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  1. P-39 was one of my favorites in original IL2. Can't wait for it.
  2. Which aircraft are already available from BOK?
  3. I've read somewhere that USB hub with external power helps ghost key presses.
  4. I was playing campaign yesterday. Time was set just before dark. I've intercepted enemy bombers, chasing them to their airfield. When suddenly blinding light. What a surprise. Searchlights were tracking me and wingmen. Really nicely done!
  5. I have same issues. Posted about them few times over last year. Always telling myself that this isn't final product and I'll wait for next patch. As I remember, few patches back there was some more settings for devices, but then (next patch) they only left noise filtering. Which helps a bit but not as I would like to. I can get used to flying around like that, but when you need more precise movement, when you try to aim, or when landing, it becomes pain. That's also the reason that I don't play this game as much as I would like to.
  6. I'm glad to see SP missions back. Mostly because I need take-off and landing training. It would be great if we could have option to select with which plane one would like to do mission.
  7. Thank you. I would only suggest that you put that notification on the first post too.
  8. Wasn't there some more settings for joystick before this weekend patch (Controls/Devices)? Now there is only a noise filter.
  9. Oh, yes. P-39 was my favourite in original IL2
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