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  1. Fantastic news! Take my money. If there will be more WW I add-ons, I'll buy them all
  2. Lots of good news! So glad that the Me-262 of WWI and the Me-262 of WWII are coming to life!
  3. The Dora and the D.VIIF - two of my favorites! Thank you for all your hard work, Jason and team, and best wishes for 2019. Really looking forward to flying above Arras once more!
  4. This sim is becoming better and better! Thanks for all your hard work!
  5. That is excellent news! Time to start saving up money!
  6. I made some initial flights in the SPAD 13 and DR.I and all I can say is: Thank you, Jason and crew, for bringing WWI aircraft to life again! They are gorgeous when flying in VR. I will support FC by buying future content and I sincerely hope that this project will be a success for you.
  7. I understand your concern, and there is indeed not much space between my glasses and the lenses, but I have never experienced that they touched. I never even thought about it until now. I tried it just a few moments ago before posting this reply, and I think that if you are careful when putting the VR on (which I always am anyway), there is no real danger.
  8. I wear glasses too with VR and it is not a problem at all. You may have to spend some time with someone who has VR to see what you need. I use my ‘far vision’ glasses. Perhaps visit a trade show where VR is shown, or go to an oculist for advice. The experience with VR is so mind-blowing that it will be worth it!
  9. Indeed, I will buy FC for VR alone. And the planes are much more important to me than more maps. Even if we only get the FC Edition 1 map, I will want to buy every plane that is released (although obviously we need some water to operate the floatplanes from).
  10. This news is as good as news gets! Jason, I’ll buy FC as soon as you are ready for my money. Even if FC would be ‘only’ as excellent as RoF I would instantly buy it just to support your WWI work, and it is going to be even better!
  11. Developers, thank you so much for your magnificent work! The quality of your planes, and the price/quality ratio, are in my view outstanding. Of course accuracy is not 100%, of course there are bits and pieces that can be improved, and some should be improved. But, at least for me, it is the general feeling of ‘being there’ that is most important, and that feeling is there in abundance. Small imperfections need not distract from the overall experience. That is not just me; in an interview a Luftwaffe pilot was asked whether he had flown the Bf-109 G-10 or K-4 at the end of the war. He could not remember, it did not matter to him even at the time for he just flew that he was given. I made two flights in a P-51 Mustang, and I really did not care that the cockpit was not of WWII standard (I wonder where there was a standard; there may well have been numerous small differences between individual planes). What I want to say, I think, is that I find some comments in this thread too harsh, even if they may be factually correct. So I would like to say to the developers: once more thank you for all your hard work, and don’t let criticism discourage you. I’m sure you have a lot of satisfied and loyal customers and I am looking forward to new updates of BoB. I cannot resist to ask: what is the state of affairs on Flying Circus? There was nothing about it in recent updates, as far as I remember.
  12. Thanks, Bando and Victor. Resetting to default solved nearly all problems. I discovered that the flaps switch on my Warthog suddenly does not accept modifiers like shf en ctl anymore. I don't know why this is so, but I now use v instead of shf f to get the flaps up, and it works. Thanks again, Stickshaker
  13. Since the last update I have problems assigning commands to my Thrustmaster Warthog. Previously assigned commands suddenly do not work anymore (like the lshf f command for flaps up) and after accidentally deleting the camera zoom function of the mouswheel i could not get the mousewheel to work again. Can someone tell me whether something was changed since the past update?
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