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  1. I have no automation turned on etc. Flaps are good, maybe I use a little too much rudder every so often for stability.
  2. I am having great difficulty keeping up with AI's in with the Spitfire IX on the Rhineland map. Even in combat power they race off from me. I really want to practise formation flying in single player but on this plane at-least, I think I am going to give up.
  3. I think this is why I was frustrated for a week. It is not the obvious thing to do. Unfortunately though it is the only thing I can seem to do that gets me consistently decent landings. Maybe as I get better I will be able to nuance my style more. It does work though.
  4. Hello folks, I am a pretty new sim pilot and have gotten to a point in IL2 that I can consistently land most planes. I am even getting into dogfight tactics. Then I hit the Spitfire and was just constantly ground looping. It was starting to really get on my nerves. I spent about a week trying all kinds of variations when landing the plane. If you search on Google for this problem, this thread is the #1 ranked result. People in this thread actually do give the answer (Mmaruda two posts above for example) but for some reason it didn't register with me i.e. I seem to need things explicitly spelled out! In fact it took me to read all the comments of this Youtube video for the penny to drop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhYpyQgYy3M. There is a comment nearly all the way at the bottom which is responded to by the video maker: This was my light-bulb moment! So basically when I touch down I bleed of some speed whilst going straight. From the moment I first apply brakes I now never let them go. Use the rudder to adjust left and right in a stabby fashion. If you let the brakes go at all the momentum will spin you out. Now I am consistently landing the Spitfire and am a very happy sim pilot. Apologies if this was obvious to everyone else in the thread. But it wasn't to me! Hope it helps someone out there!!
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