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  1. On an OS holiday at the moment, so it's kind of a triple edged sword in that I'm having fun being away but that means I won't be able to fly the A/F8 or the just purchased FC content for another three weeks, but the third edge is that by then the rest of you should have ironed out all the kinks. Until I get back I guess things like this will just have to do..... Thanks for the the RoF discount code, purchase of TC will have to wait until I get back home as I still need some spending money while I'm away.
  2. spudkopf

    Mod Wish List

    As others have mentioned, a put your face here pilot skin option would be a nice touch and would be at the top of my list, hopefully it's a relatively simple texture extraction related Mod. Consider me vain but I do like to see me sitting in my ride of choice, it's the same reason I choose to fly in planes with historically accurate yet generic skins and not those of some known pilot. 4K damage textures sounds like a nice idea, however I fear as these are all aeroplane type specific it would require a truck load of work to pull it off for them all. Due to the main HUD's large banner size, early on I hid it and ever since then no matter what settings I've chosen (even tried setting things back to default), I've not been able to get it back, so instead I just resorted to flying on instruments, which in the long run I guess is the more realistic way anyway and now I don't miss it at all, but it would be nice if the map (M) was not linked to the other hidden items and could be hidden and un-hidden separately, but that's a coding thing and not a mod.
  3. Thanks guys, I did not think to look for the missing dll outside of the Sim's directory, I found one in the widows directory and promptly copied that into the directory of the viewer and now all is good,
  4. G'day All I originally purchased BoS early access not to long after it being announced, fully knowing that my PC build at the time would be less than adequate to the task, but now that I have PC setup with enough grunt to really do it any justice, so until now I have only been a fringe dweller and have missed a lot of what go on in the mean time, and I'm having to play a lot of catch up. So I was looking through the skinning threads, when I was amazed to learn that there is a model viewer built-in, this revelation would mean no more having to load up the sim just to the check my skin tweaks, well that at least that was what I thought until I tried to launch the viewer and my smile turned upside down when I got a message stating "The code execution cannot proceed because mfc140u.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem." I was not to put out at first, as this had happened the first time I tried to load up my long dormant sim after all the excruciatingly slow updates, a quick search of the forum on this occasion alerted me to the fact that some cases after patching some dll files had and extra extension that was removed would resolve that problem, which it did. Sadly the dll in question this time is nowhere to be found, anywhere within the \1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad directory, so the same fix cannot be applied in this instance. There is only one reference to mfc140u.dll on the forum and in that thread it basically stated that the rerunning of the launcher fixed the problem and not too much else. So here I am to ask if anybody else has had this issue, or if someone could send me a copy of the missing dll to see if that alone will resolve the my issue? Cheers Spud
  5. spudkopf

    Can't save i dds format

    G'day JR Thank you for your quick response, I knew it had to be something simple, and it was just the simple checking of the include all mips in the import box that was the issue. I went to what I thought was the template page but every link their was broken (thanks Google), so thank you for pointing me to the right place. As I said this was just to be a basic tweak so for now the default skin as a base was good for this test, but I will look at redoing it again with the proper template later on, but for now.....
  6. spudkopf

    Can't save i dds format

    G'day All Taking my first baby steps into the world of skinning for BoS, etc, etc.... so I downloaded the Nvidia plug-in and installed that into my CS6 copy of PS I decided I'd start small and just tweek one of the default Bf109E7 skins for my own personal use. For this I used one of the historically corrected skins from Mitthrawnuruodo/Panthercules (many thanks by the way for that). After making my minor changes I then attempt to save the file, however I got an error stating "image width must be multiple of four". Just to be sure I then re-opened the original file, but when I tried to save that out as well I got the same error. I've done a quick search on the forum, but that yield exactly naught, with this thread being the only candidate coming not even close, but hey, got to start somewhere. Cheers