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  1. spudkopf

    Faux Hakenkreuz

    Looks to me like I've got a Brexit kind of result brewing, as the "I don't cares" seem to have about a 3rd of the results as do both to the leave (blank) and stay (Faux Harkenkreuz), although unlike in the UK in this case the stay vote has the nominal lead albeit by a somewhat small margin. Looks like I may have to run a second referendum Should be a simple as deleting the skins from the associated skin/texture directories, for example in the case of the Bf109G14: From \IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\graphics\Planes\bf109G14\Textures\ delete: bf109G14.dds From \IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\graphics\skins\bf109G14\ delete: bf109G14_skin_01.dds bf109G14_skin_02.dds bf109G14_skin_03.dds bf109G14_skin_05.dds bf109G14_skin_06.dds bf109G14_skin_07.dds bf109G14_skin_09.dds bf109G14_skin_10.dds
  2. Upon first seeing the Mossie and the map, that was one of my first thoughts as well. Steady on, I think they said in the briefing that the targets are the exterior wall and the guard quarters
  3. spudkopf

    Faux Hakenkreuz

    Having altered a lot of historical 4K skins, Id have to disagree, as many of the faux versions are not symmetrical and require quite a bit of effort to convincingly remove and replace so I'd personally I would prefer to start from a blank canvas, however I'd have to agree that the faux versions do offer a guide to the size, shape and style for what needs to replace them.
  4. spudkopf

    Faux Hakenkreuz

    I think you may have misunderstood, I'm not not asking for the Hakenkreuz (Swastika) as it is well understood that this is not an option, what I'm asking is to have the fake version removed and instead have plain unadorned tails and rudders on Luftwaffe skins, like that of the banners below:
  5. spudkopf

    Faux Hakenkreuz

    G’day In light of the fact that the images used for the new product banners on the stores home page do not sport the faux Hakenkreuz, I was wanting to gauge the communities overall opinion in regards to the use of the faux Hakenkreuz on the tails and rudders of Luftwaffe aircraft within the sim, over my preferred option of having no insignia at all as the default. I understand that the removal of the these faux elements would require resources that are already in scare supply, but with that said I think it would be a relatively minor task to realise, if the weight of opinion was in support of such a notion. Of course then there’s always the issue of what to do in regards to the aircraft of the Fin’s, which apart from using FiAF late/post war roundels I have no solution. Lastly as the use of the actual Hakenkreuz is simply out of the question please do not even go there.
  6. Yes the new tittle images look very polished, and dare I say it balanced. Yet what I like most about the new tittle images is that the ones with Luftwaffe aircraft pictured do not sport the Faux Hakenkreuz and instead just have no insignia at all on the rudders, this is a trend I'd dearly like to see translated into the simulation one day as standard.
  7. Wow I have to say with this announcement that baring a few exceptions, pretty much everything I want from a WWII Europe perspective, both the map and the plane set offer up so many historical opportunities well beyond the scope of operation Overlord so I'm chuffed. If you are ever able to squeeze out a Battle of 1946 (Do-335, He-162 etc) then I'll be besides myself. Thanks
  8. Let me say up front that I love the BoBp map and fully understand that there are expected compromises to be had to make a map of such size and complexity flyable, so the following are not meant as any type of criticism, and are merely observations: The absence of any power and or telegraph line network crisscrossing the landscape seems a tad strange, not a game killer by any means, just looks a tad off IMO, the addition of such infrastructure would also offer up yet another hazard for all us weed huggers to avoid. Like the missing Rhine castles, dams are another rather prominent man made feature that would seem to be absent from Rhur industrial complex, either that or Operation Chastise was way more successful than was reported, or the camouflaging techniques used by the Germans are extremely effective, just take a trip along the Möhnesee to see what I mean. One last thing, not that there would have been much call for it historically I guess, but it does seem a tad odd that when flying axis and choosing trains as a target on the new map that we still get Soviet trains, ideally these should now just be re-purposed DR trains with allied equipment, AA and the associated troops. My 0.02 dollars worth......
  9. Playing around with the OD & scratches layers and decided to make myself a fictitious / historical personal skin. Just thought I'd show it here.
  10. G'day Ripper It's here! He mentioned uploading a chipped layer in for his P38J Calafornian Cutie skin thread, as a bonus he also uploaded the OD plus Chips for the P51D, oh by the way many thanks ICDP for both! Spud Alternatively in both CS6 and CC you can just make a copy of the existing Alpha1 layer, then paste directly into the original, for me it always centres the new art within the original, and replaces it, there's no need to do anything else as it automatically merges. I tend to keep multiple renamed Alphas in the template (ie for swapping between different plane codes sets, etc). I just make sure there is only one Alpha layer called Alpha1 and that it is on top of all other Alpha layers. When saving out PP will prompt you that it has found multiple Alphas and that will use Alpha1, which you just OK too. Used to do it the proper way as you've listed deleting and such, but this method saves me quite a bit of time and some of the additional effort is all I have to do is rename the alpha i want to use and then move it back to the top.
  11. Seeing that ICDP released an OD and paint chip layers for the P51D template, I decided to see how OD green looked on KH677 along with the extra ware and tare of paint chips, IMO I liked it and may even prefer the OD green, which may have actually been the green applied by NAA, so decided to also make it available here, I'll leave it up to you can to make up your mind which is better. RAAF 3 Sq CVP KH677 OD green (V3) Enjoy
  12. G’day Jason I found that I was getting microS after the patch with my pre-patch settings, that is with clouds set to high and it was much more noticeable when nearing a large population centre on the BoBp map, so I assumed it was basically a graphic load issue, seemed to mostly dissapear when I went down one level on the cloud setting, sorry for the anecdotal evidence, however I’m away from my PC at the moment and so can’t give you my full settings or spec’s or make a track at present, needles to say with weather set for clear sky’s there is minimal if any microS. As for macroS, it was indeed random and still seems apparent after the cloud setting was reduced, as they are quite erratic and small in number I’ve more or less just put up with it, but my guess is that it happens when a new object is created, I like hunting trains and I think it happens when the train is first loaded, but as I said this is only a guess.
  13. So for anyone else wondering where the port and starboard wing tip navigation light fitting texture is, it here (see below) between the gear led door covers, with the top to the left and the bottom to the right. I've upload a fixed version of my current RAAFstang KH677, this will also has a slightly refined cam pattern on the port wing and also on the nose forward of the firewall. Of course as the one mesh services both lights, you will need to make sure the same colour terminates at the same point on the wing tip I had to extend the cam on the starboard wind a tad as you can see below:
  14. Reworked CV-P, KH716 to make it more historical and to bring it closer to what is seen in pictures, this involved tweaking the code letters to better reflect the correct shape, fixing of the spinner so that now only the Hub cap is painted and further moving of the serials a tad as well. KH716 I've also created CV-P in the guise of KH677, using a cam pattern loosely based on that of the game RAF default. KH677 (Updated 17:14 Au time, sorry but what can I say, other than I'm a born tweaker) Enjoy
  15. I so know very much your pain, I was up well past midnight tweaking the alignment of the skin below.. Seeing that I'd already started working on a standard (if there is any such thing) RAF camo, which have I based on that used in the game default RAF, I decided to finish it off before starting the so called firewall scheme which is what CV-W is is supposed to be actually wareing. I chose to keep going as I plan to do the KH677 version of CV-P as well. Which by the way I'll be uploading an updated version KH716 with some more historical corrections soon
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