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  1. I want to add a radio beacon in a mission and I can't find any info on the maximum distance they can be used at. Any help appreciated.
  2. The title pretty much asks the question for a multiplayer game. I'm trying to penalize people for bailing and re spawning rather that flying back empty. I know I can restrict plane numbers but I wondered if there was another way. One other question. Any white paper on how to set up refuel and re ammo? Thanks for any pointers. HRD
  3. I am making an IL2 Great Battles intro video and was wondering if there is any way I can get the artwork for the ribbons that are with Devs names. Thanks for any info.
  4. Lol that's the one I found. Small world!
  5. I have searched everywhere and I cannot find in detail how to set up a server on may machine I play on. I read I need a second account to start with. Where do I ask for that. Sorry if you have been asked this a bizillion times. Edit: Just found an article that explains this - now following that. Sorry!
  6. The Blackbirds Squadron IL 2 Sturmovik Forgotten Battles 1946 Gentlemen We are looking for some mature pilots to fly with us. We're not a young squad and we have real lives and we fly two nights a week, sometimes more. We take our flying seriously but not at the expense of having fun and enjoying our time together as a small squad. We play Sturmovik 1946 Forgotten Battles. Yes, it's an old game but we like the ease of play and have our own mod collection. The version number is 4.12.2 - HSFX v 7.0.3. and we are happy to send the game on disc to any new members if needed. We build our own missions tailored to the likes of our group. Primarily High Altitude Bombing with fighter cover in most Theatres. Ground Pounding and sometimes straightforward Dog Fights. Pretty much anything really. We also have customs skins so we look good in flight because our formations are not always perfect Our members are based out of Canada, USA, and the UK. We play primarily on EST 19:30 hours Wednesdays and Sundays. We share some missions with another squad who escorts us in and out as fighter cover. We have our own TS server and a couple of us host the games. So if you fancy giving us a try, stop by our website ( http://www.blackbirdssquadron.com ) email: ( blackbirdssquadron@gmail.com ) and leave a message fo BB_Rayner (Bob) after you have looked around. We would like some details about yourself, age & location etc. Then maybe you could join us a couple of times on TS just to see if you/we fit as it were. Thanks.
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