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  1. For me the new visibility system is the BEST thing about this update! Finally the multiplayer matches feel like an online game! I flew to an objective and saw so many planes! It was terrifying! I didn't feel alone at all (happened alot before this update). I was tense with the constant cons I was spotting it was great!!! Before this update the game was a very lonely experience. You would fly for more than 20 minutes without seeing anyone. Just at the objectives you would see a plane or two. With the new sistem you are constantly seeing other pla
  2. The new update is brilliant! The things I like the most are: New spot and sunreflect sistem. Finally!!!! This is the BEST thing about this update! The multiplayer server now really feels like an online game! I flew to an objective and saw so many planes! It was terrifying! I didn't feel alone at all (happened alot before this update). I was tense with the constant cons I was spotting it was great!!! The new Physiology is awesome! This add a whole new skill you have to master in dogfights. Now you must know your body limits, not just the plane's. This made dogfigh
  3. I loved it too! Even the breathing sound is great for imersion in my opinion! Now the dogfights feels so much more realistic, like the real guncam footages. Thanks for the great work!
  4. The strange thing is there are people with trackir saying they dont have this problem.
  5. This is not a problem with my trackir position, I use it on other games. I have the reflectors and they are on top of my headphone. The problem is not a lost of signal, its something with the gforce in the game. The pilot never recover from the G turn unless you nod your head or recenter the trackir. The problem is when you are doing heavy turns and looking away from the center, when you look back to the center the pilot head is really low, like he was a kid trying to look over the window, and it wont come back to the correct position unless I nod my head or
  6. Guys I have this same issue in this game. No one was able to fix? it's really annoying specially in scissor dog fight, I always miss my shots because you only have one second to look to your aim and the view is all messed up because you were looking at the enemy.
  7. Hi, I would like to suggest to make the "enter" default chat to team only and make the "control enter" to friends and enemies. If you spend some time in the multiplayer you will see a bunch of people sending menssages to the enemy by mistake. This happens because most of the time you want to talk with only your friends. Very rarely you want to speak with the enemy. So why not set the easiest key to speak with your friends and the hardest to speak to your enemy?
  8. Yes, of course I'm not asking for flaps, mixture etc for the tanks. I just used it as an example of how the airplane management is complex but the tank is really simple atm.
  9. hi guys! I was trying Tank Crew for a preview article and the only down side I noticed was that the controls felt too easy. While airplanes have mixture, flaps, radiators, supercharge etc, the tanks just need to press E and then use the arrow keys. Do you know if is it going to get more complex in the future? Like manual gear (ex: Ww2ol), keyboard turrent control (ex: post scriptum), and more complex driving (ex: having to operate each track individually depending on the tank) etc?
  10. Some kills made on Wings of Liberty's setember tour
  11. I don't like the idea of having icons or circles neither, but the game could improve the blend between plane and ground. It just blends too much, to the points that the pixels are the same color and the plane actually disappear. (at least in default settings).
  12. I agree that this game feels like there’s something wrong with spotting aircraft, specially if you use default video settings. I though that I had a problem with my monitor, because that thing of loosing the vis from an enemy plane while chasing and looking at it also happened to me. So this is the first game I had to go online to search better ways to see the enemy by editing video files. Then I discovered that a lot of other people have the same problem and after I edited the gamma to 0.5 and set the ground blur and objects sharp, it got better. It still a
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