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  1. Well I would like to help them, problem is that I am out of time at this moment. Haven’t even been playing lately.
  2. Like someone mentioned, only WWI planes were affected, some bug fixed.
  3. How about proper update and change log? Are they working on it too? Have you seen League of Legends update descriptions? Wonder what would happen if RITO would do just "so many things changed, that it is too long to write".
  4. Why I need to log every time now??? Last patch worked well this linking with steam, now I have to log every damn time!
  5. Got reply from developers, that they would give me more info on HE ammunition. But didn''t receive anything yet. I put it back. But I need to do more testing if it is DM or net code. If I get same results offline, means it is DM and then they will look in to it. Need also redo flying w/o wing several times. If I will get same results, they will look in to it.
  6. Too bad Siddy is shooting chutes. Though he was ok guy. But seems like that is the only thing he can hit Is this chute killing really thing on TAW? I never have been shot in the chute. Rarely bail out tho. Some of other Finnish guys started to shoot chutes as they have been shot. I must admit, that I will probably start shooting chutes too, if I will get shot in the chute, at least for couple of missions. What is the point of shooting chutes? To remove some aces from that top5 fighters scoreboard. Why? EDIT: LLv34 is not shooting chutes in any circumstances. Order of our s
  7. I hope you will get enough money after tank game and this WW1 game and BoBP to actually fix some core stuff like net code.
  8. 1. Bf 109-F4, agile and good firepower, even called my cat Franz because of that. And other variants I just love these planes, the design, the motors, how advanced they were in the beginning compared to other planes. 2. Fw-190 A3-A5, really nice plane of it's time. 3. P-47, the firepower and dive speed. Dunno why, but always loved that plane. 4. Spit I-V. The arch enemy of my beloved planes. 5. La-5FN. The arch enemy number two. I like the look and character. How fast SU got the plane competitive. Theatres: BoB, the most even battle between 109E's and Spit1's. B
  9. I think it is better that one guy will make those tests. I will try to make them same way so the accuracy of the test will be same. It will take some time and as I understood they are pretty busy. But if this will be confirmed, they will look in to Spit DM and FM.
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