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  1. Nice one! Merry chrismas and Horrido everyone. I would like to participate in this raffle!
  2. It still works with the first solution/ workaround. 1. Start Oentrack, select PointTracker 1.1 and as Game protocol FreeTrack 2.0 and run the programm 2. Start BOS and get onto a server or in a mission. 3. Close OpenTrack and start FreeTrack 4. Invert pitch in FreeTrack and run the programm Works perfect and only takes this few steps, normal routine for me like closing the canopy before start. ;-)
  3. You don't need the auxiliary tracker, Game protocol is under it, there u can select FreeTrack 2.0. Open Track 2.2a2 is the correct version.
  4. Hey, there is a easy trick for this problem. 1.) Start Open Track with "PointTracker 1.1" as Main tracker and "Freetrack 2.0" as game Protocol enabled. 2.) Start the game, get into a match 3.) go to desctop, close Open Track and start FreeTrack (somehow the gameprotocol is working now) 4.) Invert pitch in the profile-section as the last step It is a bit annoying but works fine! This wasn't my idea, I read it somewhere in the forum, thx and regards to whoever that was!
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