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  1. Here ya go Bex... I generally use a Durability Value of 38000 to 48000 for Bridges, Ammo Bunkers etc... so 20mm or 30mm cannot cause an <On Killed Event> yet Direct Hits do... Check your value for the Rockets though and adjust accordingly. For your Bridge question I tested using a Durability of 65000. Bombed it with a Yak loaded with unlimited 2 x FAB50s which did Destroy Bridge after 3 direct hits on different spans of the Bridge, and 6 x RoS-82 Rockets which did not. Exp. Wooden Road Bridge 250 <On Killed Event>---<Counter with a value of 1>---<Damage MCU-Repair Complete>---Road Bridge <On Killed Event>---<Counter with a value of 2>---<Damage MCU-Repair Complete>---Road Bridge <On Killed Event>---<Counter with a value of 3>---<Timer with 0 Secs>---<Damage MCU-Damage Complete>---Road Bridge | <SubTitle..."Bridge Destroyed"> *Although the Bridge is being Repaired with the Damage MCU it still registers which section of the Bridge was Destroyed prior to Repair. So set the number of <On Killed Events> less than the number of Bridge Sections which span the River else players will continually drop on the center spans without causing an <On Killed Event>. Good seeing ya and good luck. Shoot me a PM if your still having problems, Tip
  2. Could be affecting the JU-52 for Trooper and MAB drops as well Habu. You the man! Tip
  3. NP. Glad you and your pards are having a good time with it. As far as the Rearm and Refuel I don't see why not however there may be a disconnect bug with the logic that the Devs have been notified of. Will wait until the next update on this... Tip
  4. Excellent. Appreciate the feedback. Enjoyed flying that one myself whilst testing. P-38 rocks
  5. Good advice there from Habu and JimTM Bugsy. Just to get you started for using Tips Combat Box Group or any other Group which is created for use on the Rheinland Map within the Templates Folder this would be the SoP: Within the ME... <Open> The Mission you want to use the Template on. In this case it should be one using the Rheinland Map. <File> <Import from File> Navigate to your Games >data >Template Folder <Dbl. Lft. Click> Tips Combat Box Group. Wait for Group to Import. <Lft. Click> Group to highlight it. <Rt. Click> Set Group as Working. The B-25 routine has been opened for you to view and/or customize for your needs. *There is no need to do anything thing else at this point with the group if the mission is on the Rhienland Map and you are happy with the parameters of the Group. Bombers will activate at the 6 second mark and begin their flight to bomb Maastricht. Two 109 Ambushes are set up to attack stream along the way. *However if you wish to perhaps have the bombers start later in the mission per se. Completely change the flight plan and/or the target, or wish to move and/or add ambushes to a earlier or later point within the mission. Once the Group is opened you would make those changes at this point. Then: <Lft. Click> Reset Working Group. <File> Save. Exit the ME and fly. Here again I will second Habu's and Jim's suggestions for learning the ME. This is not an easy tool to create working missions and those that are proficient in its use have spent many hours becoming so. Good Luck and Merry Christmas, Tip
  6. ??? The download topic as well as the read-me included has installation instructions to your Games Templates folder. The Template Group itself was created On the Rhineland Map. Are you familiar with how to load groups, scenery, bridges etc for a specific Map into your mission within the Mission Editor?
  7. Habu, Nocke. Not having this problem with the B-25s. Perhaps this is a plane/logic specific incident?
  8. Already been done. Look in last page of “The Groups Sharing Topic” pinned above within this forum for “Tips Combat Box” topic and download the group. Has both. Good Luck with you mission designing. Tip
  9. Full Random P-38J on the Rhienland Map. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/38342-tips-random-works-missions/ Enjoy, Tip
  10. What's New? Full Random Mission with the P-38J on the Rheinland Map Additionally for those unfamiliar with the Mission Editor all the Pe-2 Missions have been updated to v.4.002 If you've already downloaded allow overwrite or use the ME tools to resave the Tips Folder within your Data/Missions. Links to the all the downloads are in the Original Post above: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/38342-tips-pe-2-missions/ Enjoy, Tip
  11. All Dogfight, Teamplay and CoOP Missions now compatible with v.4.002. What's new? *Kerch Random and Stalingrad Random Teamplay Missions now require just 4 Player events for Objective shifts and a New Random wrinkle added *Reminder that all DF and Teamplay Missions available for download here must be played out of an independent Dserver. Checkzones, other logic within mission will not work using your personal games Create Dogfight Server. Links for all Packs are on Page one in the Original Post.
  12. @Warrior_2123 Perhaps the Round Time for the mission is set too low. If this isn't the case then you probably have a premature mission complete due to a ME design logic error. However Jim's angst suggests the mission didn't continually restart when he ran it. So... Check the mission .sds Round Time within the Dserver GUI by Manage SDS or manually change the .sds tdmRoundTime=-1 // (=1800 in Norm and Expert) Team Deathmatch max round length in seconds, -1 - no round time limit, 1800 = 30 minutes. Good Luck, Tip
  13. Okay updated and resaved as a matter of course all the CoOps to v.4.001c. Tested and all 109s take-off again. Seem to play fine and the improvements with the AI are certainly noticeable. *Now resaving might not be required for y'all who have these downloaded but there still are some bugs out there which need to be addressed in the next update so a resave with the current CoOPs up for download on Page One at that point may be required. Anyway still on the docket... 1) Dogfight Missions SC1 and SC2 need to have the P-38s, P-51s and 262 added. 2) Test of Random Missions. 3) Zip everything up and put updated and corrected missions on Page One. ===================================== So while I'm messing around with this @TehR4pt0r which mission(s) are you asking to have less folks required for "threats" to happen? The Dogfight SC1 and SC2 missions? Tip
  14. Am unable to access main puter so can’t update to V4.01c but Yes... Go to the Groups Sharing Topic above and download Tips Combat Box. The Melbrook Base where the B-25s land have a working example of what you are asking for. This setup also allows for the RRR to be halted when E/A have entered the AAA Range as well. Good Luck with your Mission Designing. Tip
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