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  1. Nice! Planning on messing with OC at all? If you're synced all the time, probably not worth it. Of course AMD and ATi cards support dx9....It has been supported since the standard has existed. I get excellent performance from my hardware. Yes, BoS is a little more demanding to some other games, but it's very smooth and overall looks pretty damned nice. Sudoku is right about frametimes. Yet to see any valid benchmarks of BoS that include frametimes. Anyways, anything the ballpark of a 970 should be fine for bos at 1080p. That said, I do not recommend a 970 specifically. They appear to provide very nice performance for BoS and many other titles, yet there are still some frametime anomalies in several games for many owners and some odd SLI scaling with regards to frametimes. There are long-term implications for difficulties due to the non-simultaneous read/write across the segmented bus. Granted, the hardware can do very well. It's just something to keep in mind and something you should definitely research when shopping for a new card. Most importantly, pay attention to frametimes and minimums in particular. Average and max are both meaningless metrics. Ideally, if you could choose to run the same minimums constantly or run the same minimums with higher maximum/average, the flat line at minimum will provide a much better experience. That's how important those metrics are.
  2. Ah okay, the spotting issue was one of the things I was wondering about. The blur also sounds a bit unpleasant. In terms of what is comfortable, I imagine everything changes with two offset screens right in front of your eyes. A bit of blur and input latency can suddenly become literally sickening, lol. As for the low persistence, I think it's likely that they will have fairly advanced custom scalars, which may include both variable refresh (down to a certain point) and low persistence. If I remember correctly, there's nothing intrinsically preventing the combination of the two besides timings/scalar features and some sort of minimum in FPS before flickering becomes a problem. Though, that's already a problem with almost any panel, including variable refresh. Can only go so low without flicker. Also, maybe variable refresh doesn't really matter in the end, as anything below the OR panel's native refresh rate may have input latency problems to begin with. If 'presence' is really going to be defined as having imperceptible input latency, I'm confident that the transition from imperceptible to otherwise will be pretty jarring, different from transitioning between smooth changes in always-perceptible latency. If this is the case, then even if you do have variable refresh, dropping out of the imperceptible latency zone is probably something to be avoided as much as possible. In that case, refresh rate may remain fixed and simply increased as panel technology progresses. If latency is imperceptible, it no longer matters how much extra latency vsync must add into the pipeline to match the panel refresh rate, it's still an end net of imperceptible (remember, vsync can theoretically add zero latency, if the gpu(s) happen to output a frame at just the right time).
  3. I think you may find that the open-source support for cap-style tracking is less robust than the clip style setups. At least, that's the impression I got. Either way, with something like a ps3 eye, you should be able to get very useable tracking with the right settings ('speed' and curves in particular). Can't you just reverse the pitch axis? To me, it sounds like you have too much curve with less than ideal speed. When I was using my custom trackclip, I found very little to no curve to be best. Getting the speed just right took a little bit of tweaking though. I was aiming for relative stability in the center zone for aiming/zooming and just enough tracking range to get a good look behind on either side. Over time, I was able to remove more and more curve without having aiming issues. Probably I just became more used to the tracking. Probably already done this, but make sure to change the measurements if necessary to match to your cap tracking clip: http://ibin.co/27MjjDAKRoUV On a related note, I have a reflector-style hatclip sitting around if anyone wants it (IR cast from an LED array in front, should be pretty easy to set one up). They have a fairly large reflector surface area for a large range of tracking, but also slightly less accuracy due to have to interpolate the center point of the reflectors. Another thought: are you sure you aren't getting tracking jitter on the sides due to the gain on the camera? Sometimes if the point becomes too large or changes shape, the Pointtracker API interpolation of IR center point will jitter.
  4. Well, I see it as a true accessory in the strictest sense. I hope people don't decide to skimp on monitors and instead only spend money on VR, I think a monitor investment would be better overall if someone is choosing one or the other. If the pricing is reasonable, I will enjoy playing around with it. Of course, other superior options may be available by then. Anyone waiting for oculus to do something about head tracking, just do it now and don't wait. You can build an IR array and use a $15 ps3 camera very easily and cheaply for surprisingly close to trackIR 5 performance, though definitely not at the same level overall. Makes you a much better flier and dog fighter, unless you have some crazy robot button/mouse system figured out already. I really like the idea of 1:1 360 degree head tracking with the OR. But, it's not going to work correctly in most sims for a good long while, so no point in waiting for tracking from OR specifically. Hang on, why is fighting impossible? As for the specs, I don't relish downgrades in resolution. Oh well, the overall experience in ideal conditions should make up for it, even if rather fleeting and long to develop....
  5. Honestly, I think the sensors are awesome. You only have to break the path between them with the very edge of your finger. It took me a bit to get used to it, but it's really handy for a sort of holding position if you need/want to leave the stick alone for a bit and your trim is off /damaged. Yeah, disconnecting USB should be sufficient. To make sure, put your ear up next to the base and compare to what it normally sounds like with full power. Should be able to hear the difference.
  6. Does it work well? What are the minimum FPS you need to maintain to avoid annoyance? I'm assuming tolerance levels are pretty variable, as otherwise it could just be an increase input latency situation all the way down to ~24 min. fps, like a standard panel in ideal conditions with even frametimes. Unfortunately, adaptive refresh (which probably will be part of oculus) doesn't resolve the variable input latency problem. Might be pretty bothersome. I won't really know until the consumer version is released. Either way, I'm looking forward to it. Q12016 iirc
  7. That's pretty neat. I can't say I relish the thought of FSX/P3D performance in VR though, the tradeoff in rendering quality for VR immersion will be pretty drastic.
  8. Thanks for posting that . I haven't tried using it with BoS recently, it may not work. I don't have to use it with warthunder to get the constant centering off any more, either (spam load a saved control profile with isxinput=yes on runway until stick goes loose). You're right, leaving the sensors blocked would likely shorten the lifespan. Can't remember if I already said this, but I've been through multiple windows 10 builds now without any device name problems. Hope to never see that bug again. BoS now applies forces correctly and feels great, especially the large aircraft. That's really strange. I've only heard of that sort of thing happening to one other person with the msffb2. What's your motherboard chipset? Any updates for the chipset drivers or bios? If you disconnect the power cable or remove the tape diligently, then you have nothing to worry about. Honestly, even if you forget from time to time, these joysticks are amazingly durable and well-engineered, you probably won't be able to kill it, buttons will die off first. Only problem is....One day the total supply of devices on sale will basically run out. I know people be stockpiling them, tsk tsk haha
  9. If they want to slowly re-introduce the options to keep a handle on error reports, that's okay by me. I think that's what we will see happen over time. Personally, I'm glad they added options for pushing distant detail in particular. Manual config was still a bit of a guesswork for higher detail and weird tiling shimmer. Very glad to hear the global curvature is being considered now, too. This will be a good update. I-16 is like a stunt plane, people. I can already tell some of you that are talking about looking forward to 'shooting them down' are going to come crashing down in a wingless pencil if you don't treat these little planes with thought and every bit of energy fighting skill you posses, hahaha. Now I just need to stop messing about and buy BOM!
  10. I don't think there's any significant change to the actual driver. Looks more like some added CAPs, bugfixes and freesync implementation. I don't think the new driver was ready in time for the freesync release, so I would expect a new driver with more significant changes in the near future, along with the more complete adaptive-sync implementation for multi-GPU and eyefinity. Currently, the windows 10 preview driver is a more recent build. Anyways, crossfire is working well with 14.5 for me, so I'm not gonna mess about with it for at least a few days.
  11. I can't say I agree, Will never return to the 1440p IPS 120 hz after using this 60hz 2160p... Aside from the much better image quality, screen tearing is hardly noticeable without vsync on this panel and I can maintain 60 FPS min. with the highest settings offered, including AA, so tearing can also be eliminated completely. Incredibly smooth and no ghosting. We run very different hardware, so a direct comparison is difficult. However, after some first-hand experience, I frankly do not understand the benefit of an added scalar on a 144 hz monitor that incurs an additional input latency penalty. I've always found variable input latency to be more of an issue than screen tearing on any hardware. Anyways, I'm going off topic into an area that is not adequately explained by anyone, including the engineers involved in the implementation. As someone else said, no form of super-sampling is comparable to native resolution and does seem to include some additional performance penalty over native resolution. Dakpilot, Though I have no point of reference, you may find that upscaling isn't necessary with some moderate settings adjustments. Depends on the arch, driver and engine, but sometimes it's surprising how well things can run when pushing an additional >6 MP. That said, some of the TV scalars have pretty nice up-scaling artifact-reduction implementations, so you might find a very happy medium with your current hardware below non-native. Best of luck
  12. Small update... I reformatted yesterday to clean up an accumulation of unnecessary rubbish. Suddenly, my MSFFB2 is correctly recognized in entirety, including the controller configuration panel. Sure enough, forces are now being applied correctly, prop wash is now on the elevator. I did have the ffb2 connected throughout the entire windows installation, though I don't think that had anything to do with it.... I'm very happy to have things working properly, I just wish I had a known clear solution for the device name issue.
  13. Fantastic choice of aircraft! Really looking forward to BoM, very pleased that il2 will continue to grow Being able use aircraft between BoM and BoS is an excellent decision.
  14. Actually, your single GPU provides very playable FPS in COD (and BoS) for UHD resolution. Not like there's any other more powerful single-die GPU on the market for 4k anyways. Can always pick up another 290x when you're ready, the XDMA crossfire implementation yields practically identical results as the 295x2 if you use the same core and memory clocks (295x2 is still xdma crossfire, even though both dies are on the same PCB, all dual-die GPUs still utilize the same forms of multi-GPU implementation as the respective single die multi-gpu solutions). Limiting factor is really just about having the extra pci-e lanes. COD has indeed aged incredibly well (it's also very cheap!)! TF team has done some fantastic work.
  15. These are fantastic! Much appreciated!
  16. Completely agreed. I've only mentioned the presets once because I understood that greater configuration complexity can increase the difficulty of debugging and pinpointing issues. I assumed the previously existing configuration options would make a return after the initial release had time to 'settle', let's say. Rather disappointed to hear otherwise. At the very least, we should have the ability to edit configuration files and have the engine reference them as needed to achieve the experience we desire ( namely graphics & FFB tweaks that would allow problems such as my and Quax's reversed condition forces to be resolved without a single support ticket... Full and correct MSFFB2 support was an advertised feature, after all). Hide the switches in the config files or comment them out so they will only be enabled completely intentionally. So many superior options to the 'users are incapable' style of response. Apparently, I have no choice but to create a support ticket to resolve an issue that could have been resolved in 10 min. without bothering anyone from 777 or 1C.... I know what the problem is and I'm 99.99% sure I know exactly how to fix it, yet I'm limited due to fear of support tickets that you are going to force me to create.... Illogical, to say the least. I think the majority of us are capable of understanding that end-user customization should be reversed before support tickets are submitted...Perhaps remind us of this during the submission process, rather than locking us down and out. Bearcat is definitely correct, we would rather have an answer than nothing. However, this answer is lacking a logical basis in reality. Let's be frank: I fully expect problems from these titles, as I've *never* experienced one (out of every one produced thus far...) that doesn't require some level of manual adjustment. Not sure why you think we've all become 12 year old children with no prior experience with your software.
  17. (forgot something and can't edit) Something I forgot to mention: You will likely find any sort of commitment to weekly updates rather counter-productive. As an end-user of the software, I do appreciate it. However, re-compiles are time consuming, as are the bug checks to make sure new feature/fix A doesn't randomly break pre-existing feature/fix Z. I say update when you feel it's ready, your time is too valuable for constant creation of binaries that will likely need to be re-compiled for a small fix again anyways. Anyways, all updates are greatly appreciated
  18. Agreed, the larger planes have a great feel and particular challenges to keep flying, especially when heavily loaded.
  19. Very fast patch, much appreciated! "This sort of stuff pushes me towards "here take my money" as soon as you talk of a completely integrated expansion., be that Kuban, be that Murmansk. keep it up and my wallet and HDD is yours." Agreed!
  20. I have an older cyborg here, (planning to use it with BoS too, especially since I can switch the grip around). It's actually a very decent stick and incredibly durable. I still haven't solved the msffb axis switch...Registry device renaming did nothing.It looks like I may need to use JSGME to enable changes to the control parameters... There's also either a second file that I completely missed before, or they added a new file. Unfortunately, this 'joysffmap.cfg' doesn't seem to be changing the condition force after editing it either. Not sure what to try next, JSGME doesn't seem to be helping.
  21. Really though, it sucks to be free of headphones and still have to wear something on your head for tracking.
  22. Yes! I was very annoyed by the sudden change in data format for what is technically an open solution at the root, you can only alter (unnecessarily) and THEN patent, the protocols can be well known....(it's up to developers to enable the open solution(s), enabling closed solutions and calling foul is not completely above board). However, open track is considerably better, with drastically reduced input latency for head movements and the full 90 degree pitch, as you say. BoS went from having a somewhat annoying high latency feeling to the tracking input to one of the best implementations, the only variables being the switch to Opentrack and the update to the game. Part of the issue with other software may be related to the 'EZCA' protocol 'hacks'. Anyways, I do believe the developers when they say they didn't disable emulated tracking specifically. However, open protocols exist, the data is basically the same besides translation. I'm honestly shocked that 6DOF input devices aren't using far more standardized protocols. I'm concerned that certain implementations will specifically become an 'integrate this 'api'' with .dll/binary drops for game devs, merely to suppress competition. Besides the tracking, very nice update. This is indeed a very worthy addition to the IL-2 Sturmovik name, there's a new level of all-round 'completeness' with this title. Thank you for focusing on details instead of faster content/asset production!
  23. Your guess is probably right on the money...(guessing you're being a bit sarcastic here, ) Unfortunately, there's very little legitimate choice for FFB flight stick devices.
  24. Unfortunately, a TV-spec display is not at all equivalent to a monitor. Numerous 4k monitors support 60 hz right now for ~$600 USD, including single-stream. Multi-stream has supported 60hz for a good while now (compiles the equivalent of two theoretical inputs into a single image with the scalar iirc (probably adds latency, too)) Now that we have proper single-stream, all you could be waiting for is higher refresh rates and depressed pricing due to further competition. Considering Samsung's strength in the display panel distribution department, I doubt we will be seeing significant changes in pricing in the near future.
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