 60 Mbps both upload and download speed. Maybe my machine and/or AT&T Uverse are not capable of me both hosting and flying the mission at the same time?
  9. Isn't that CloD Blitz in vorpX post by a TFS dev, so not an available option to the rest of us for now?
  10. Based on the Lipfert's settings above, setting "Texture Filtering - Negative LOD bias" to Clamp last night made the biggest single difference for me on my Oculus Quest
  11. New game play trailer is out
  12. Hi @thrila , I have an all CH setup, including the CH Pro pedals, and I use the CH Control Manager software for all of it. How do you incorporate the MFG Crosswind pedals with your CH stuff? If you use Control Manager, does it recognize and allow you to program the MFG Crosswind pedals? I ask because I have my CH Pro Pedals set up with toe brakes and want to keep using my Control Manager maps
  13. Came here to search or start a thread on this. $40 is a very reasonable amount, though we all know the true investment in our sims is time x1000. With the current state and incredibly slow development of Star Citizen, Star Wars: Squadrons may scratch an itch I’ve had since I was an 11 year old in a movie theater in 1977. I’ll be curious to see if voice commands are built in or if we have to use Voice Attack.
  14. Blurry cockpit happened to me this evening flying in a Spitfire Mk.VВ in a Quick mission. I think the only other birds in that mission were an IL-2 and 109s
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