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  1. My motherboard is a pretty good one, so that wasn't the reason. I got the i7 8700 because it seemed to yield more stable benchmark performance in games compared to the i5. And I didn't get the K variant because it was more expensive and I didn't expect to have to immediately overclock an 8th gen i7. And I don't need to in any other game I play. I don't wanna throw more money at this or spend more time looking for the perfect settings, so I'll focus my time and energy on other things.
  2. I installed the game on a PCIe NVMe SSD to minimize latency from the storage media. After posting my original question I had to reinstall Windows due to a system glitch. I was hoping that the reinstall would improve performance, but today I fired up the game again in VR and it's the same as before. FPS in the 40s and 50s in combat situations, using low graphics settings with 2XAA. Maybe I'll just wait for better days (optimization, ASW 2 implementation etc) and come back later.
  3. Maybe I'll go with ASW and mod the propeller away to get rid of the visual artifacts 😐 To be clear, I'm very happy that VR was introduced to this game. I've played VR games since last summer, and I very rarely get that VR "wow" factor anymore. But getting in that cockpit with the Rift on gave me just that. The sense of space and height is tremendous. I hadn't played IL2 for maybe two, three years, but I feel like VR could lure me back in. And for some reason, flying in VR finally enabled me to land a plane without crashing! And to do it several times over.
  4. Thanks for the replies. Yes, I took another look at CPU usage and it is actually between 20 to 30 percent. I just upgraded to the 8700, so an even more expensive CPU just to play this game in VR is not a possibility, given that the 8700 blazes through every other game I have. Is an i9 really a requirement for VR in this game? I will keep experimenting to see if I get better FPS. It's a bit difficult to gather tips from this forum because there's a lot of contradicting information. Is there a summary, maybe from the developers, of settings that have been proven to be optimal?
  5. Hi. For the past two days I've been experimenting with settings to get close to 90 FPS stable in VR. I have no problem reaching that on the ground or when flying while there's no activity. But battles with 10 planes or so pull my FPS down to the 40s and 50s, causing stutter and making combat a nauseating experience. My setup: - Core i7 8700 (not K) - GTX 1070 - 16 gigs 3000 MHz RAM - Oculus Rift - Windows 10 64 bit I took measurements of CPU and GPU usage during a mission with probably about 12 planes in combat. In the attached graphs the gameplay starts at around a quarter of the way in (as seen in the GPU graph). In that stage (takeoff, flying to waypoint) FPS was a stable 90. The last half of the run is during combat where FPS dipped a lot. As you can see, GPU usage (2nd from top) is quite high all the way, but CPU usage (3rd from bottom) is surprisingly low: I've tried many different settings based on tips on this forum. These results were recorded with Oculus supersampling at 1.2 and ASW off. I have the latest Oculus drivers (beta drivers). In game, I used the Low graphics setting, with 1024x768 resolution, 4x AA and 70 km view distance with HBAO off. NVIDIA power management is at max for the game. Overall I've fiddled with the graphics settings a lot but keep running into poor FPS in combat. How should I interpret the usage graphs? Am I being limited by my GPU in combat situations? I thought that this game was above all demanding on the CPU. I know my temperatures are not ideal, but I don't think they're high enough to cause throttling. Thanks in advance for any help! Flying in VR is wonderful but trying to get it to work well is not.
  6. Type of improvement: Sound Explanation of proposal: Positional (3D) audio in VR mode. Playing the game in VR is great, but the direction of where sound is coming from doesn't change when the player moves or rotates his/her head. I've seen positional audio implemented in pretty much every VR game I've played, and it makes a big difference for immersion. Of course in the cockpit you mostly just hear engine noise, but I think IRL even that would be coming mostly from the front of the plane towards the pilot (not from all around the pilot as it is now). And if you check your six, you'd hear the engine behind your head etc. Same thing with guns as well, for example. Now the sound doesn't really reflect the way you move your head. Benefit: Adds another level of immersion
  7. Thanks for the replies. My timezone is GMT+2, as I mentioned in the first post. Maybe I should have said UTC+2.
  8. This weekend I played BOS after a long break, and was looking forward to some multiplayer action. But for some reason on Saturday evening (GMT +2) I only saw two servers with more than a couple of players on them. One was Wings of Liberty and the other Air Domination. Communication on both servers was in Russian, so I couldn't understand anything that was going on. I remember there being EU servers and a Syndicate server, and even others. Are they still online? It also seemed strange that on a weekend evening there were a total of maybe 50 to 60 players on all the servers combined. Should I be looking for servers somewhere else? I'm looking for an international English language server with a Teamspeak (or similar) setup.
  9. I've been on this forum bitching about performance issues several times. But now it seems that things have changed. There is a clear difference in how the game runs now and how it runs on the video. My frame rate is a relatively steady 60 on Ultra most of the time. In multiplayer dogfight the figure is lower, but remains playable. Since I didn't make any changes to my hardware after I shot the video, I'm assuming that a game patch did this. Thanks for improving the game experience. I already stopped playing BOS, but now I'm gonna give this thing another shot!
  10. Disabling the icons gives a few extra frames per second in situations where there are lots of planes around. In other scenarios there's no difference. On expert servers I usually get better FPS, but that's mainly because there are fewer big dogfights. I installed Opentrack 2.3RC9. It is working, but the performance in game is still choppy. When I'm close to other planes, and sometimes when looking at the ground, I get around 40 FPS on balanced settings. Smoke seems to be particularly bad: FPS takes a huge hit when smoke is either on the ground or coming from a plane that I see. It sucks to play this game now, although as a flight sim it seems to be up there with the best. If there was an option to get my money back, I would I feel pretty bad for spending dough on this game, because I had no idea that these technical issues would occur.
  11. Ever since buying this game I've experienced only bad performance on my PC. You can see my setup in the signature. I'd say that I have a very good computer, but even on average settings it's hard to get consistent performance (at least 50 FPS). I shot this video to illustrate the issue. I used Fraps only to display the frame rate. The recording is of my computer monitor, so the recording process itself has no impact on performance. What kinds of frame rates are people getting with similar setups? Is it normal for the FPS to drop below 40 or 30 when there's something going on? Is smooth performance too much to ask on my PC? Every other game on my computer works just fine. I play games that are heavy on the CPU and GPU (Battlefield 4, Planetside 2) and they don't struggle like BoS. I've reinstalled Windows, disabled antivirus, switched to a high end graphics card, gotten a new power supply etc etc. Maybe the game just hogs more resources than are needed?
  12. I've had performance issues with this game from the get go. I reinstalled Windows, and recently upgraded my GPU from a Radeon HD 7870 to a Geforce GTX 970. I still get bad frame rates in dogfight situations. I made this video to illustrate what's happening. The FPS can be seen in the upper left corner of the screen. I used Fraps to display it, but I didn't use Fraps to make the recording. As you can probably determine from the poor video quality.
  13. Well, now I've even reinstalled Windows to try to solve this performance issue, but gameplay still pretty much sucks. The worst scenarios are multiplayer games on normal servers: many planes around me, a lot going on. The frame rate falls and the jerkiness sets in. This with 'balanced' graphics settings. Thanks for the tip. That did not work for me, though. I probably won't be playing this game very much.
  14. Thank you for the tips. Locking the FPS at 30 is, I suppose, one option. I tried it, and unfortunately it doesn't get rid of the stuttering (freezes). I've noticed that in some situations in multiplayer mode, disabling the HUD gives at least periodically an extra 10 FPS.
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