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  1. spudkopf

    Are their any Canadians here?

    Canada = Stargate = Cool.
  2. Link to all my default replacements, now with chipped markings, I was a tad lazy this time around and have linked all of them to a common share page. File explanation: Bf109K4.dds = RLM 75/83/76, same as the original default, but with Haken and RLM 66 on hood, . Bf109K4_81_83_76 = RLM 81/83/76, RLM 83 is the Hell (bright) version Bf109K4_81_83_76a = RLM 81/83/76/76a (on fuselage only), RLM 83 is the Hell (bright) version Bf109K4_NS.dds = Kein Haken Bf109K4_N66.dds = No RLM 66 on hood Bf109K4_NS_N66.dds = Kein Haken and no RLM 66 on hood Enjoy
  3. Well you did the lions share of the work, without your templates stuff like this would all be a truck load harder to do, all I really do is tweak things to my liking. I check the 4K portal of the forum daily just to see if there's been another ICDP template released. (Each time with the expectation that some high numbered Gs may have been uploaded, hint) Case in point, I've attempted to re-apply the distressed look of the original default skins markings, trying to simply upscale the markings from the 2K template, just exaggerated the pixel stepping which became especially evident on the fuselage crosses, so I had to drag them out into Illustrator and back for some tweakage to reduce this. I have also layered the scratches to try and give them varying depths of penetration, this did reduce the overall extent and severity of the scratches, but I think it kind of works. Note: I've corrected the inconsistent thickness of the wing crosses since these screen shots were taken. The chipped versions will be uploaded later today.
  4. @ROTER_BART I read your post just before hitting the hey last night and was going to mention what ICDP said about the RLM66, however I decided when I got up this morning to some defaults without the RLM66 painted Erla Haube as well. I also attempted to up-scale the distressed national markings, but this just did not cut the mustard, looking too chunky at 200%, but plan to experiment further with this. So for the moment: My 4K versions of default 2K skin based a ICDP's v6 Template Mit Haken no 66 Kein Haken no 66 My reworked versions of the above using 81, 83, 76 colours: Mit Haken no 66 Kein Haken no 66 (Nue) My re-reworked versions using 81, 83, 76a (fuselage) colours: Mit Haken no 66 Kein Haken no 66 Enjoy
  5. Even though the release of this updated v6 template has lead to me having to reload all of my K4 skins (and update my personal ones) I would like thank ICDP again, for providing the template and his ongoing efforts to correct any issues when they are found. The following links are to my previously released K4 skins refreshed to v6 (at the time of posting ), there are also links to some additional variations. (Note that the links in my original postings have also been updated) My 4K versions of default 2K skin based a ICDP's v6 Template Mit Haken Kein Haken My reworked versions of the above using 81, 83, 76 colours: Mit Haken Kein Haken (Nue) My re-reworked versions using 81, 83, 76a (fuselage) colours: Mit Haken Kein Haken Here's my I KG(J) 6 White 10 Mit Haken Faux Haken (Nue) Here's a I KG(J) 6 scheme without any number, this one also has the 75a fuselage and a 75/83 stencilled tail. Mit Haken Faux Haken Cheers
  6. spudkopf

    Graphics, models and maps

    Brief description: Coal tender on Soviet trains destroyed state model faulty Detailed description, conditions: Adding to my previous post, on closer inspection It also appears that for Soviet trains at least, that the Loko's Coal Tender may no longer display any kind of damaged model. I have not checked this for German trains, but will do so and report back.
  7. Baherove (Багерово/Багерове) wikimapia-Bagerovo-Air-Base
  8. spudkopf

    Who lives in London, England???

    I have several lasting memories of driving the motorways with my then fiance (now wife) in the UK, we traveled from London up the east to St Andrew's, with a detour via Cambridge and various airplane museums back in 91. The first was having a Tornado (not the wind kind) landing parallel with us. The confusion of the figure 8 style roundabouts, continually missing the exit I actually wanted to take, after a while I just considered the first two circuits as practice runs. But the the number one memory was a stage when the wife was driving, we were in a Ford Fiesta, and I noticed it was making one hell of a racket, so I asked what gear she was in and she replied "top, but I cant even make 90", it was at this point that I had to remind her that the speedo was in MPH not KMPH The fact that nearly everything else was in imperial measurements, but you still bought petrol by the Litre may have been a contributing factor to the above situation.
  9. If you need someone to fly deep behind enemy lines and bomb precision targets during the holiday season , who ya gonna call? I KG(J) 6 that's who! I've just uploaded a white 10 version, this being identical to the skin previously shown above except for the number, for those who are interested go to the links below the spoiler. Noting that even though it goes against the grain I've uploaded a Faux haken version, seeing that having no haken at all (my personal PC'ed preference) just looks strange, enjoy. Mit Haken Faux Haken
  10. Broke out my cherished and much referenced copy of Monogram Close-Up 16 and decided to try and recreate the factory scheme template shown within using ICDPs template. I basically re-did the entire cam' pattern (except for the horizontal stabilisers) and I must say the leading edge UV mapping misalignment was not a fun aspect for doing this. As can be seen hidden in the spoiler above, using combinations of the 4 basic colours allows the creation of 8 (at least) different base paints. On skins where RLM 76a is used I have only applied this to the fuselage, to reflect the fact that major components where often manufactured at separate sites, before final assembly, and so there is also a subtle colour difference on the rudder. Still a WIP and mainly for my own consumption, but I'm happy to share if there is interest.
  11. For those like minded souls, I thought I'd share the fruits of my labours and upload my recreated K4 default based skins...... Corrected the fault from earlier and have now uploaded files 4K versions of default 2K skin based a ICDP's Template revision 4 ( at the moment ): Mit Haken Kein Haken While here are my reworked versions of the above using 81, 83, 76 colours: Mit Haken Kein Haken Again much thanks to ICDP for the K44K template, that makes such work possible in the first place. Enjoy
  12. Well as I said the other day I took the cam' layers from the 2K template and up-scaled them into the 4K template, because I had grown quite fond of that scheme and wanted the game default skin to stay more or less the same , today I decided to tweak the colours somewhat and add some basic markings just for fun, and I think (IMO) that the result although probably not historic kind of doesn't look half bad.....
  13. Thanks for all the great surprises, and the Spit IXe now looks so much better with the right chappy sitting in the cockpit 😄 So is it just me, or are those two large cranes located in the industrial complex at the South East of Vostochnyy Rayon new, or have I just not noticed them before? I was going to post a pic, but it was just way too late and also way to hot last night when I actually noticed (avoided hitting) them
  14. spudkopf

    Graphics, models and maps

    Oopps! Now they vanish all together, either that or they where carrying some extremely volatile cargo
  15. Yeah and I can see why you gave the balance of the rudder a wide birth on your skins, sure is some crazy stretching going on there, but in the end I was able to work it out. Not lazy at all, more over these are the very reasons I choose to use your skins/templates, apart from the simple fact that they are truly excellent and a joy to work with. There are a few other 109s that need similar attention (hint), not wanting to take anything away from other great 109 templates out there, but the fact that these are not backward compatible with the defaults tends to make me reluctant to use them. Cheers