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  1. Thanks for the explanation. I guess I'm still staying at Rift. I disturbed Pimax, still lucky it was through PayPal, but it was still a problem to return the money. Good luck.
  2. Hello. How does it mean: 1 jaar beperkte garantie?
  3. I ordered a set of Pimax with the base stations in 2.0 and I wrote off that I will deliver in 3Q. The moon was not heard, absolutely horror communication. Finally, I opened the PayPal case and asked for it again and I had to call them 3 times to finally return it to them .... I can't imagine how I would solve a possible complaint ... Never more PIMAX. So I don't understand how they delivered you in 2.0, it won't be okay
  4. Pimax 5K +, I just opened a PayPal case to return $ 1100. Communication with Pimax about nothing. So far, about the second galaxy. I don't just have problems, but we have much more. I cannot imagine communication with Pimax in case of complaint. Easier to take Pimax VR and throw it in the trash how to claim
  5. There are three levers and eject on the chair. I use all, I just had to install the microswitches. The chair moves motorically horizontally and vertically.
  6. Ahoj priatelia, ale ja som urobil niečo také, vrátane počítača, ktorý vyzerá ako čmeliak ..: D
  7. http://sk.farnell.com/w/c/sensors-transducers/sensors/motion-sensors-position-sensors/prl/results?st=hall+sensor price cca 24.-EUR 6127V1A50L.5 - Hall Effect Sensor, Position, 50°, 4.5 V to 5.5 V, Pin, Cylinder Rotatable, 200 mV
  8. Hello, Thank you very much ...: D That double click was needed in my case .. I could not help with that, I thought it was a malfunctioning Aurdino board ... Great thanks again ..
  9. Hi Sokol I started to do MMjoy and bought Aurdino Micro. But I have a problem. Once connected, it will appear correctly in Device Manager "Aurdino micro COM9". After pressing Reset by Aurdino, the Comxx bootloader has been switched to service. But it does not work. Still returning to normal COM9 mode. The program also detects Aurdino micro send to your screen. Would you like to know what the problem is? well thank you I'm sorry for the English translation via the translator
  10. Hello, thank you ... I hope that the developers will almost repair because LA-5 FN Ser.2 is another excellent aircraft, I like to fly on it and I drive Messeri..:D, but the next fight with the overcoming is the shot at the blind ... I hope I notice it because questions for developers are locked ....
  11. Ahoj , Dik za radu ale pri tomto lietadle to nejde viac posunut stale je cca jedna tretina kruhu na kapote lietadla... nejde to ani na obrazovke ani ked nahodim Trackir ani ked hodim VR Okulus... Je to skor otazka na vyvojarov ale ta debata je zamknuta tak som to skusil takto...Pozdrav z Vranova nad Toplou...:) Hello , Thanks for the advice but on this plane it is not more shifted is still about one third of the circle on the hood of the aircraft ... it is not even on the screen nor when I hit trackir even when I throw VR Okulus ... It is a question of the developers but that debate is Locked so I tried it like this ... Greetings from Vranov nad Toplou ...
  12. Hello, Thanks for replying to the whole procedure, but I do not know how to do it, but it's not just for Trackir or VR ... It's not just for this type of aircraft ...
  13. Hi, can someone advise me .. I'm asking the LA-5FN Series 2 planer why can not I set the height of the crossing so that the bottom of the circle does not cover the front of the aircraft? Shot on the enemy is only literally at blind ... It is an excellent model Perfectly the plane has high performance and speed only the target is a disaster ... Thank you for the answer
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