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  1. Think something like that? see detail left panel
  2. I think you need to wait. Pimax began testing with a new panel for the Pimax 8K X. Base Stations are in production and Wireless Controllers with Thumbstick or Trackpad also ...
  3. So as I watch all the discussions and reviews about Virtual Reality and the 2019 news, it's a disaster. What has one has no other and what has the third has no first or second ... For three years since the publication of Oculus Rift, Vive, etc. the engineers did not invent anything properly and what they did not even produce, or did not reach the end, they still made it some kind of hybrid ... It is all waste that is not worth the money and I would rather stay at Oculus Rift and hope that some engineer will come up with something it will produce something really good and not bad. Normally I'm starting to think about XTAL if it were 3000.-EUR I don't hesitate for a minute ... Sorry for the English is not my native language I write through the translator.
  4. But the server administrator doesn't put an airplane there that doesn't exist ... and disable "K" or "262" is not right.
  5. But I understand, I know it's mainly for Bodenplatte. Only in the case of multiplayer everyone is sitting in "K" and now they will sit in "262" and Russian will still crawl in "LaG3". The other side works like a flying duck ...😉 They could give them at least as collectibles as it would be fairly fair in the server-side I will all sit in 262 ... it will be a "fair" fight ..
  6. Question to developers. Do not think it would be appropriate to extend the Russian aircraft more powerful types such as. Yak3 and La7. So far, you are expanding the German for newer and most powerful types with which the first models of Russian aircraft can not keep a steady step ... I understand now that it is modern to be on the side of the German fascists against the Russians and of course you are busines, but it would be much fair ...
  7. Thanks for the explanation. I guess I'm still staying at Rift. I disturbed Pimax, still lucky it was through PayPal, but it was still a problem to return the money. Good luck.
  8. Hello. How does it mean: 1 jaar beperkte garantie?
  9. I ordered a set of Pimax with the base stations in 2.0 and I wrote off that I will deliver in 3Q. The moon was not heard, absolutely horror communication. Finally, I opened the PayPal case and asked for it again and I had to call them 3 times to finally return it to them .... I can't imagine how I would solve a possible complaint ... Never more PIMAX. So I don't understand how they delivered you in 2.0, it won't be okay
  10. Pimax 5K +, I just opened a PayPal case to return $ 1100. Communication with Pimax about nothing. So far, about the second galaxy. I don't just have problems, but we have much more. I cannot imagine communication with Pimax in case of complaint. Easier to take Pimax VR and throw it in the trash how to claim
  11. There are three levers and eject on the chair. I use all, I just had to install the microswitches. The chair moves motorically horizontally and vertically.
  12. Ahoj priatelia, ale ja som urobil niečo také, vrátane počítača, ktorý vyzerá ako čmeliak ..: D
  13. http://sk.farnell.com/w/c/sensors-transducers/sensors/motion-sensors-position-sensors/prl/results?st=hall+sensor price cca 24.-EUR 6127V1A50L.5 - Hall Effect Sensor, Position, 50°, 4.5 V to 5.5 V, Pin, Cylinder Rotatable, 200 mV
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