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  1. I wouldn't buy any post-WW2 expansion.
  2. Some weird designs. Variant 2 is basically a throttle quadrant in itself and i guess i misunderstood this, because i thought that you would need one of T-50 throttles to attach these to. I basically just need 4 axis levers next to each and bunch of latched and momentary switches at the bottom and i would buy one of these. And i definately don't want those LED indicators. In the end i voted for variant 8.
  3. Would probably be easier to get rid of times for combat power (with the constant swtiching between WEP/CP on the German BoBP planes and 60 minutes of the British planes, they are kind of unnecessary anyway). Then keep the WEP timers, but have them connected to oil pressure. Say after 5 minutes of WEP on the P-51, oil pressure drops to critical low level, so you have to switch back to continous or combat power and wait for oil pressure to rise again (should probably rise faster with lower power setting). Would atleast make it possible (or even necessary) to fly by instruments and would get rid of the need for technochat and all the confusion with WEP cutting into combat power time limt (which just shouldn't happen anyway) and different types of recoveries etc. That's a known bug. Will hopefully be fixed soon.
  4. Matt

    Spit 25Lbs

    Yes i see now that this JL165 test seems to show a surprisingly low performance compared to other 25lb test and even 18lb tests. Not sure why that test was brought up here in the first place, when you can find 18lb tests with similar performance. I guess it was only meant to claim that sea level climb rate is too high, which i still consider to be impossible to test and compare accurately anyway. Overall climb rate seems to fine.
  5. I knew it would be a waste of time, but was curious to check it anyway. The difference in flaps angle between 50% and 100% is a near exact 20°, so everything is correct. It's just pretty hard to put the markings on the skin exactly perfect. Even with high resolution.
  6. Matt

    Spit 25Lbs

    Fwiw, did another quick test. If i use this as reference and assume this is for 170 mph CAS (i've not actually checked, but that number has been posted here), open radiator flaps and gear switch at 6000 ft. I get this (took the times from the graph, so some times might be off by a bit, but atleast the total time is clearly 9 minutes for 30000 ft). So it does climb a bit too fast, with radiator flaps open, compared to that source. I'm always having trouble getting a good, reliable and reproducable climb rate at sea level (and considering the source gives peak climb rate for less than 1000 ft climb i wouldn't bother comparing it) but even when i disregard climb time at low altitude (biggest room of error), it's still too fast. Especially because when engaging second gear, the climb rate jumps to roughly 5000 ft/min. I think performance in second gear is the real issue. Not the climb rate for a couple of seconds at sea-level. Edit: But it seems like this test report is from a poorly running Spitfire with 25lb, since it's possible to find tests with similar performance on 18lb and better performance (very close to the current ingame performance) with 25lb. Track. Spitfire 25lb climb.zip
  7. I prefer the P-51, which is my favorite plane of BoBP (together with the D-9). It just feels very nimble, even though it's a worse performer overall (low to mid-altitude speed and climb rate atleast). The P-51 is also slightly harder to hit and i really don't like the cockpit layout and instruments of the Tempest. Also having a g-suit helps and i love the gunport whistle sound of the P-51. The armament of the Tempest is fantastic (best overall imho), but i never have real trouble shooting down planes with the 50 cal either. I also prefer the P-38 to the Tempest. The P-38 is just a lot of fun to fly around with, both when fighting planes or when doing ground attacks and it's probably the plane that positively surprised me the most, because i never liked to fly it in '46. The Tempest feels a bit bland to fly compared to the US planes and it's probably my least favorite Allied plane of BoBP right now. But that's purely because i just enjoy flying the other planes more, not because i think they are better planes (which they are not).
  8. Bombs were used, rockets were not used. We have bombs, we don't have rockets. Why is that inconsistent?
  9. No, it will refuel until all fuel tanks are full. Doesn't matter which fuel load you choose orginally. So you have to look at the fuel gauges, if you don't want to use technochat (but it could be that some gauges don't work with engine off, can't remember right now).
  10. I had 8 GB until a couple of weeks back and i noticed during beta that that was no longer enough and upgrade to 16 GB. Especially on the Rhineland map (which i've obviously spend the most time on during testing) and if you use the "distant buildings" setting, 8 GB will be maxed and you'll notice stuttering. But you should probably monitor your RAM usage while running BoX and then see if lowering graphic settings helps staying under maxed out RAM usage. But if you afford it, i would recommend to upgrade to 16 GB.
  11. It's definitely working in SP and i wouldn't call the difference subtle. Same 16 planes at 10 km distance in these screenshots, one time with "realistic" mode and one time with alternate mode.
  12. That's good to know, will try to figure out how that works then. They still haven't updated their manual for like 8 months now.
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