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  1. With that rig you may want to start with an Oculus Quest 1 (the original Oculus Quest), which you can probably find pretty cheaply used. Sure, you'll see screen door effect, but it's a good, inexpensive introduction to finding out if you even enjoy VR, and may motivate you to finding some way to upgrade your rig. Last year I enjoyed my original Quest on my Skylake i7 6700K with a Titan X. I was then motivated to upgrade to what I now have in my signature, knowing that I can fly in VR for hours without eye or head and neck discomfort.
  2. Check out Spitfire on my Tail by Ulrich Steinhilper. Lots of details on pre-war flight training, then his experiences in the Battle of Britain until he was shot down and captured during it. After reading this book I immediately bought his two follow-up books about his experiences as a POW in Canada.
  3. I live just a few miles from their Santa Monica headquarters, and I don't begrudge the many jobs, perhaps well-paying jobs, that Star Citizen has created for those in the gaming industry. And if others want to continue to fund the dream that Star Citizen wants to reach, that keeps those jobs going. I'm just going to wait until it's at least out of the never-ending alpha state before I sink any more time into Star Citizen.
  4. I emailed Next Level Racing tech support if there was a way to add acceleration/deceleration as one of the motions. They replied yes because IL-2 Great Battles does provide acceleration telemetry data, and they guided me on how I could clone the IL-2 Great Battles stock profile and add in a version of acceleration motion. It's subtle and seems to involve more a slight rocking backward rather than a surge that pushes you back in your seat, but I find it's an enjoyable addition. Clone the "IL-2 Great Battles" stock profile, and uncheck "Shallow copy" and check "clone scripts". When y
  5. Fantastic, thanks so much for adding "reset button resets accumulative offset", and so quickly, too - it works perfectly! I spent some time trying to formulate my request so that it makes sense, and it appears it did 🤓
  6. Hi @J2_NobiWan, Your software and support are wonderful! Here's a question I've wondered about for awhile. I use and prefer "Accumulative" mode. When in Accumulative mode the Calibration area and "Set Reset Button" options are greyed out. Often after a dogfight or intense ground-pounding action I find that I have completely lost track of how many degrees I have accumulated in one direction or another. For example, when I peek out from my Reverb G2 HMD I may see that I am at 540 or more degrees. When I have lost track and accumulated that many de
  7. If you had saved the direct link to your stats during the 1st quarter of 2021, you may be viewing those now-static stats. If so, you’ll want to raise the number at the end of the URL you saved by one to see this current quarter’s stats, which are ?tour=41
  8. My money was spent on Star Citizen back in 2013, including a nifty jacket I quite enjoy - but I haven’t bothered with it for nearly a year now. Jason William’s wisdom to know when to say “no” is very well underscored by what we’ve been seeing in Star Citizen
  9. You have made me interested in playing Alyx for months, I just keep spending all of my gaming time in IL-2 on Finnish 😁
  10. The original Quest was my first HMD, and if I were starting out fresh to VR now I would probably get the Quest 2, since it is priced well. The Quest approach is a great way to find out if VR is for you, as about this time the original Quest helped me realize that a) I really enjoy VR and it doesn’t make me nauseous, b) I am only actually interested in sitting while playing, so being wired to a computer is fine, and c) I am (so far) only interested in flight combat. Thus, the Quest helped me realize the Reverb G2 is the best HMD for me. I wonder if Windows Mixed Reality is where the
  11. I stand happily corrected! Thank you, @SvAF/F16_Goblin
  12. This app really helps me since I fly VR in a chair that doesn’t rotate:
  13. Just an FYI for VR flyers who may notice this thread, reshade will not work with VR and the developer has stated he doesn’t plan to add VR support
  14. I have good success bombing with the A-20 and P-38, but I’m otherwise surprised how little interest I have in the American and British planes and how much fun I find the Russian planes
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