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  1. Well it would seem that I succeeded in getting over my bout of laziness, as I have started to work on my own RAF cam. Early days but I just finished applying the Dark Green and the Medium Sea Grey and after a quite a bit of trial an error managed to get the soft demarcation between the two sorted, now just got to set to work on adding the Ocean Grey. Sadly away from home again so cant test fly it outside of the viewer, more to come....
  2. @ ICDP G'day Was wondering if there was a remote possibility that you could release an RAF cam version template or at least make the three cam colour layers available, I'm admittedly being a tad lazy and trying to avoid starting doing the whole thing over from scratch, if you are unable to do so then that's totally understandable too. Cheers
  3. Well I did quite a lot of refining of my own personal 3 Sq RAAF skin CV-?, mucking around with the apha and such, so I've used those elements to create my take on the quite well known CV-P, KH716 (originally suggestion to me by Pict), deciding to also release her here for general download. Although she's not as tarted up as her USAAF sisters, this Raaftang has the squadrons signature Southern Cross rudder, while at the same this minimalistic skin showcases ICDP's wonderful work. And should it ever come to pass she's ready to go fight further east. After looking through my references, I've decided some work was still required to try and make this skin at least a tad more historically correct. To do this I shifted the serials back to the same left justified position of my CV-? skin , I've also lightened the rudder colour to be the same as that which I've used for the the codes, here I decided to not go as bright as some references would suggest, staying with the rudder the blue paint now extends onto the rudder balance as would appear to have been the units practice. CV-P 3 Sq RAAF Italy (updated 14/10/19 11:12 AUT) Of course the lion share of credit and many thanks goes to ICDP for this excellent template. Enjoy and ciao.
  4. That's the plan, as always just need to find the time.
  5. Only because I was sitting in front of the PC, when I was meant to be in bed sleeping.
  6. Thanks for the template, so naturally one has to make ones self a 3 Sq RAAF skin doesn't one. Removed the original pic' as it was just an early WIP (even now not totally satisfied).......... but here it is doing a little train spotting over Brussels.
  7. G'day First things first the 01 file just refused to upload as a DDs so I've zipped it, makes the download smaller anyway, you can grab it up the top or here :bf109G14_skin_01.zip As you can see I just got home, but have to go out to the volunteer fire brigade for training this evening, so I will not have a chance to look into your requests until tomorrow at the earliest, so stay tuned. But to answer to your question regarding the method: I extract the skins from the game files and then generally remove as much of the faux haken as I need to give myself a blank slate with the use of the clone tool, after which I then import a custom vector from Illustrator as this gives me the sharpest detail. This is followed by some more cloning to try and make it look like it was always there. To finish off I then use rivet, dirt, chip, etc layers from the official templates to help further blend the haken back into the skin, occasionally I'll also using details like overspray, chipping, etc which I'll lift from the original faux haken when necessary, there may also be some other colour editing, lile tone, darkness, etc from time to time as well. It can all tend to be quite a laborious/tedious task at times, but as I do not like the the faux haken (would much prefer a blank tail) I just do it for my own sanity. Cheers
  8. Thanks for the info, I’m away from home again (sadly a weekly occurrence) but will fix it soon, oh thanks for the tanks to. Cheers
  9. I just make them historic as that's the way I like them, and seeing that I've gone to the trouble for myself, I just choose to share them for those who are like minded, however if anyone wants to utilise them in a cohesive replacement mod, then by all means feel free to do so, it might however be nice to get a credit if such a thing was to happen. FYI I will be extracting the non-historic skins from the the newly replaced patch and historifying them soon, stay tuned.
  10. Opps it was write on the skin but not in the description, was way past my bed time when I originally posted, intro text has now been fixed. As with the above sleep deprivation allowed me to somehow delete the carriage return between skins 09 and 10, this has noew been fixed.
  11. G’day as I’m away and still as of yet to have the pleasure of downloading the new update, and as it may be a few more days before I’ll be able to do so, I’ve had to rely on living vicariously through experiences of others, jumping from one relevant topic to another. Now as features go, this one was not one that was overly high on my list and was not sure I'd even use it, however the idea to use it for notes or checklists is a great and one, which I now plan to take advantage of. Beyond that, I was also wondering if the photo image has or is able to have a normal map, as adding some distressing textures in the form of lumps, bumps or creases would be a nice additional touch.
  12. Alternative default with reworked leading edge waves see link in first post.
  13. The mesh geometry of the leading edge is quite complex and so a tad tricky to get right, so this is what I came up with, seen as applied to my personal skin.....
  14. After some frustration the download is now fixed and updated above. It is an alternative default based on the original 2k version, I chose to use a solid harken as I just liked it better for this skin, to use it as the default you will need to rename it to bf109G14.dds or just copy it into the skins directory as is and select it from the custom skins. Note that I may rework the overly aggressive leading edge wave and I may to a mor historic representation and reload it as an additional skin. Cheers
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