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  1. Hi, busdriver, thank you very much for your helpful link! Although al little misunderstanding due to my poor English. A wiki I was looking for was no game tutorial but an explanation of all settings and what is the purpose of every single file and folder and the file conf.ini the IL-2 Installation path. Haven't found anything like that up to now. The community of Il-2 1946 did have such a wiki which was very helpful for new players to set, optimize and tweak their game . @Dakpilot "With the non steam version it is possible to copy paste the whole folder as per original IL-2". If it is like that, that'll be a reason for me to by the game a second time. "If you have good Internet it is easy to just download latest version from this site if lost in computer crash". Thats not clear to me. I didn't have a computer crash. In case I saved the whole IL-2 folder I can restore the game from usb 3.0 disk. Why downloading it again??
  2. Hi, everyone, I'm interested in giving IL-2 a second chance after some years of "abstinence". However I'm missing a wiki as in IL-2 1946 I played since 2002. Read somewhere that the original version would be superior to steam version, but can't find where. What are the advantages to buy and install everything from the original homepage? The fact that 2 alternatives exist is a bit annoying to me as it makes everythin much more complicated than the original Il-2 where I could do a perfect saving of the game by just copying the whole game folder. No wiki, no hints from the developers in the manual to the question, which files or folders are to save in case of a PC crash. I already own the original game and 2 collector planes but would buy everything again if installing from the Original Homepage is the better solution. Any help concerning these two Points are very welcome. Thank you!
  3. +1 It is a real pity that programmers obviously spent thousands of hours for years to develop a detailed sim and in 2020 we still don't habe a manual which explains ALL settings (f. ex. all view settings). Hm:" No time for this". I find it frustrating to just do try and error and still don't know what this or that setting is useful for. Reason why I personally don't buy any upgrades. To create a sim also means to explain to the customer every single item in the settings menu. Otherwise it is a sim for the programmers. "No time" translated means I don't feel like writing a detailed manual.
  4. Genau sowas meinte ich, Blaubär Die Community war damals wirklich extrem produktiv. Klasse, dass Du da zur Verfügung stehst.
  5. Take a look here ;-) http://www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=Downloads&c=7
  6. Herzlichen Dank für Deine Mühe, Rico!! Beste Grüße Würger
  7. Hallo, Gemeinde ;-) nachdem ich eine Weile hier unterwegs war https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/board,264.0.html , überlege ich, wieder auf diese game hier zu schwenken. Meine Fragen als Wiedereinsteiger-Kandidat Gibt es mittlerweile irgendwo ein Tutorial (z. B. private Initiative), das AUSNAHMSLOS ALLE Einstellungen im Settingsmenü (z. B. Sichten) erklärt. Das vor Jahren auf Drängen der Communtity von den Devs gefertigte Handbuch tut dies leider nicht, und ich habe oft auch mit Probieren keine Lösung gefunden, wofür diese oder jene Einstellung im Settingsmenü gedacht ist. Schade, denn die Programmierer haben sich bestimmt was dabei gedacht. Ich habe vor Jahren zwei Spiele (die ersten beiden) auf Steam gekauft, aber gehört, dass es lohnend sein könnte, nochmal von vorn ohne Steam anzufangen. Stimmt das ? Welche Vorteile würde das bringen? Weiß jemand, ob Microsoft im Zuge des angekündigten Flight Simulator 2020 auch wieder im Bereich Hardware aktiv werden wird und z. B. die genialen Force Feedback Joysticks reaktiviert? Beste Grüße Würger (2002-2004 auch online aktiv im alten Il-2)
  8. So why are you playing a simulation (which tries to simulate reality), when historical accuracy isn't important to you? Strange enough. Why should I like Pablo Picasso? Seems as if you got problems with constructive criticism. Why acting like a primadonna?
  9. To be honest I don't like IL-2 Videos mixed up with temporary music. Doesn't fit soemhow and doesn't support immersion. Anyway, seems a new generation of players now creates Il-2 Videos. Worst scenario to me is Il-2 videos mixed up with hard rock music. That feels to me as if 16 year old kiddies use Il-2sim as an arcade shooter. When I played the original Il-2 way back in 2002-2004 NOBODY would have mixed up IL-2 Videos with contemporary music. They all used music from the 1940ies. Perfect feeling. Perfect match. The IL-2 community in those days however tried to be very historically correct in any way.
  10. Maybe you can fly it like this in the sim. History books tell different things however… anyway...
  11. Nice Video! However, I don't think the 262 was flown like that in narrow curves, turning several times and following the enemy. It was no dogfighter. That would have burned too much energy and taken away all the advantage of the 262, i. e. high speed.
  12. Jemand hier mal was gekauft? Sieht für mich ziemlich professionell und wertig aus. https://www.monstertech.de/produkt-kategorie/flight/
  13. Leider habe ich noch keine Antwort auf die Frage, welche Vorteile die eigenständige Installation ohne Steam bietet. Habe ich ohne Steam mehr Dateien in meinem Installationspfad als mit Steam? (also vollständig?) Kann ich bei Installation ohne Steam den kompletten Installationsordner sichern und aus ihm heraus spielen wie beim alten IL-2, also ohne das Spiel installiert zu haben (also z. B. von einer Sicherung auf externer Platte?).
  14. Vielen Dank für die Tipps!! Beste Grüße
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