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  1. [FF] squad are big fans of this server. Would be great to see it become a more hardcore version of combat box. Whoever is creating the maps is doing an amazing job. We will keep joining to ty and get the numbers up!
  2. 100% Agree. Been playing through it recently. Making me love the p-47 too. Even bought it in the other sim because of this campaign in il2!
  3. To launch il2 into VR from a shortcut I use the following: steam://launch/307960/vr You need to also change to the word to "launch" and add VR at the end. Create a default steam il2 desktop shortcut then edit it in properties to the above. Cheers
  4. I am going to organises an event with our squad to join you on Thursday nights if that is OK? We will probably field 5 - 10 players. We were on last Thursday. I think you should start your own thread in the multi-player forum as we really enjoyed the server and atmospheric missions! People have been talking about it since!
  5. On a different note, please find below some thoughts from a much newer pilot. I only started playing multiplayer il2 in Jan this year. I love playing on Finnish (it's my favourite server) but have found this Campaign really tough flying as allies. In the previous versions of the map I used to do quite a bit of ground pounding, both the depots/stations etc and the front lines (artillery and troops). With the new system, ground attacking the front lines as Allies feels like a suicide mission each time (I also appreciate that I am new and lack skill and tactica
  6. To be honest I am not sure I have ever seen it work, but only flown the P39 a handful of times. Will check it later tonight when finished work. Just took off from Kubinka to quickly test and it didn't work. Is it user error, do I need to do something to turn it on in the P39?
  7. The Bendix in the P39 does not seem to work. Last time I flew it was during Planeset 4. A20 Bendix did work. Game bug, map bug, intentional?
  8. A few of us from FF jumped n this server the other night when it was populated. Loved it! Really hope this server gains a following. The missions are very atmospheric!
  9. I would actually prefer some balance brought to TrackIR users to make the game more realistic. I do feel at a disadvantage in VR but I am prepared to suffer it for the joy of a more realistic experience. TrackIR users could have some adjustments implemented to level the playing field e.g. The speed to move to a snap view should be increased (just a little) the further the view is looking around (this increase should be on a curve). Constant repetition of checking your six adds a bit of "head bob" when you look to the six i.e. it is not the same perfect view each time
  10. Ya Yak-9 too P-40 mirror is terrible even in VR. It's a big deal for me too!
  11. We have folks split across UK and US times. so look forward to seeing you online Kestrel!
  12. Really like the smoke and spread out implementation of the front lines. Some units are quite far into the tree line? Appreciate that this is quite realistic actually, is it meant to happen though? Finally two of our squad also suffered the continual idle kick when selecting a plane (it is weird it doesn't seem to happen to everyone). The only cure was to joint the server and very quickly spawn in on something. Then finish mission and setup a plane again. Finally this evening during the map rotation with the bad weather there was quite a condensed furball ove
  13. Congrats on your recruitment drive! Also thank you for hosting a second Finnish Server! I have an idea I wanted to run past you folks and couldn't find the appropriate thread on the multi-player board. Anyway... have you considered maybe making the LD Finnish Server a little more hardcore e.g. turning off all remaining HuD elements? It could be a nice differentiation between the two servers. Anyway I understand if it doesn't feel right for yourselves but I just wanted to throw the idea out there for you to chew over / reject etc
  14. Hey folks, We are a hop on when you are free squad. If folks are in the discord channel then they are flying. Do not hesitate to jump in the channel and say hello. Quite a few of us are new to MP and learning as we fly together. Loads of silly mistake get made and nobody is made feel small for messing up e.g. retracting landing gear when it is very much needed Feel free to ask questions about engine management etc. We typically try to fly objectives on Finnish. We will also jump on combat box when we want to mix up the planeset. Berl
  15. Squadron name: [FF] Number of active pilots: 5 Side: Allies Time zone: Europe (mainly Europe small overspill into US).
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