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  1. You are right, they are big and they have their weight. That's why I put them on the SU 27 flight helmet, so the weight is distributed and comfort also increases. It can't be compared to Pimax. This is a completely different class. I think XTAL lenses are the basis of the amazing picture in VR 8k. Although the other elements in XTAL are perfectly redesigned. Perhaps if XTAL reduced its luxury full equipment to mechanical IPD goggles while maintaining image quality, it could be a very significant commercial success. Pimax could wrap it up now.
  2. Yes. Eye tracking for optimisation of GPU usage and data gathering (2x 1280x800@110Hz cameras)
  3. So I just tested the XTAL 8K. The image, the functions, the software are simply fatnastic. In IL2, this works without the slightest problem without distortion or chopping artifacts. The price is also fantastic, but the boys from the Czech Republic who made this did a really perfect job. Technology giants simply sleep and dream of their uniqueness. Who can afford it so I definitely recommend. Everything works without the slightest problem of eye tracking, hands are very good. If someone builds a normal cockpit, they throw away money. It is enough if you invest in XTAL 8K
  4. Hi, I haven't tried them yet because the UPSs have arrived and it's cold outside -14, so I have to let them slow down slowly so that no condensation forms. I used, and still have, a Pimax 5k + The price is astronomical: D 8200.- € including Display port and adapter, hand and eye tracking, Holidays abroad at this time probarly hard, mistresses no longer, so why not make yourself happy.🙂
  5. Today I received this 8K beauty from XTAL
  6. HP has just emerged as a racist and chauvinistic society for which Eastern Europeans are second-class people. Dear customer, We are very sorry, but based on new information available from HP, the "HP Reverb G2 Virtual Reality Headset" will not be shipped this year as originally planned. The new expected date for the Czech Republic and Slovakia was set for January 2021. It is true that HP has already shipped to selected countries, but unfortunately the Czech and Slovak markets were not included among them. We are ver
  7. For example, the new GPU in PC enthusiasts change after about 2-3 years about 1000.- €, VR goggles too. To get rid of the old ones always sell it with at least a 50% loss. But high quality - almost professional FFB base will last you min.10 years and you still have the opportunity to change the grip for a newer type. This is an investment in the future, not many manufacturers in this segment. They have been flying the old FFBs for about 20 years now because they have nothing to replace them. So giving more than 1000.- € for a thing that will serve you for 10 years is not much, it would just t
  8. Everyone jumps according to the amount of their bank account. I'm not rich enough to buy cheap things
  9. Predám spomínané moduly IL2 Sturmovik Predobjednávka IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Moscow Premium Edition Včasný prístup IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Bodenplatte - Premium Edition séria La-5FN 2 Zberateľské lietadlo Predobjednávka Predobjednávka IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Kuban - Premium Edition Predobjednávka IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad Premium Edition Séria Yak-1 1 Zberateľské lietadlo Série Yak-9T 1 Zberateľské lietadlo Yak-1b Zberateľské lietadlo Včasný prístup IL-2 Sturmovik : Tank Crew - Súboj na Prochorovskej kampani Pozor Spitfire! Jednotlivé moduly za 50% ceny.
  10. - This only testifies to how the economy is developing positively for us: D inflation is not growing at all: D - It's not a lot to take, how many people change graphics cards almost every year, while the increase in performance is about 20-40% and the price is around 1100.- € and the joystick will last you 10 years so far they fly on Microsoft SideWinder and it is as old as I, if not older: D - for example the connection shown on 99% of simulators, do you see IL2 there? Allows easy integration and configuration for a multitude of simulation packages and platforms, e.g. for Gene
  11. - not with the fact that you can choose the handle yourself, so it's cheaper than the original price -1249.- € is a lot for a quality FFB joystick? so fly with analog logitech, each a personal thing - does not support all telemetry data such as DCS or X plane, etc. far from, you don't know what you're talking about - What I want? It has been 21 years since I love IL2, it prevents me from encountering incompatibility or to the state that the developers do not provide all the data as in other simulators. I always have to make compromises. And I'd rather not even write about touch
  12. Hi developers Finally, a decent FFB joystick is available at a very affordable price from BRUNNER - Switzerland, which manufactures a base on which a TM or VIRPIL handle can be mounted. But as is customary with IL2, Sturmovik IL2 is not compatible because it does not provide API data. The same problem is with motion telemetry, which is, but is not complex at the same level as other flight simulators. Most virtual pilots do not want to fly on the bus, but want to make full use of your simulator of beautiful historical aircraft and missions that have their unreal charm. Friends, it's high
  13. Thank you for your help . I'll try it today, I'll let you know how it turned out. Otherwise, on the latest version I'm going for a 144 Hz picture is nice only the game often crashes and when run directly from Pitool IL2 it announces error messages at the end of the game. I do not recommend the latest version at all, it is not tuned. Hi, the problem is that when you update to a new version, even after the flash firmware, the screen stays dark. I switched to older firmware, but nothing has changed in the image, and that's the problem that even a return to older firmware won't help.
  14. So as I watch all the discussions and reviews about Virtual Reality and the 2019 news, it's a disaster. What has one has no other and what has the third has no first or second ... For three years since the publication of Oculus Rift, Vive, etc. the engineers did not invent anything properly and what they did not even produce, or did not reach the end, they still made it some kind of hybrid ... It is all waste that is not worth the money and I would rather stay at Oculus Rift and hope that some engineer will come up with something it will produce something really good and not bad. Normally I'
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