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  1. For what it’s worth, I rarely get more than 35 fps in my Quest and I really enjoy flying anyway. I wasn’t even aware how low my fps were until I had been enjoying the Quest for two months. I have chased the highest fps goal in the past on my flat monitors, but now so long as the game is smooth enough for my VR enjoyment, I turn off the fps counter. At least, until I’m ready to completely upgrade my hardware after a 3080 is released
  2. In the meantime, and just in case you don’t already know these two things: - you can adjust your position in each cockpit to where you want it to default by positioning yourself, then hitting F10. I can read all of my gauges on my Quest, and I only need to Zoom in the cockpit to read my pilot’s notes I have in place of the cockpit photo. - if you wear glasses to see clearly see things further than 18 inches away, then you need to wear them in the Quest, too. In my case I have prescription lens inserts arriving in the mail any day now.
  3. If you are using CH Control Manager, here is what I have in my .CMS file for controlling rudder and stabilizer trim on my ProThrottle's mini joystick, as well as toe brakes on my Pro Pedals: // CMS Script File // // Game Title: IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad // Written By: Kevin Watts for IL-2 Cliffs of Dover, modified by Charlo for IL-2 BoS // Date: Original 31-03-2011, modified by Charlo 5/17/14 // script CMS.B1 = [JS2.A1 < 55]; // Roll_Trim_Left (change in CMS Controls screen) CMS.B2 = [JS2.A1 > 180]; // Roll_Trim_Right (change in CMS Controls screen) CMS.B3 = [JS2.A2 > 180]; // Adjustable_Stabiliser_Down (change in CMS Controls screen) CMS.B4 = [JS2.A2 < 55]; // Adjustable_Stabiliser_Up (change in CMS Controls screen) IF ( NOT JS2.B2 ) THEN //If Button 2 is released then CMS.A1 = JS3.A3 + A3; // add the X offset to the stick X ENDIF SEQUENCE WAIT ( JS2.B2 ) ; //Wait until Button 2 Clicks A3 = JS3.A3 - 128 ; //Calculate the Z offset and save it ENDSEQUENCE CMS.B5 = [JS3.A1 > 254]; // Wheel_Brake_Left (,) CMS.B6 = [JS3.A2 > 254]; // Wheel_Brake_Right (.) endScript
  4. I'm hoping we can get back the portion of the old VR zoom mod that allowed us to extend the view 20 degrees in either direction. That would help with the FOV in my Quest.
  5. 1. No fish eye problem at all 2. Oculus Quest 3. Yes, the d3d11.dll file exists in my ...\bin\game\ folder. 4. I did restart my PC as a matter of best practice after an update Zoom works very nicely now, thank you! It's a tad too zoomed in for reading gauges, but I mostly use zoom in the cockpit to read the pilot's notes from Storebror's IL-2 Great Battles Pilots Notes for Cockpit Photos v1.02 mod.
  6. I can spot much better in 4.006 but have to get within a km to determine if it's a friendly or enemy.
  7. Rapidus posted the issue will be fixed next update, so my pilot notes will then be visible in my Camel and Pfalz after that 🥳
  8. Thanks, Dutch - after I posted the issue in the thread Oliver88 recommended I was informed the devs are aware of it. I don't know if they were already aware of it or if my post made them aware of it, but it is now in their hands to fix
  9. I have really been meaning to try this clever solution:
  10. Thank you very much, Mike - they look great! 🍺 FYI, and guided by @Oliver88 , I just posted the below possible bug report that the stock cockpit photo does not appear in my install's Camel or Pfalz. This also means your Pilot Notes in those two planes may also not display. If that's the case, we have to wait for the devs to address that. If you or others are able to see either the stock cockpit photo or your Pilot Note in the Camel or Pfalz, then I will need to fix my install of IL-2. And yes, I made sure the "Photo" option is enabled when setting up each plane 🤓
  11. The "Photo" option is enabled when setting up each plane, but the cockpit photo is missing from the Camel and Pfalz. All of the other FC planes display a photo of a sweetheart in their cockpits, and I thought a photo used to be visible in the Camel and Pfalz, too, at least prior to 4.006 or 4.006b. Or, perhaps my install is the only one missing a photo in the Camel and Pfalz?
  12. I have seen similar clipping on my Nvidia card - my pilot's hands clipped into the side of my 109 as I was climbing out to bail out.
  13. I don't use SteamVR so have instead been turning my head 60-90 degrees to the left (or the right), then clicking my VR Center button on my HOTAS. I can then more easily check 6 when I look over my right (or left) shoulder. Then when I am ready to stare straight ahead again I ignore my view momentarily, relax into my normal forward-facing position, and click my VR Center button again. This replicates what I used to be able to see when I used TrackIR.
  14. All of the other FC planes display a photo of a sweetheart in their cockpits, but not the Camel or Pfalz. I thought a photo used to be visible in those two planes, too. And yes, I made sure the "Photo" option is enabled when setting up each plane. Maybe a change or minor bug since 4.006? Or, perhaps my install is the only one missing a photo in the Camel and Pfalz?
  15. Oh, you, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, we love you!
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