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  1. THANKS A LOT Pips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You've done a fantastic job!
  2. Kirk

    Bf 108

    Thank you Buzzsaw!
  3. Kirk

    Bf 108

    Dear Developers, May I ask you if is it possible to see some wip pictures of the Bf 108 ? I'm really interested in that plane! Thanks a lot! Thanks also for all the work you are doing in improving Cliffs Of Dover!
  4. Merci beaucoup Pips !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Thanks again Pips! In attachment you can see the only profile I found on the web regarding "Little Toni". P.S.: nice italian!
  6. Hi Pips! I'd like to ask you a thing: if you have time, can you please realize a 4K version of the "Little Toni" livery for the P-39 (that is already present as a default paint scheme)? Thanks a lot!!!!!!!
  7. Hi all! I'm looking for a free PDF version of the TBD's flight manual. Does any of you know where I can find a copy of it? Thanks a lot!!!!! Have a nice day and nice flights!
  8. Ottimo lavoro, veramente bella!
  9. Ciao Alessandro! Anche a me piacerebbe molto!
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