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  1. Yep both Pe-2 and A-20 sorties were intense... Unfortunately I forgot to record the Pe-2 sortie. Good times. ================================================= Okay no mission for the next 2 weeks as I have family coming in to visit. I'll try and get the AAR report up later today or tomorrow along with some more screenies. Tip
  2. Good Stuff all. One of the things I enjoy most with FNBF is meeting everyone around the world and being able to fly with and against them. Here after 4 years we in [DBS], chicky, El_Marta and myself, finally team up on an attack sortie with our usual fighter escorts and/or foes, NN_Razor and 307_Banzai... Although I don't believe Banzai will be having me as an wingman anytime soon. Just about mission end time I venture out to bounce the 262s bent on avenging earlier thrashing by said aircraft... Here I got the jump on Memphis, who does his best John Lennon impression, and Asgar, who adroitly not only evades my under and over shoots, but sends me into the trees... Doh...
  3. As in as per requested... Looks like we need a couple more Allied folks. See ya's later Tip
  4. Done... All right and welcome to FNBF I will add you to an Axis Conversation which has the Briefing Download. Look forward to flying with you. Tip
  5. Hmmm... Well that sucks. Updated and the star gets stage fright. Let me take a look. Thanks for the heads up zob. =================================== Okay that should do it. Corrected version up. Tip
  6. Don't forget to Update and a Hotfix came out this morning. Tip
  7. Mission "Checkerboard!" targeting sent out via PM to those who have signed up on this Forum. Forward to those you have signed up. If you signed up and didn't get Give a Holl'er. ====================================== Still several Axis slots available folks... See ya's, Tip
  8. Congrats Blues... The Cup is finally yours, and fairly won...
  9. Pots right. ============================ Axis has 6 open slots for 110Gs and 4 open for fighters. VVS just about filled up... Look forward to flying with everyone, Tip
  10. Hey =VARP= folks you should join up for FNBF this Friday Night Here... Battlefields Checkerboard Signups or on the IL2 FNBF Topic here in the Events Section. This has been running since 2015 and is the closest thing to the old SEOW this sim has available. Looking forward to flying with ya's again. Tip
  11. All in as per request... ========================================= Slots open for both sides Folks. Tip
  12. Friday Night Bomber Flights June 14th @ 19:00 UTC.: Operation Checkerboard!" Mission Time: 10:18-13:00 Conditions: Moderate Clouds. Wind steady from the North-Northeast. Situation: Nov 1944... Rough conditions while ground attack aircraft used cover to pound positions and assets. ***Please note Time Change to 19:00 UTC. **Patrol areas may be shown on Map. Additional targeting to be sent via PM. Full FNBF ROE will apply. *Battlefields UK_1 Server Settings for Friday Night Bomber Flights will be Full CEM, No Icon, No Navigational aides. *TS will be the Official BoS server ( password bos2014; in one of the MP Channels. *Note IP Change to BoS TS. =Backup TS Address will be: ts3.riseofflight.net:7777 - Password: 1917 Axis Me262-2A (5) 1) Asgar 2) Memphis 3) Jizzo 4) SCG_Sinerox 5) SCG_ Bf110G-2 (5) 1) SCG_BOO 2) SCG_Kuppis 3) SCG_Sohn 4) SCG_Doughboy 5) SCG_ Fw190D-9 (4) 1) JG5_Schuck 2) steihn0ff 3) SCG_Faerber 4) SCG_Erwin Bf190G-6 (6) 1) II/JG11_Terzerole 2) II/JG11_Puma 3) 3./JG15_Schnnaufer 4) 3./JG15_Eich 5) 3./JG15_Geist  6) H_Steinbaur_VR Bf190G-14 (2) 1) SCG_Riksen 2) SCG_ Allied IL2-43 (3) 1) 216th_Cathaoir 2) Red_Cat 3) 216th_Pod Pe-2 s.87/A-20B (8) 1) [DBS]Tx_Tip 2) [DBS]MDS1 3) 307_Banzai 4) 307_Tomcat 5) [DBS]EL_Marta 6) [DBS]chicky 7) NN_Razor 8) [DBS]Browning P-47D-28 (2) 1) Bladebender 2) 56RAF_Stickz Spitfire IXe (6) 1) 1.JaVA_Biggles 2) 1.JaVA_CaptChangeless 3) 1.JaVA_Reddevil 4) [DBS] 5) 6) P-47/Yak1-B/La-5FN (4) 1) P-47 1.JAVA_Jumper 2) P-47 1.JaVA_ZeRedBarron 3) P-47 1.JaVA_Keben or HorseflyBoJack 4) [DBS]T}{OR **Full Mission Planeset to be Determined after Latest Update including the Me262 Ground Attack version: Signup Here... Look forward to flying with you. Tip
  13. Dogfight, Teamplay Missions now compatible with v.3014. What's new? *Kerch Random and Stalingrad Random Teamplay Missions now incorporate the Me262A *SC1 and SC2 Dogfight/Teamplay Missions now incorporate all BoX WWII Aircraft *Reminder that all DF and Teamplay Missions available for download here must be played out of an independent Dserver. Checkzones, other logic within mission will not work using your personal games Create Dogfight Server. CoOPs good to go. Links for all Packs are on Page one in the Original Post. Tip
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