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  1. This, if it's possible. I flew most of my sorties in last campaign in Hs 129. It is frustrated that there is only one in the profile. Therefore I was severely restricted because even the ditching the plane meant I loose the one and only plane for couple of mission. Maybe this issue could be balanced by three different profiles, each one for fighter/bomber/attacker. So once the preference is selected specific planeset is bound to each player with slightly more planes of his choice while heavily restricted number of planes from the others. I give you a point here to some extend. But there is the other side of the coin as well. According to my experience, I scored way less tank kills by attacking the armored columns than by destroying these ambushes. First, I usually log alone these days therefore it's basically waste of the plane to attack well defended column. Second, destroyed tanks are hard to identified in many times. Additionally, with the server credit system, even if I kill the tank (I exploded many of them with 50 kg bombs/30 mm hits) I was not credited with the kill, because there were "fun-flyers" dropping 500 kg bombs with not enough precision to kill but enough to "reserve" the kill. Too often I rtbed with 0 kills despite I caused explosion of several tanks and my mission log showed I hit them for 30 % to 40 %. On contrary, tanks destroyed in ambushes are counted into the destroyed limit the same way as these in columns. But I agree that these are not primary targets.
  2. I've fought with that issue pretty much from second mini patch after 4.005. Try to turn off the HUD (H-key by default). It solves the problem almost completely in my case, though chat and other in-game messages are lost as well this way. But it's minor issue in comparison with permanent microlags that otherwise makes the game unplayable. Hope it helps.
  3. Strange. The numbers were pretry much even during second hour of that particular mission, mostly in favour to Soviets. When I was shot down, the German side was in fact at way lower numbers ( like 12 vs 19 or so). Anyhow, thanks for explanation.
  4. Can someone explain me how I could be killed by 72AG Tarantul while his stats page is running the countdown of time penalty (some 17 hours and 10 minutes or so at the moment of kill). I'm not angry regarding that I was shot down. I really have no problem with that. But how is it even possible to fly under time penalty? Thanks for info and no offense to you Tarantul
  5. OK, I pretty much "solved" my stutters as well as FPS issue. I just turned off the HUD in game (H-key) and suddenly I got 50 % FPS boost and stutters disappeared completely. Still I would prefer to have HUD turned on since now I'm without the chat and compass (specific issue to some planes). Btw the stutters are worst there are more players on the server.
  6. I experience horrible microlags or stutters now. Every second there is a microlag and then the picture jump a bit. It is working this way on TAW as well as Jasta 5 server. I'm not noticing such feature while watching replays. FPS dropped from about 140 down to 40 to 50 though. I experienced all these issue since the second minor patch after the 4.005 patch was released. EDIT: I have now software to make videos so I upload just the pictures to show the fps difference (graphical settings are still the same), both taken from replays patch 4.005; server: TAW; players: about 80; heavy clouds (fps upper right corner: 134) last mini-patch; server: TAW; players: about 80; heavy clouds (fps: 64) My PC: Ryzen 5 2600 Radeon RX 5600XT 32GB DDR4 Windows 10 Pro 64 build 1909
  7. Does anyone experience stuttering on TAW after today's game patch?
  8. So, finally there is a reason for various loads for various targets. Train is better to hit by 28 SC50s rather than 4xSC500 (though more data is needed anyway): https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=26502&name=JG1_Pragr https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=25072&name=JG1_Pragr
  9. Oh, I see. I though you tried the new fix already.
  10. Strange. I dropped four SC500 on the train getting 7 kills. Three were good hits, fourth overshoot. It is still better it used to be before hotfix. I would like to give a chance to various bombloads. Maybe numerous small bombs are better than few big ones now (which I would like to see)
  11. It seems to be working again now. Ground targets are more resilient but not indestructible anymore. I tried the train. Cannot say how is it working in case of armor units.
  12. OK, I'm downloading the hotfix now. It was not available yesterday. One of the features there is so we'll see what happens now.
  13. It seems to be issue of the current game update at least https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=20096&name=JG1_Pragr three SC500 landed along the train for the distance equivalent to the length of single vagon. No kill, just damages.
  14. Is there any change of bomb effectiveness in TAW/Il-2? I hit Dyatlevo depot (18 % damage) last mission. I scored good hit into the area where all buildings were undamaged (see figure below). https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yxwwSmc2M9neOmwNWWqUSAeb7x1dDwZe/view?usp=sharing Still I was not credited by a single destroyed object: https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=23486&name=JG1_Pragr The only kill I got was AAA hit by the second SC1000 that missed the target area a bit (still within the damage range of some buildings). Are small bombs better for using these days? I just ask, I don't want to start any bias/flame here.
  15. If there will be a spot for me between 2030 and 2330 GMT, I'm definitely in.
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