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  1. Lensman

    Developer Diary 217 - Discussion

    Good Sopwith Camel doggy ... Who's a good doggy ...? You want your stick Sopwith Camel doggy? Roll over, beg, you want that stick don't you ... ๐Ÿ˜
  2. Lensman

    How to start a P51 ... Video

    This is one of the best aircraft start videos I've seen. If it's new to you then see what you think (more than 1 part): Youtube Video
  3. Thanks for the link; this was new to me and very welcome.
  4. Lensman

    When Do You Stop Shooting?

    The target indicator will disappear once the aircraft is a kill.
  5. Pre-ordered. I order everything to support the team.
  6. Holy Moly! That P47 is LETHAL! It flies a bit like a very advanced brick but get it on target and goodnight Vienna! FANTASTIC cockpit in V.R!!! AND try opening the canopy and waggling the wings to see the astonishing metal wing effect. Superb!
  7. Lensman

    Bombing in the 109

    My bf 109 bombing accuracy is so poor that I use my wing cannon instead with great effect. 3 or 4 bursts will take out a bridge!
  8. Lensman

    New badge under avatar

    I have to post a comment to see my badges ... ๐Ÿ˜€ Edit: Oh yeah!
  9. A nice trick if you have more than 4 cores! ๐Ÿ™ˆ
  10. StreamVR appears when I exit the game despite starting it in Oculus Home. I HATE the new Oculus software. They've made things much worse by allegedly releasing an improved version!
  11. Lensman

    Rift Bug - "Now Playing" Popup

    The new Oculus software is a bug-ridden piece of zh!t ... I can't start IL-2 directly anymore. When I start it from inside Oculus the f'ing desktop gets in the way. The desktop doesn't work properly with ANY controllers and when I exit IL-2 it places me on the SteamVR home environment NOT the Oculus home! This has all happened because Oculus forced an update on me that disabled the mark-1 Oculus home that DID work properly! I love the hardware but the software from this company is appalling! Not ready for use and they don't listen to customers. AMATEURS!!!
  12. Lensman

    How to Multiplayer?

    Ahhh ... Expert mode in VR is a problem because I can't see my keyboard and despite having a very large number of assignable buttons and switches on my stick and throttle I'm out of options for engine controls!
  13. Lensman

    IL2 vs real (WWII russian based military trainer.)

    I've been using a force-feedback stick with ALL the IL-2 variants for 18 years.
  14. The still to this day top-secret Foo-fighter detection light in the P-51.
  15. Lensman

    109 dog fighting and stalling

    The key to turn fighting in the 109 is engine power and fuel load. Your engine must be at maximum combat power, just fractionally below emergency power. Your fuel load must be below 50%, ideally 30% to 40% or you'll be too heavy to be competitive. Also a force feedback stick helps because then you can hold the aircraft on the very edge of the stall. This really only matters with i-16s and Mig-3s because anything else is easy to keep up with.