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  1. You might have something, Camus...I just pre ordered the latest campaign and then tried to get into the game...and cannot...message about no connection to authorization server...I did check internet connection and do have good connection...Steam logo did also appear.
  2. Yes...me, too...no connection to on line log in...same message...lost connection to master server...
  3. This is great news. I hope that the various "bugs" that keep the player from being able to play the Steam CLoD simulation will also be fixed. I have had the Steam version of the Cliffs of Dover for a long time and cannot get it to launch. So...if the talented resources of your team, the Fusion Team and the IC group can work on this...please do try to make a clean version that will not fail to launch after its download. I am not a person who can easily maneuver around computer files and such, so having a very dependable program is important to me. The iL2 Team has done a wonderful job in making their product work so very well...I hope the CLoD Team follows their ways. Thanks for pursuing this issue. I anxiously look forward to seeing your product.
  4. I am sure people have discussed this somewhere, sometime...but I would appreciate a few hints on how to handle the take off sequences for the referenced planes. I tried very hard last night to get the JU88 off the runway, but it seemed to want to ground loop and get quite unruly as speed picked up. I did get the HE-111 off the runway a couple of times but at very low speeds...near stall. Help, please?
  5. Thanks to those who understood what I was trying to say... and gave a sincere reply. I will admit that what I submitted as a question was poorly stated.
  6. Has the JU-52 pre-order begun? My account still shows it as a pre-order.
  7. I HAD the iL2 CLOD game on my old system with the excellent mods and updates that made it work quite well. All was through Steam when that change occurred, too. I bought a new computer and downloaded all the other games I wanted from Steam but when it came to CLOD...and I ask Steam to download it, even though it looked like the download was working, and the short cut icon appears on the screen, when I try to play it, it will not open at all. I have removed the game and tried to re-install many times to no avail and the same results. I have a very robust system...and would really like t get this game back on as an option, but this is frustrating as can be imagined. Any ideas...help...would be appreciated, thanks.
  8. I think this is a great addition to the game. Looks wonderful and would be a great change of pace. Should attract additional players, too. Great idea...I am looking forward to your update that adds these changes. Excellent work!
  9. The artwork you have used many times to promote the game/simulation has been excellent. Do you sell prints of these? Can someone purchase the artwork? Thanks.
  10. Thank you very much, "unreasonable". That sounds like the answer. I will definitely do that when I get home tonight.
  11. Thanks, Finkeren...I went to my profile section and re-entered the activation keys, even though the notation said the key was already activated...the message came back that my keys were already activated...kind of puzzling to me. When I start the game, there are three activation keys that pop up in a block. One is just "Battle of Stalingrad", the other two show specific aircraft types...am I supposed to do something with those each time? The game plays fine whichever key I highlight.
  12. Can someone please let me know if my version is working. I see where the latest update is registered to me...but I cannot see where I can use the !-16. I am a "founder" of BOS and I bought BOM where it was first announced...my profile indicates that I have been credited for the purchase of BOM...but it seems like the updates do not give me the access to stuff that is said to be available to early purchasers of BOM. So...is there a switch or some sort of key that has not been made that would give my account the credit it should have for my early involvement in this game? Thanks.
  13. ...the downloads for the "Chir" missions or third party missions that were created by a person who must be a genius to be able to do such things. It would be good, in my opinion, if such options had a major highlighted topic area on the opening page of the forum. If it does already, my apologies for redundancy. At any rate...I like to play solo missions...I do not have "the right stuff" yet to do on-line competition. So, I am intrigued by the missions I have seen discussed and would like to try them. I am no computer guru, so it would be very helpful to have simple instructions on how to download those missions and to open/play them. Thanks for the help.
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