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  1. yes, for some reason enabling 4K textures got rid of all the stuttering , im sure devs will find the reason
  2. No flyable bomber for us in the next IL title? That's a sad day for the franchise .
  3. I cannot update the game with this small hotfix, i get this error : http://imgur.com/a/4g8P5 I deleted the entire "const" folder, i used Steam file validation to re-acquire it and the only difference is that now the error says "corrupt content files " instead of "corrupt disk" , the game worked just fine after the big update Anyways , i deleted the game and re-install it and it works fine now
  4. [DBS]Prody

    Can't takeoff with Ju88

    in the Engine Control panel, you can set throttle control for each engine
  5. [DBS]Prody

    Problem on HE-111 AI level flight

    Yes, now if you click and hold it will not move the plane smoothly in that direction by one degree / second like it used to do but it will to a brutal yoke move that disables the auto pilot , you need to do fast key tapping for one degree adjustments . I actually like it like this because slightly longer tapping the key allows for fast adjustments of a couple of degrees without disengaging the auto level, just practice a bit and you will get the hang of it .
  6. [DBS]Prody

    Can't takeoff with Ju88

    Well, the easiest way to get to a stable position is to lift the tail as fast as possible , so : full stick forward, full throttle , release breaks - go . I release flaps at around 170km/h , the plane is pretty easy to control in this manner
  7. The He111's now accelerate like a snail on the ground, there is barely enough runaway to take off
  8. [DBS]Prody

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    or " Walking Dead mod has ended "
  9. [DBS]Prody

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Yeah, it was nasty . I bailed out, the other two landed at Sekretov with damage, there was a forth one somewhere in front of us and lower, he made it to the target and back . The damage from my gunners got you eventually, some 15 minutes later
  10. [DBS]Prody

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    a 111 please
  11. [DBS]Prody

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    sure, vulture !
  12. the Spitfire is very easy to fly , also thanks for the key binds for stations - better late than never i guess
  13. [DBS]Prody

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Night winter missions are always awesome
  14. [DBS]Prody

    Developer Diary, Part 161 - Discussion

    oki, in the pictures posted by Han it looked like there is no space between words . Great skins btw, you did a great job !
  15. [DBS]Prody

    Developer Diary, Part 161 - Discussion

    Nice, four Romanian skins Just a minor note , the inscription "HAIFETITO", on the 15-th skin , it should be a space there "HAI (space) FETITO" , it means "c'mon girlie ! "