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  1. Played it again yesterday for the fist time since mid october, basically just to test the B-Wing and TIE Defender. They don't really change the game too much, even though both have unique abilities. The B-Wing is pretty much a more heavily armed and less maneuverable Y-Wing and the TIE Defender feels a bit like the X-Wing does. Overall they fit quite well into the game. Quality wise, they look about as good as the other craft (maybe the cockpit of the B-Wing is a bit less detailed than on the other craft, but that might just be my first impression). I was pleasantly surprised that they didn't
  2. Too much to do at work, so i barely have any time for modelling these months. But i basically finished spray painting the Falcon. Rest will be done by decals, brush painting and weathering afterwards. I doubt i'll be able to finish it this year though.
  3. Albatros D.III Of the BoX planes, it's a tie between Fw 190 D-9 and P-51 right now. They just feel right to me.
  4. AI view has always been restricted. Iirc, even RoF has that. That's actually part of the problem with AI behaviour. They can't remember that you're there, they only know that you're there, when they can see you. So if they lose sight of you, they show erratic behaviour and they are practically forced to only turn fight. If they would try to use energy advantage (ie they are above you), they simply can't see you and attack properly. They can't bounce and climb away from you, because in most planes they would just lose sight of you, as you would be hidden by their fuselage.
  5. I just primed this piece of junk yesterday. Will then probably start painting next week or so.
  6. That P-47 and 190 look perfect hetstaine. I love the shading and dust or dirt accumulated in the panel lines. I only have very limited time nowadays to use my spray booth, so i just gave the AT-AT its base coat. Looks brighter on the photos than in real life, but i want to achieve that brighter look, so i'll give it thin layer of white later on. And then it will just need plenty of detail painting by brush and weathering.
  7. That looks fantastic Feathered. So much depth and detail on such a tiny model. I'm slowly wrapping up my Bandai kits. TIE-Advanced is done. Only used some dry brushing and very careful enamel wash (because of my previous issue with cracks on the Snowspeeder and horror stories i found online about imploding TIE-Fighters caused by enamel thinners). I guess it would look wrong if that fighter would be too heavily weathered anyway. TIE-Interceptor, B-Wing and Slave I basically just need a few decals and weathering. Will probably have them all done by the end o
  8. I agree, i own most kits of the original trilogy by now (have two more kits incoming) and would recommend every single one of them. Fantastic detail and smart construction. Even the more expensive kits are well worth the money imo. I still need to finish the X-Wing. I stripped the paint off twice already, because i wasn't happy with the paint job. Would've been easier to just buy another kit, but i think now it looks OK so far. I would like to see your result though. My AT-AT is fully primed and waiting for painting. I'll probably finish it before its little broth
  9. That's a perfect looking model STN. Love the red color. I ran out of clear coat to finish my previous models and my order takes forever to process, so i wanted to start painting one of the new models in the meantime and basically flipped a coin between the Slave I and AT-AT. Pretty happy with the chipping (even though it's a bit heavier than on the studio model). I think i'll use a sand yellow dust layer to tone down the vibrance of the colors and brighten up the black a bit. It will of course see tome more weathering with enamel washes and oil colors later on.
  10. Some B-Wing progress. Not as much as i hoped i could do this weekend. Only painted cockpit, pilot figure, engines, weapons and some other details. Happy with the cockpit and engines, not too happy with the pilot face and the chipping on the orange markings, but i think it's the best i can do. Also repainted some parts in a darker grey, that still needs some shading. Also still needs decals, washes and oil paints. Also repainted the TIEs and primed the Slave I + AT-AT. I'm kind of tempted to focus on the AT-AT next though.
  11. Hehe, the only reason why i haven't bought the Falcon yet, is that Bandai only has the new trilogy Falcon models in 1/144. They also offer a classic 1/72 model, but that's too big, crazy expensive and would just be wasted on me, because it's more of an expert level model. But i might have to order the Episode 9 model eventually, because it's the one that looks close enough to the classic Falcon. But first i'll really needed to finish the other models.
  12. Thanks guys. I was a bit bored today and just wanted to take a quick look at the Slave I kit... Really wasn't planning to build it yet, but couldn't help myself. Atleast i can prime it together with the AT-AT and save some time. This one will be a bit more challenging to paint though. But another nice Bandai kit. Construction was pretty easy and i like that nice big clear canopy glass. i only managed to break one part on one of the wing, but that was completely my fault and it's not really visible. Now i only need to resist buying a Fa
  13. Added the Bandai AT-AT to the group of kits i'm currently working on. Fantastic kit. Very nicely detailed (like basically all Bandais) and absolutely everything that should be movable, is movable. The base plate is a bit small, but i guess it should be easy to make a custom base plate or just use no base plate at all. Painting should be fun though. And it should be perfectly suited for all sorts of weathering techniques. Really looking forward to that. Also got the Slave One, but have not started working on it yet. Remaining TIEs also got their first base co
  14. Could be the reason for MP, but there are usually more good AI crafts in the SP campaign. So atleast for SP, i don't think it would be too taxing. But i think the real reason why they differentiate between those very different AI levels, is their strict 5vs5 "elite" squadron idea. They want to focus on the 5vs5 experience and they dumb down the other AI so that not all AI crafts have the same good AI. The additonal AI is not supposed to have a real impact on the mission outcome. Also btw, there's another TIE-Fighter variant being used by one of the characters in
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