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  1. Offline and Multiplayer getting Blocks in rendering and slight screen flashes. System: AMD x6 1075t processor 3.00Ghz 8.00GB RAM Screen Resolution 1920 x 108 (16:9) Windows 7 ~This is after the latest update
  2. Can anyone explain the fuel gauge on the I-16 ? Is the knob to the right of the fuel gauge that cycles slowly in and out pressurize the fuel tank? and why does the needle keep going to zero and then back again? I have my own ideas on the matter but can't find a solid explanation on it. Thanks ~S~
  3. I couldn't agree more Chief, I tell my squadmates that where else can you go to have so much fun like this together. and sure some things might not be what we like but on the flip side of that is they got a lot right also and as long as they have more right than not im too busy having fun at flying sims (since the mid 80s) to complain about it. keep it coming guys :-). OCA_Shader
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