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  1. Smoke generators are floating mid air
  2. Rift doesn't look happy, at all 😆 I had reverb too but decided to send it back and waited for index to arrive.
  3. 10x zoom dont work for me, eyes crossed or convergence wrong, it was working earlier, i have newest version installed. Tried uninstall it, remove files etc. but cant modify settings for convergence. Is there tutorial video for it?
  4. My index arrived and glare ain't a problem, at least with this title. Whiuh 🤗 "Glare test, holy fuck the index looks horrible!"
  5. I returned my Reverb, connector caused all sorts of anomalies from volume dropping low and up, screen flicker and also excess heat. No ipd adjustment wasn't problem for me(~65mm), FOV was same or worse as cv1, but the resolution was excellent. Didn't see any mura but red smear was easily spotted in high contras scenes when you turn head from side to side. The cable(s) we're very poor quality, very stiff and rigid, bending only in left or right, not up or down as there was 2 cables molded to each other like number 8. Headphones didn't lineup with my ears and I had to constantly adjust their position, sound quality was good. Controllers that came with the package were crappy, tracking worked well with 2 cameras embedded in hmd. My next hmd? It's either Valve Index or HTC Cosmos
  6. So only thing that hasn't been changed is your modem/internet connection. Try different connection or disable firewall from modem.
  7. While practicing my pe-2 skills yesterday in single player (Kuban) I noticed that some trees started to spin/revolve in their vertical axis.
  8. Guess I'll have to wait for the rift 2.0 and skip this "upgrade" or buy something else.
  9. 1 video= Almost 40 pilots together attacking enemy airfield. Taking part to this mission where Finnish Lentorykmentti 3 (Ler3) ja German Jagdgeschwader 4 (JG 4) 2 video= Cover bombers, or trying to.
  10. Thank you Server Overlord for the WIN, here's a beer
  11. One thing was annoying earlier today, when we had only 1 AF(Morozoskeyborowichye) we could attack only 1 enemy airfield (Cherniakowalskyperestoik) and all other 17 airfields where safe from our #bombermaniacs, but I don't complain TAW is best and if we win this map I'll have to DONATE money again to server overlords.
  12. Don't whine, just mentally prepare to LOSE this map ♥️ Flying 52's when your team check where the drop zone is not fun either.
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