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  1. LLv24_StableAce_VR

    Tactical Air War

    This was interesting 😂
  2. LLv24_StableAce_VR

    Knights of the Air Videos

  3. LLv24_StableAce_VR

    Tactical Air War Videos

    1 video= Almost 40 pilots together attacking enemy airfield. Taking part to this mission where Finnish Lentorykmentti 3 (Ler3) ja German Jagdgeschwader 4 (JG 4) 2 video= Cover bombers, or trying to.
  4. LLv24_StableAce_VR

    Tactical Air War

    Thank you Server Overlord for the WIN, here's a beer
  5. LLv24_StableAce_VR

    Tactical Air War

    One thing was annoying earlier today, when we had only 1 AF(Morozoskeyborowichye) we could attack only 1 enemy airfield (Cherniakowalskyperestoik) and all other 17 airfields where safe from our #bombermaniacs, but I don't complain TAW is best and if we win this map I'll have to DONATE money again to server overlords.
  6. LLv24_StableAce_VR

    Tactical Air War

    Don't whine, just mentally prepare to LOSE this map ♥️ Flying 52's when your team check where the drop zone is not fun either.
  7. LLv24_StableAce_VR

    Tactical Air War

    So, how the hell does siddy knows our drop zone location when the mission just started?
  8. LLv24_StableAce_VR

    Tactical Air War

    Cant join server, no one can apparently, mission still rolling and they cap our field automatically with tanks as theres no defence......
  9. LLv24_StableAce_VR

    Collector plane giveaway!

    To cleam.io page
  10. LLv24_StableAce_VR

    Collector plane giveaway!

  11. LLv24_StableAce_VR

    Tactical Air War

    Tonight erratic behavior, double ju-88 Scroll all the way down, last 4 or 5 pics. https://photos.app.goo.gl/hQngLqzrmQoKAqzh1
  12. LLv24_StableAce_VR

    Cannot play the game at all

    Make sure that geforce experience doesn't use experimental setting.
  13. LLv24_StableAce_VR

    game won't update...

    There's folder called update or similar, remove files from there and run launcher.