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    Fw190F8, Wk. Nr 63801022 Sweden.

    German markings where crudely over painted with Swede light blue (on all surfaces), it was test flown on the 28/02/45 by Lambert Mueller of the Swedish Air Force, but on the second flight the gear failed to extend and he had to belly land, the plane was then sent to Swedish Air Force test centre for technical examination and static testing, eventually being scrapped in 1947. So not a illustrious career by any means, but if it was indeed a re-manufactured air frame, then who knows what kind service 63801022 may have seen previously, maybe could have even starting her service life as an A5
  2. G'day All This time around I've tried to recreate a Luftwaffe Fw190F8R1, Werk Nummer 63801022. (As usual a big thank you to ICDP for providing his excellent 4K template) First up a little background into the aircraft brief Luftwaffe at service (well least as Wk.Nr 63801022). Fw. Hans-Josef Dietel was tasked to ferry the plane from a repair facility in Halle to Kolberg, for what ever reason he was unable to make Kolberg and ended up landing on Usedom Island, where after waiting for 4 days for fuel set out again, however due to a navigation error he ended up landing in Sweden on the 3rd of February 1945, where both he and the aircraft were interned. A few things drew me to this scheme, first up the aircraft is devoid of any unit marking, only sporting simplified national markings and an 8 digit werk nummer. It seems possible that aircraft was re-manufactured and thus repainted in a late, highly simplified camouflage scheme, with mottling seemingly restricted to just the tail and rudder surfaces, while the joins between cowling, fuselage and tail offer natural barriers between demarcation for the two greys* used, also of note, as is the the blue filled fuselage balkenkreuz (although there is some suggestion that this may be bare metal). *sources tend to differ on the colours used, so I just settled for 74/75/76, along with some partially unpainted under-wing surfaces. Although the images provided above mostly show a sanitised aircraft, both skins with and with out Hakenkreuz have been provided. I've also linked a versions of the 63801022 skin without the werk nummer, for use as a generic skin. So just click on the links below to download your desired version or versions. 63801022 Haken 63801022 Kein Haken 63801022 Kein Werk Nummer 63801022 Kein Werk Nummer und Haken What no faux hakenkreuz I hear you cry, well my personal preference is to fly historically with the hakenkreuz in place, however when I am denied this for what ever reason, I then prefer to fly sans hakenkreuz entirely, as frankly the faux hakenkreuz personally just irritate me no end, I for one would not miss them at all should they go and would find blank tails a totally acceptable alternative, but again that's just my opinion. Anyway enjoy..... Cheers
  3. Sneak peak 63801022, Sweden....... See the thread at the to of the page for updated links to the MKHL FW190s
  4. spudkopf

    Official Skin Template Links (Updated 8/5/18)

    G'day I have what I hope is a fairly simple request, in that I have noticed that all axis aircraft templates except for the Ju52 have a wire frame (mesh) layer, so I would like ask if it would be at all possible for the template of Ju52 be updated to include the wire frame layer as well, as this would be greatly appreciated? As I have been doing some skinning of the Ju52 of late it would be handy to have this layer available, so as to be able to define the shape and boundaries of many of especially smaller parts (as there is a hell of a lot of hinging going on), it's been taking me a quite considerable amount of trial and error to get it right without the aid of said mesh as a guide. And not only for the small fiddly bits as It would be equally welcome in defining where major parts like fuselage sections, wings, tail planes, etc all start and finish, thus far I've had to resort to comparing existing skins to work this out, however most tend to have a fare amount of additional fudge (over spray) in them which is OK until you want to add or align something like stripes for instance. I guess it goes without saying that if there are any other public templates that are likewise lacking of this layer, then could I ask that they be similarly updated as well thanks. Cheers
  5. Coming soon, to a front near you..................
  6. .....you know what they say, if your going to do something, then you might as well not under do it..... HA - DUR tweaked some.....
  7. For a slight change of pace, I decided to have a little muck around with the 4K template of the Ju 52 3/m G4e 4K by 6./ZG26_5tuka. As soon as you open his template you can see he's but a lot of effort and I dare say time into capturing Tante Ju's wrinkly skin, I especially like the fold and crease details he added to the ends of each the corrugation ribs, which I can only assume must have sent him batty. So a very big thank you for all the good work. I decided to continue with the Royal Hungarian Air Force (MKHL) theme and have added two transport and two ambulance skins, all based on rather sketchy google search results, one of the ambulances is presented in a 71/65 scheme, I have no idea how accurate or even historic this is, but again it just adds to the overall variety. Links are up for the following: HA - DUR S.2+07 S.2+24 U8+63 U8+65 U8+67 Enjoy Still to come: MKHL Ambulance 70/71/65 still tweaking MKHL Ambulance 71/65 still tweaking As with the Fw190, if you have not done so already, you will need to download normal map which is linked in skin release thread, Cheers
  8. spudkopf

    Ju 52 3/m G4e 4k Template Released

    Took a some of time and a lot of shuffling around of the relevant element layers, but I think I kind of fixed it up enough for my needs. As for those stripes I mentioned, here's a WIP...... Many thanks for the template.
  9. spudkopf

    Ju 52 3/m G4e 4k Template Released

    Well I found a small but tad frustrating issue in that all the details (rivets, corrugations, panel lines, etc ) of the starboard (right) vertical fin are all about 3 or 4 of pixels high and so do not align with the details of the port (left) side of the tail fin or indeed with the right rudder, this I found while trying to align some stripes on the fin and rudders. I have tried in (so far unsuccessfully) to try and fix this but just seem to mush it up. Cheers
  10. Thanks, that's exactly why I decided to make at least a Schwärme worth of skins. I've based my skins on the profiles found in the following references and more specifically the one on top. Now the authors have chosen to give several of the aircraft that they profiled in this title Yellow cowl numbers, however they do not go on to explain in any detail as to why this choice and I can see nothing in the tonal qualities of supporting photos that are reproduced in the title to overtly suggest this either, however I'm guessing it may have been more obvious in the original source material and so I've decided to also apply yellow cowl numbers to my skins for 17 and 24, as for nothing else it does at least give the skin set a little more variety, but I could also release alternate versions of these two skins with white cowl numbers if there was any such interest. I also plan to see if I can get myself copies of George (György) Punka's other Hungarian WWII titles to see if there is any further info in regards to the use of yellow cowl numbers, and to use as references for other potential German aircraft / Hungarian skins. Thanks also for all the up votes and other positive reactions. Cheers
  11. OK I think it's all sorted now, the following can now be found in the updated link at the top of the page, Enjoy.
  12. Well as usual, I've reviewed my reference and checked it against other sources and have come to the that some tweaking is required, namely in that the fuselage numbers are a tad under scale and as such the corresponding width of the fuselage band is also brought into question. I am currently making these adjustments to my W-505 skin and once happy will translate the changes to the remainder of the other aircraft, along with some minor aircraft specific marking changes that I neglected to include thus far. So I should be posting an updated link in the next couple of days, sorry about that. Cheers
  13. Thanks guys the link has now been added to the initial post, enjoy.