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  1. All is looking great. Just a question/suggestion regarding the tactical markings, for Luftwaffe aircraft could this be extended to include the rudder surfaces, so that one could have the choice to display or not display the faux harken? Keep up the great work
  2. Well after a less than auspicious start I finally was able the extract the 4K skins (many thanks to @Hanu and @ICDP ), still not clear as to what was going on, other than somehow when extracting to my portable hard drive, legacy files where being dragged from elsewhere, a situation that had not occured before and it really did my head in. With that said, I've burnt not only both ends of the candle but a substantial portion of the middle as well, and so I present below historically corrected versions of the Bf109G6 for your flying pleasure. Several of the skins posed so
  3. Hanu / ICDP Thank you both for all your help. In desperation I've just tried the extraction process on another drive entirely and everything worked as advertised and all the 4K files are there (for Skins 2/13 and Planes 2/5 at least), so I have no idea what's going on here at the moment. @ICDP I've been so much hanging out for the your G6 template, so thank you as always for your excellent work. @Hanu Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to help out, it is much appreciated. Now in a few days I'll be able to change the t
  4. G'day Hanu Thanks for your response, yes I found that the Bf109G6 skin files reside in Skins2.GTP, and that the default skin is found in Planes2.GTP, but as I said when I extract these GTPs there are only 2K files for the Bf109G6 in them: Skins2.GTP Planes2.GTP The time stamp sadly is not of much help in this case, as it dependant upon when you installed the patch, as I updated my installation on Monday, it has Monday's date, however as you can see below the file size is the same for my Skins2.GTP as it is for yours:
  5. Bf109G6 official 4k Skins historically corrected, well I would have if I could find them? I decided to be all on the ball and go and historically correct the Bf109G6, but sadly I have hit a bit of a wall. In that I can not find the 4K DDS files for this plane. I went ahead and extracted all the Skin and Plane GTPs only to find that the Bf109G6 and the P39L were still only in 2K. Knowing that some of the Skin and Plane files are duplicated in more than one GTP and in some cases that the Skin files are in the Planes GTP and that this may have caused the 4K ver
  6. G'day Well as long as your directories look like those below and you have Mods enabled then you should automatically see the haken versions when you choose the default skins, noting that the thumbnail view will still show the faux haken. going to the setup in the hanger before the mission launch will allow you to preview each of the skins with the haken. Other than this I'm not sure what else you can do. Cheers
  7. G'day Y1 Oops while fixing the stencil I somehow put the faux haken back, I've fixed it and is re-uploaded now. I accidently selected the option not save the haken layers changes on this particular skin, it was late (well early morning) and I knew this action would come around a bite me in the 💩 hole going forward, and it's been a kind of self fulfilling prophecy, made dam certain to save it this time around...... 😬 Cheers
  8. Things like this can happen for several reasons, one cause is that in some instances model parts are mirrored (like the trailing ailerons Stuka for example) and this can mess with your head a bit until you realise what's going on, however in this case as the paint work (especially noticeable on winter skins) have made allowances to leave the stencils area's uncovered and for the most part appear to be in the correct location. So I assume that is was just a simple case of having the wrong layer selected when the author was moving some other element around (been there done that). It
  9. G'day Thanks Jason/ ICDP for the great template. I only only just around to playing with this template over the last couple of days, during the process I have noticed a minor error in that the stencil on the left hand wheel spat is on inside and not the outside, I've also noticed that all the defaults skins have this issue as well. And it easy to see that especially on winter skins that there has been an effort to leave the correct location for the stencil unpainted / uncovered. @ICDP I have spent some considerable time working on my own Hungarian schemes a
  10. Well was playing with the template to make myself some personal skins, when I discovered an error, in that the the wheel spat stencil on the left hand gear is on the inside instead of the outside. I've taken a look and this error is also on all the defaults skins, when I have some time I'll go in and fix them. BTW here's my new personal skin(s). Winter: Summer:
  11. Stencil on right wheel spat corrected for all official skins and those that needed historical correction have also had this done as well. (19:02 AU eastern). Well I know I've been a tad slack, my only excuse is that I've been doing my community service and providing a bump to numerous online pilots kill statistics. But without further ado, please find links below to the historically corrected skins of the Stuka in all its 4K glory (and yes I'll get onto the He111(s) soon). ju87d3.dds ju87d3_skin_01.dds ju87d3_skin_02.dds ju87d3_skin_03.dds j
  12. G'day I'll see what I can do, been a tad busy lately with some real world projects that had to be done while the weather was dry. Do you mean just one big zip for each plane type?
  13. Having the same issue from time to time (but seems more frequent now), need to reboot to get it going again. And then only seems to run with only the minimal other apps going, I used to be able to run the sim with Photoshop, Illustrator, the viewer and chrome going all up at once and was able to exit and launch when ever I wanted, so do not know what has changed. I loose all mouse control and have to CTRL ALT DELETE to get to taskmanager and end the game before mouse comes back, So have you been able to sort it? My screen and game res are the same and as I said above I u
  14. Sadly no, when they get updated in the game, I then correct them, not always immediately mind, but I get around to it as soon as I can. For the Bf109E7 there is at least an excellent and fully compatible 4k template by ICDP, so you can at least make a few of your own custom skins while waiting for the official 4K updates. There are also quite a few Bf109G6 skins based on a 4K template, however there is a draw back in that the 4k normal map differs from that of the games official one so not all the rivets, panel lines, etc match with those of the default skins.
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