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    110 in BoS?

    BUMP! Feel free to use it!
  2. Guess it's just like on a racetrack, you accept the consequences and risks beforehand, and as long as it's not on purpose you're just damn unlucky. No need for apologies, it just happens. Shame about the plane though, I love seeing them in the air.
  3. Feeling happy I did not pre-order.
  4. Yeah DCS ww2 really surprised me. I like the '44 setting, just as much as I like any other ww2 period really. Especially since the Ardenne offensive was in '44 it could make for some really good missions. We'll see jet fighters too, those are going to be tricky kites I figure. I read a book about the Luftwaffe in that timeframe, it's called 'The last year of the Luftwaffe may '44 till may '45', I would recommend it to anyone interested in this particular period. It covers all the aspects: fueling, pilots, airplanes, distribution of the forces, flak, V-weapons, frontlines on all sides and their collapse, political mismanagement and the last big military operations. But also integrated are personal accounts of pilots and commanders in the Luftwaffe.
  5. Luftwaffe flew a lot over enemy terretory (BOF, BOB, MED you name it) A lot of high score german aces flew on the Eastern front, hunting for VVS planes over USSR ground because they didn't actively fly over German territory until '43.
  6. Sven

    110 in BoS?

    BF110 with the wasp skin! Yes please!
  7. Massive effort was also put into rebuilding German factories, especially the synthetic oil and petrol plants. Within a couple of weeks the factories were already running. The Luftwaffe's main problem was having so many aircraft and aircrew tied up to the defense of the Reich to protect it's civilian populace that they were short on pilots on fronts which were more important to prolong the war. The me262 could've relieved the Luftwaffe to renew efforts to counter both Russian forces and the forces in the West.
  8. Having no track IR is no excuse for being a poor pilot. Been flying flight sims for 10 years and never touched a head tracking device. But then again I'm not a dogfighter, I kill my opponents 'Hartmann' style.
  9. Sven


    Homuth checking in We'll be fully prepared when BOS launches! Our campaign is running at full speed and keeping our pilots sharp, ready to fight over the skies of Stalingrad! A fitting action video from the campaign: http://youtu.be/g5MO_itxE7A?t=30m30s
  10. Favorite Planes: 1. BF109 (Ace-making fighter of the Luftwaffe) 2. Ju87 Stuka ( Howling sirens and fearful plane throughout the war, fantastic ) 3. Me262 ( Jet fighter flown by the last aces of the Luftwaffe, high speed attacks on hundreds of flying fortresses) 4. Ju-88 ( 'Do it all' of the Luftwaffe, night fighter, fast bomber, recon, torpedo, dive bomber) 5. Macchi C.200 ( Shot down uncountable amounts of Wildcats and Spitfires in this Italian bird on the North-Africa maps on Warbirds of Prey server, the chat often displayed: "How can you possibly turn with me blue fighter???!!) Favorite Battle: Rommel's North-Africa campaign
  11. Nice post Gavagai. I heard from a US military pilot that turning your head whilst performing maneuvers whilst flying at high speed is very difficult because of the forces involved. I hope that this is taken into account for BOS!
  12. I'll have to try it first, for the same reasons mentioned by Trupobaw. And also find out if longer use of the product has any side-effects like motion sickness or eye-strain. Also a tad worried about having a screen so close to your eyes because of small amounts of radiation, having your screen at an arm's length is much better in that regard.
  13. In any case, this thread has showed us that there are drawbacks to the concept that every plane needs to have the same FM as a player controlled aircraft. A bomber or transport plane can have a simple version of the FM and yet retain realistic performance and behaviour. We are now pretty much stuck with planes which a lot of players want to fly, but miss aircraft like small unarmed transports or reconnaissance planes which can 'fill up' missions. By losing this content the appeal to fly long campaigns and play the sim for several years drops off quick. This is has been my experience with ROF in the past, I hope the team reconsiders using simpler FM for simple AI aircraft (relative).
  14. Agree with the OP. I Would rather pay reasonable full game price of 60 dollars, for every complete add-on with new map and planeset. But not willing to pay 50 for an inferior planeset, so for me the only option would be to pay 90 as I don't want to be left behind in online servers. For me it's only fun if I'm on a level play field, or have the option to be, sometimes I fly inferior aircraft for learning purposes. Just voicing what I prefer here, not an attack on devs. FW190 and LA5 are evidently more modern (especially 190), faster and better equipped fighters than the BF109F4/G2 or Yak-1/LaGG3.
  15. 'Tante Ju' should be in as an AI plane, it played a huge part in the air war in the area and prolonged the Stalingrad battle by means of transport to the encircled city. Don't quite get the 'no-AI planes only' approach either, just leaves out a lot of important/significant planes which few want to fly. I get their approach though. They don't make the game for long lasting appeal, same with ROF. The JU52 would be a great addition to missions but will create no revenue from the masses that just want to get into the fastest ride and dogfight in QMB or play in a server.
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