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  1. That should only happen if your throttle was moved too quickly from 0% to 15% (idle). When it reaches 2k, you have to sloooooowly move the throttle lever forward to idle position (15%). then let go of the ignition button. After that you can again slowly increase throttle until reaching 6000 RPM,. When you reach that, you can throttle up more quickly.
  2. Just for clarification, throttle must be at cut off position (0%), not idle (which would be 15%). Restarting should work fine with throttle at 0% and when below 4000 meters and while flying around 300 kph. Then slowly increase throttle to idle (15%), then stop injecting. Temperatures might still be a bit high at first, but the engines shouldn't start burning.
  3. Extract this into your "..\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\LuaScripts\snapviews\" folder. fw190a8.zip
  4. No they don't. Both the Bf 110 G-2 and the Hs 129 have one circuit breaker for all guns. In the Bf 110 G-2 you cannot use both 37mm and 20mm cannons, so i don't see where the problem is. You have two groups, one for the MG 17 and one for the BK 37. Just how it should be. For the Hs 129 the MK 101/103 should be on one group and the MG 151 + MG 17 on the other. It was also not possible to fire the MG 17 separately from the MG 151 when the MK 101/103 was installed. Not sure why that has not been implemented yet. Currently the MG 17 fire together with the MK and that just makes no sense. It's the main reason why i don't fly the plane.
  5. Not sure what balancing has to do with it. But as far as balancing is concerned (which doesn't interest me much), if they keep using the time limits mentioned in the pilot handbooks, the BoBP planeset will be one of the most imbalanced WW2 planesets imaginable. I'm also not talking about modifiers being to my liking. I would get rid of the time limits in a heart beat if i had the chance (custom difficulty setting). I'm only saying that using the P-40 as an excuse for keeping the current solution in place doesn't make much sense, because even if a well performing P-40 would cause problems (which i don't agree with), this could be countered by player selectable modifiers (feel free to use whatever you like, MP server admins could also use whatever they like) or just treating the 70"hg as a non-official power setting (same as manually increasing RPM on Bf 109 or Fw 190 over official settings for instance).
  6. It would be one of the fastest plane in level flight from sea-level up to a merely 1500 meters altitude. Above that, it would be just as bad (relative to the oppositon) as it is now. The higher you go, the worse it would become relative to the oppositon than it is now. At 6000 meters for instance, it would be almost 100 kph slower than the Bf 109 F-4. Climb rate would still not be spectacular and it overheats heavily in turn fights when running full power. Of course fuel consumption is pretty hefty as well, so you would need to carry relatively more fuel than you would carry now, if you would plan to use full power all the time. Besides that, all out 70"hg is not an officially allowed power setting anyway, so they could still treat this differently and make this not unlimited as simlar "official" power setting (say 52"hg for the P-40 or similar). Running 70"hg could just be treated same way as running the engine at a too high temperature, it could still cause damage after some time. But if the P-40 is the reason why engine time limits must stay in place, then add a multiplier option for the current time limits. Something like 4x the current time limits would prevent the P-40 running full power all the time and at the same time get rid of the too restricted time limits for all other planes.
  7. Maybe make the oil pressure drop substantially or whatever. For engines that can currently recover the engine time limits, the oil pressure could rise again to normal levels. In any case, i would prefer hints from the instrument panel to audio hints or audio hints to onscreen HUD messages. Not arguing realism.
  8. Matt

    Me 262 MK108

    It actually mentions in that document, that during the time that document was issued, all guns were grouped on button A.
  9. I'm willing to order one book and could scan it in, would only need to know if that's still necessary and which book is still missing or which would be the most helpful. Just talking about the books avaliable in Germany.
  10. That's up to 4 extra commands which you have to put on your throttle controller if you don't want to use the keyboard. Completely unnecessary for no reason whatsover. Separate bindings for each individual airplane would make things easier not harder (see RoF for instance).
  11. Even if you're in a squad and fly together (hard enough to setup with limited free time), pretty good chance that 90% of the other people on the server are lone wolfing around. So you fly around with 4 or so guys to kill off the random single knights of the sky or suicidal level bomber pilots at tree top. Just not much fun and that's what killed my interest in MP years ago. Maybe it's different today, but when i look at the MP videos in the video section, that still seems to be the case and people seem to enjoy exactly that, so maybe it's just a personal matter of taste. Coops would be more interesting for me, but there just seems to be a severe lack of interest in coops (i don't regularly check the server list, but every time i did check it, those servers were completely empty). But i might give MP a chance again in the coming weeks to see if things have changed.
  12. F12 activates the free external camera. So you should either unbind F12 in BoX or use a different key to reset TrackIR.
  13. That must've been for the early 190 with KG14. We don't have that in any of our 190, so that doesn't apply. All guns on the trigger is correct for the D-9.
  14. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3562659&postcount=10 Might want to ask Vyrtuoz first, if the AOA results in Tacview can be considered accurate for BoX in any situation.
  15. Could be that you selected both engines manually (1 and 2 buttons on the keyboard). Atleast i'm assuming you did that, because the throttle shows slightly different % for each engine. If you do that, the inlet cowl shutter command does not work. It's mandatory to use the "select all engines" command (default 0 button on the keyboard). Only then you can control the inlet cowl shutters. Unfortunately it's supposed to work that way.
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