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  1. Matt

    Thread to gather your suggestions

    Type of improvement: Controls.Explanation of proposals: Separate key assigments to feather propellers Benefits: Right now, if you want to feather a propeller, you need to select that engine only, then feather the propeller and then unselect the engine and select the engine that's still running. It would be way more convenient to have seperate controls so you can easily feather a propeller by pushing one button. It's less complicated and you would no longer run the risk of feathering the wrong propeller (or both propellers) by mistake and you wouldn't need to switch back and forth between engines.
  2. I'm not aware of any times limits for the Fw 190 D-9 or Me 262. Some Jumo manual states 30 minutes for combat power, but i'm not sure if that would apply to the Jumo in the Fw 190 D-9 we're getting. P-51 should have 5 minutes WEP and 15 minutes combat power. Couldn't find anything for the P-38, atleast the manuals which i could find do not specify time limits. However, i did not spend a lot of time on that. So based on what i could find so far and if the devs go by operating manuals (which the devs are not doing, even though some people here assume that and seem to enjoy it) : Fw 190 D-9: WEP until MW50 runs out, possibly 30 minutes combat power. Me 262: Full power until fuel runs out. P-51: 5 minutes/15 minutes (neither recoverable, if we go by operating manuals). P-38: WEP until fuel runs out. Again, this is all what i could find for now, so it's probably not correct. And i'm assuming none of this will actually happen (except perhaps for the Me 262) like this.
  3. Matt

    Which DM do you like more - before 3.008 or after?

    If 30mm is only 2.5 times as powerful as 20mm that would explain things. Because it should be almost 4 times more powerful. If by more powerful, the weight of the HE charge is meant (which i'm assuming it is).
  4. Matt

    Which DM do you like more - before 3.008 or after?

    Damage by AP is better now, damage by HE needs to be stronger overall, especially blast damage. So i don't vote for either. Also incendiary rounds need to be added.
  5. Thank you very much Gruber. I just didn't know that you can double click on the buttons in this white field and change the assignments, modes, shifts and delays that way. I was looking in the other menues to change this and just couldn't find anything. Now it's obviously very easy to adjust this.
  6. Yes, that's basically what i would like to do. Have the mode selector modify the switches on the panel. I just can't figure anything out with the software (and i was comfortably using the Target script editor, which probably says alot about the current state of the Virpil software...). Also to add a con for the throttle: When both throttle levers are connected, the connection is not tight enough to prevent wobble. So you can move the left lever a bit without moving the right never and vice versa. Not by a lot, maybe 1-2 mm or so, but it's enough to annoy me a bit. It doesn't effect the ingame axis though, because when you connect the throttles, only one physical axis is being registered for both axes you bound ingame (pretty smart feature). So it's only a tactile issue.
  7. Any chance you can use this template as a base for the G-series 109? I know there are already templates around for those planes, but i would just prefer to have them all from the same person, because it just gives a more even look ingame. Not sure if it would be too much work though.
  8. Matt

    Fw190 seating height

    Because the hardware requirements and subsequent performance drop for accurately modelling refraction did not change in the last four years either.
  9. I use the brake lever on my MCG stick and before that i was using a button on the Warthog and Gladiator stick. You just control direction with the rudder pedals. I actually think it's easier than using toe brakes. I had the Crosswinds before, also great. But i wouldn't go back, unless i had some extra space or room to mount the pedals. That's the main advantage of the VKB pedals, they rest in a small drawer of my desk when i don't use them. The Crosswinds (and basically all other pedals besides the VKB) just use up a lot of space when you don't need them.
  10. VKB T-Rudders are great. Very sturdy, precise, don't use up much space and very comfortable to use. The lack of toe brakes is not an issue for me.
  11. The time limits mentioned are for the stated manifold pressure RPM. So if you use a lower RPM and/or manifold pressure but the game still counts it as "emergency power" (or other mode) you can fly for longer until the limit is exceeded. Anyway i have to take back what i wrote earlier this year about random damage. I think adding a randomness would immediately result in a staggering number of topics and "discussions" about their engine failing more often than other engines etc. We already have that in practically all other areas that are not even random. I don't think the devs are happy with the current model, but i guess there's just no time to improve on it for now. With the recent BoBP plane releases things got even worse than before (some people switching between WEP and combat power all the time, while others are jumping between three different power modes and all that until a "xx mode recovered" and similar messages pop up on the screen) and i think it should now practically comes down to adding a setting which deactivates the time limits entirely. If people are so concerned that this has an impact on MP (i still don't see how, because you can already run WEP during air quake and still wouldn't be able to run WEP all the time on more realistic mission durations), then the server admins can decide to keep these limits activated.
  12. Did anybody figure out how you can make use of the mode selector besides changing the buttons B1-B8? The documentation says "coming soon" (how long has the throttle been available now?) and by looking at the software, i don't even know where to start and what does what.
  13. The K-4 doesn not have an ATA drop until reaching 6000 meters (=FTH). The G-14 does, but it's already a known bug. Also not the case on the K-4. It works like that on the G-14 though.
  14. Matt

    P47 mirror issue

    Looks like you moved your head back all the way. The mirrors are set up for default head position in all planes.
  15. Not really. Even with the P-40 on WEP, the Bf 109 F-2 is faster at 2000 meters and the F-4 has equal speed at 1500 meters already. Also the P-40 with WEP overheats easily in a climb or turn fight. And at higher altitude, the "no time-limit" would benefit the German planes way more than the P-40. At 4000 meters, the P-40 can't even reach a high enough manifold pressure for take-off power. Sure, at low level, it would be a monster, but at higher altitude it would be roughly the same or even worse, relative to the opposition. Would make things kind of interesting imo.