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  1. Currently All Missions are compatible with v.4.004. What's new? *P-51 Mission 05_Jersey Jerk "Action at Asch" *Mission is created using CCG_Pips excellent 356th skin packs Vol. I and Vol.II Links to the all the downloads including the new mission are in the Original Post above: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/38342-tips-pe-2-missions/ Enjoy, Tip
  2. Currently All Dogfight, Teamplay and CoOP Missions are compatible with v.4.004. What's new? *Allied and Axis Random Teamplay Missions on the Rhineland Map. Downloads available in the Teamplay Section of the OP. With '44-45 E/A as opponents. Missions utilize new objects, objectives, such as Hi-Altitude Bomber Stream intercepts and River Barge attacks. What's on Deck? *Rhineland Map CoOPs, Dogfight Missions. *Reminder that all DF and Teamplay Missions available for download here must be played out of an independent Dserver. Checkzones, other logic within mission will not work using your personal games Create Dogfight Server. Links for all Packs are on Page one in the Original Post.
  3. JU-87 Flight- * You used more logic to start the planes than I. Why did you have the 'Mission Begin' MCU go to a 'New' Trigger Timer >TL > 'New Activate' MCU > OL > 'ju87 leader' and it's also >TL > to my '2s Start Timer which is also OL to the ju87 leader? Is that what sets the flight behavior to dive bomb? I saw no other differences in the Attack Area MCU except the reduction of radius. Was that also a factor in their bombing behavior? First this is a DF mission so you have time to cycle in things as opposed to having everything starting on Mission Begin. Which even in a SP mission you should do for a number of reasons. Frankly I'm surprised that they did follow using the way you had it setup and it didn't surprise me that you were having problems. A/C, Vehicle/Armor, Artillery Groups in order to function properly as a Group Must Be Activated with all members target linked to the leader. If you wish to make your own group of individual members then each need to have their own WPs, CMDs etc... The improvements that the Devs have made to the AI, specifically the ground stuff, has been very well done as they now on their own accord bypass damaged or destroyed vehicles/tanks regardless of whether they are a member of an Activated group or individuals. * The ju52 paras were doing what I wanted. Again you added logic which, when I observed it, did not change anything in their behavior. What is the advantage to your method over my simpler method in this instance? See above... * Why is an 'Event Message separate and waypoints to Land used for the ju87's and the Ju-52 paras to finish their route? Again was that to assist them in proper bombing/para dropping behavior? The first egress "RTBWP1" must not be target linked by anything in a Bombing/Attack/Drop/CAP/Escort you name it scenario until You have decided that scenario is finished using an On Event, Force Complete, Attack Areas timer or a number of other things at our disposal. This is one of the reasons why your bombing attack didn't work. You noted or Jolly Jack did, that the logic which calls for the RTBWP1 follows prescribed timer settings. This is important for folks getting into the ME. You must dictate the order in which CMDs are fired off for your AI routines to function correctly period. If you have 2 or more CMDs going off at the same time for the same Group or Object it's a crap shoot. * Is there a reason why you ordered the planes in the positions to did? Again my 'V' positioning seemed to work fine in getting them into formation. So there was no chance of them running into each other due to the variances within the games netcode software. * Finally, you said, "...I don't like using a Attack Area Command for this mission. You give them too much leeway to screwup. If you want AI to behave in a reasonable fashion then you must keep them on a very tight leash. An Attack Group Command would better serve you..." I don't see an "Attack Group" MCU in the list. And why do you like it better? Attack CMD has a Attack Group check. Open up everything and explore the MCUs. This will be a key to not only understanding how to manipulate the AI but Why things happen. I mentioned using a group of Fake_Vehicles for the Target Group which were activated before the AI Stuka Group and setup on a specific heading. This is so the Stuka Attack CMD works properly. Hence why you don't start everything all at once. I can't stress enough that the heading of the targeted objects is why the AI make their runs the way they do. They either want to attack from behind or from the front depending upon the AI, target and what CMD is dictating the attack along with altitude, distance to the target etc... Lets say there were no objects just linked entity blocks or a town for that matter. How would you order a Stuka Group to Dive Bomb them/it then bug out and RTB? Setting up a group of Fake_Vehicles is the answer. If their heading is pointing roughly toward the incoming Stukas then they behave as the New Breach scenario. Roll over make their dives and after the "On Event" or other method to complete the CMD look for the next MCU which is the RTBWP1 right in front of their faces and at a simular altitude. All A/C have predisposed routines. In the case of the Stukas if you have properly set up the scenario they will follow that routine. Its up to you to learn those routines and control them. Smaller A/C, Vehicle groups have less problems. Tight leash. Y'all have already discussed in this topic how different loads on the Stukas make them preform different routines. Use that to your advantage and don't forget that the Force Complete CMD with Drop Ordinance checked takes alot of guess work out of the equation. I thinks that enough from me for now. Good Luck with your Mission Designing, Tip
  4. Okay I read the post through and y'all are all over the place with this... That you are discussing how the AI perform differently using different CMDs is important. Didn't realize this was a Dogfight Mission until I downloaded it. And yes there are structural things within logic that need to be taken into account because of this. You didn't ask but here is your Breach mission Beebop with the following corrections and suggestions from my experience. The Breach New.zip First you are attempting to have your Ju-87 and Ju-52 Flights as started but linked together as a group. These now are activated (note logic within new mission) and then targeted to their respective leaders and behave properly. *Stukas form up in V Formation then roll over and dive on the Artillery positions then continue to 1st RTB Waypoint which is now triggered by On Bingo Bombs Event from Leader. This RTB Waypoint is now in line with the Group coming out of its dive and at a much lower altitude. The 2 wingmen still are a bit rambunctious coming out of the dive but you could play with the distance and altitude if you'd like for the RTB Waypoint. They then Re-gain Formation and head to the house. *The Attack Area MCU radius needed to encompass just the position you want attacked. It was way too large and encompassed all sorts of VVS Linked Entities. -I don't like using a Attack Area Command for this mission. You give them too much leeway to screwup. If you want AI to behave in a reasonable fashion then you must keep them on a very tight leash. An Attack Group Command would better serve you as all you want from them is to drop in the middle of the position and bug out. Set up and activate a couple Fake_Vehicles as the target with their heading the same as the Artillery guns. Yes, vehicle heading direction does affect Stuka and other attack aircraft Dive Bombing and attack runs. Make sure they are activated before the Stukas are. *Added a Waypoint after Ju-52 Paradrop so they can keep formation on the egress turn better. -You had the speeds of the Ju-52s as 100/kph. Speeds have been set to 225/kph. You would be better served as a Mission Designer to fly along side the AI at times to understand their limitations. Their Land CMD was not object linked to the Ju-52 Ldr. That needs to be done. Didn't check on the Stuka Land CMD but it too should be linked to the Ju-87 Ldr. Just a note... You also had a huge convoy with 16 vehicles started and just linked together. Basically 7 to 8 is the limit if you wish them to behave. Additionally you have several different kinds all supposed to be running at 55/kph up a large hill right after a bridge crossing. On first run they cracked up so I removed 8 IIRC and they have now been reset to be activated and the speed has been reduced. Didn't look at anything else within the mission. Keep pugging away and Good Luck with your Mission Designing, Tip
  5. Glad you are having a good time with it. Enjoyed making and certainly flying that one myself. Agreed, the RRR takes it to a different level and has allowed me the freedom to keep expanding the objectives dynamically within a SP environment. So it was fun to make. Random things happen basically by setting the % that MCU Timers fire off. As far as how you set up the complete random works and specifically the base attack within this mission that'd be a tall order as the attack itself requires a few layers of logic playing off each other to function correctly which starts with the random works calling for that scenario. Appreciate the comment. Tip
  6. Hey Von_Drinkoften. Glad you got your brother involved with BoX. I can't speak for the "Fight of Kuban Day" missions that are within your games Cooperative folder as I don't know how they were created or put up for download. These downloads included a Readme which specifies which 8 files need to go directly into your games Cooperative Folder. It would appear that perhaps you extracted all 9 files for each of the Missions which would create a Tips CoOPsBoPB1 Folder by default or you extracted the entire Mission folder directly into your games Cooperative Folder. From the Readme included with the Tips CoOP downloads... To Install for Cooperative Play: A) Extract the enclosed MSNBIN, LIST and the 6 Language Files to your Servers C:\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\Multiplayer\Cooperative folder or wherever/however you have your pc set up to play BoS MP Missions. Try opening up the Tips Folders within your Cooperative folder. Then copy or cut and paste those 8 files as mentioned in the Readme from within the Tips folders directly into your Cooperative Folder. See if that solves the problem. As no one else seems to be having these issues I would be at a loss as why your getting a File Transfer error. Tip Edit.. Oh okay I see you can host and play but those joining are having the transfer issue. The Mission files are large which is why I suggest only using the .MSNBIN File for Online play. Additionally this may also be due to the .LIST file not recognizing that the missions files are not directly within you or your brothers games Cooperative Folder as they were created. Tip
  7. Currently All Dogfight, Teamplay and CoOP Missions are compatible with v.4.003. What's new? *Kerch Random and Stalingrad Random Teamplay Missions now have Rearm/Fuel Options available. Download the latest versions in OP and allow overwrite. What's on Deck? *Rhineland Map Teamplay Missions with CoOPs, Dogfight Missions in the hole. *Reminder that all DF and Teamplay Missions available for download here must be played out of an independent Dserver. Checkzones, other logic within mission will not work using your personal games Create Dogfight Server. Links for all Packs are on Page one in the Original Post.
  8. MCU Force Complete High object linked to the leader with Emergency Ordinance Drop Checked gets you there... Happy New Year, Tip
  9. Copy that and thank you... I'll take a look at these and thinking perhaps to integrate a portion of the online content here with the new Rhineland Map. However it's Christmas and we are expecting a full house over starting tomorrow so look for new content and additions in the New Year. Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year Everyone!
  10. Okay I see you have been doing some work with resaving missions after game updates. That was one question I had with this software. Does this program automatically inform those who have it installed that a resave is required? While this has been addressed in your posting above I had a question with new or updated content for those Mission Designers who may not wish to have the program installed? Suppose the mission creator adds new content or is required to change objects within the mission due to an update in order for the mission to work and posts this on the BoX Forum along with the new version. Could this program be directed to redownload the new version automatically for folks using the program? Tip
  11. Looks like an interesting program there Zeev. I have some questions which I will ask on the topic thanks...
  12. Terrain presets, Landscape info, GUI Map and Seasons all set the Map along with the terrain altitude. Winter as opposed to Summer, Spring and Fall Maps apparently has a different altitude due to the procedure in which you create your mission using these settings. At times The Landscape info setting needs to be reset. At other times the Season Prefix "su" or "wi" defaults to the wrong prefix. As BlackSix just posted Set Summer in everything but a Winter Map lest problems may occur. Here is a discussion about it. Good Luck with your Mission Designing and Merry Christmas, Tip
  13. Get with whomever is making the missions for the Aussie server you frequent and ask them to install more random ambush Check Zones that become activated during low player count around the general ingress and egress routes of the objectives. For Career mode. That is entirely up to the way that the Devs have programmed their logic according to plane, nationality, circumstance and mission generation.
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