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  1. It's supposed to be released with 6 maps. I just can't see how this will be successful online. 2 game modes, 6 maps, 8 crafts (basically 4 mirrored, atleast their stats don't really differ much), 10 players. I'm still a bit hopeful for the single player campaign, but also worried that those same 6 maps will be used in SP as well. But as long as it's a ~7-8 hours campaign, i might still buy it before it is on sale. I'll just wait for the reviews.
  2. Did some painting on the Leopard today. I chose light grey primer instead of the usual dark-grey primer, which was stupid. I had to use way more green color as base coat to hide the primer and also couldn't do any shading yet. I also couldn't keep up with the source photos for the camouflage scheme (way too much looking back and forth between model and photo), so i decided to just to get close enough to the original camouflage scheme and either keep it that way or fix it later (probably with brush). The brown on the front of the turret is definately wrong, but i was still using the completely incorrect paint scheme from the manual at that point. Will have to fix that atleast. I'm also not too happy with the green color tone (should probably be a little bit more yellow), but i think i'll use a dust layer to simulate dust and sand and that should help. And all colors will look a bit darker after washes and clear coats.
  3. I decided to take a break from Star Wars models (or painting, because they all all build) for now and started working on a new project. Leopard 2 A-6 in 1/35 from Border Model. It includes parts for two A-6 and also the A-5 variant. Torsion bar suspension works and is movable, as are the wheels, tracks, barrel and commander periscope. All main hatches can be left open or closed, but there are no crew models included, so i just kept them close. Overall very nice detail and fit is very good. I did not need to do any filling and sanding. I think the primer will take care of the few small gaps that exist on the model (mostly on the hull, basically not visible). But it was quite a challenge to build for me, because i had no experience with models with individual track links and PE parts. I only managed to finish one track for now and that took me around 2 hours (each track as around 250 parts), but i think the second one will be a bit easier. I also still need to add all clear parts (will paint them first). But apart from that, it's almost finished. The manual is a joke. The kit already includes a single page with corrections of the original manual, but even some of the corrections are incomplete and some steps are really badly illustrated and confusing. Painting the camouflage with the air brush will be interesting.
  4. Small B-Wing update. Only added the first paint coats to see how it looks. I think the blue needs to look more greyish, but apart from that, it looks OK i think. Of course still lots of stuff that needs to be painted (cockpit, pilot, weapons, engines etc.). Also noticed some areas that need filling. Will need to do all that after my holiday.
  5. Only really true for Scandinavia, Switzerland and maybe the Baltics. It's usually +1 (at best) in Europe.
  6. OK, i tried Madeira yesterday and i believe that was one of those "Star" airports. Will try some of the bigger airports next.
  7. Spawned in a A320 on Madeira yesterday for a quick take off, circled around the island and then landed again (manually with keyboard, which was a bit bumpy). Feels great and looks pretty sweet. Also interesting that you can adjust your fuel load mid flight. Makes for some fun experiments (engine restart mid-air etc.). A bit of a shame that some instruments don't work, for instance, the gear indicator seems to be inoperable for some reason. I also wished ATC would be a little bit more complex. You can basically only ask for heading to the airport or landing clearance and that seems to be it. Still, loading times are a chore for me. First you boot up, then after a while you have to click any button so that it then actually starts loading the main menu (why it doesn't just go to the main menu automatically is beyond me) and then if you want to spawn in a densly populated area, it's another long wait. Really takes me 10 minutes from booting until i'm sitting in a cockpit.
  8. Gave it a short try today. Graphics, weather and scenery is very nice. Flightmodel seems to be good too (only tested some of the propeller planes). But what kills it for me, are the atrocious loading times (probably takes 3-4 minutes until main menu and then another 5 minutes to load a flight) as well as the terrible performance i'm getting, which makes it almost unplayable for me. But it seems like i'm the only one experiencing this, so it must be on my end. Graphics setting are on medium, with some set even lower (supersambling off, AA set to FXAA..). I only bought the Xbox pass for 1 € to test it a bit. Not sure if i'll spend time messing around with it to get it running properly. But i'm happy i didn't buy it.
  9. As long as it featured the strategic aspect of the original (planning attacks, distributing replacements, research etc.), i would definately be interested in a remake. 1942 Pacific Air War also had a mode where you had to manage your own fleet or air bases. That's what i miss from flight sims, some immersion and strategic planning between or during the actual flying. It just feels too static and lifeless now.
  10. I started download shortly after midnight, after spending a good amount of time trying to figure out how to change the download location, so that it would hopefully be finished in the morning. Was very happy when i checked morning. It somehow got stuck at around 3 GB and didn't continue. Only 94 GB left to download today. The Xbox app is a bit of a mess. Also fantastic idea to call the app "Xbox" app, i had no idea it was meant for PC or that you would need it for FS.
  11. Finally finished the Y-Wing (except for the base). I'm overall happy with the result. There's gap on the front of the canopy which i didn't notice before and now it's a bit too late to fix that, but it's not a big issue. I spent some time priming the remaining models yesterday, i think this one will be the next one for me. Another very nicely detailed model, but it's just way less complex than the Y-Wing, because it's a very simple construction. But i've also been thinking about remaking a small diorama which i made when i was a kid, featuring a Leopard 2 and T-80. So maybe i'll do that before finishing all the remaining Star Wars models i still have left to do.
  12. I get the shakes just by looking at that. That is tiny. I use Tamiya spray coats. Gloss clear TS-13 before applying decals and washing or other weathering and then Flat clear TS-80 as final coat. Works perfectly fine for me. Just make sure to not start spraying right on top of the model (to avoid thick splats of coat hitting the model) and move the can swiftly over the model to create thin layers. I use a distance of ca. 20 cm between can and model. They are dry to the touch after 10-15 minutes or so, but i would probably wait a bit longer just to make sure they are completely dry. They also offer satin finish i think, but i'm not using that (yet).
  13. Thanks alot guys, i appreciate it. Some more progress on the Y-Wing. Just losely assembled, it's basically just a test how the different colors work. I put a white mist coat on the white-grey parts to make them a bit brighter becaused they were a bit too dark. That also toned down the chipping, but i think it's still OK. I also repainted the yellow parts, i wanted a slighty darker and more golden-orange color. I think the canopy needs some blue. So i guess i have to remask again. Will also need to apply some chipping to everything except for the white parts.. The struts on the engines need more white-grey and i'm not sure about the grey of the rear fuselage. And the actual engine exhausts are not painted yet, i'm still checking some references for that.
  14. After fixing the cracks on the Snowspeeder and finishing the base (used some glass dust to simulate the snow), i somehow managed to lose the clear glass part of the canopy. Maybe it will turn up again or i'll order some acrylic glass panels. I also plan to replace the black stands of all models, while keeping the base plates. Not sure if that will work. I fixed the slightly bend left cannon after taking the photos.
  15. Some Y-Wing progress. Pretty happy with the chipping this time. Rear fuselage will get a brighter coat. Didn't do much to the cockpit, only painted some instruments and applied generous dry brushing. It will be almost hidden anyway. Next main tasks are painting the pilot (not sure which one i'll use) and masking and painting the canopy. Except for the yellow which is from Vallejo, i only used my new Gunze colors. They are a dream to spray with 50-70% leveling thinner. But it's a nightmare to clean the airbrush afterwards. But i ordered a couple more Gunze colors and coincidentaly, the shop which sells those just had the B-Wing on sale... But then i'll atleast have the entire bunch of the fighters of the original trilogy. Thanks, i couldn't really find those washes anywhere though. I think i'll probably just use the enamel washes very carefully and only do pin washes with those. Then i'll create other washes from my acrylic colors and will use that for bigger areas.
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