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  1. Been moving/changing jobs past six months. Went to fire up IL-2 and Dserver and I've no idea what my old DServer information was. What/who is the point of contact to retrieve my account data for that? (or should I just request a new Dserver account - and how?)
  2. Whatever game/theatre comes next (if we indeed get one) I'd only insist that all current planes be useful. Even if this means falsifying history, for me and my mates BoS is good...but became quite stale with the tiny selection of aircraft. BoM is a nice addition and wherever it goes next, even if it's Africa, the Pacific theatre etc. make sure to allow all the BoS/BoM planes. Besides who wouldn't enjoy some theoretical Russian/Japanese aviation skirmishes over some Pacific islands etc. I think Kuban is the right move if they want to stay in the same area. I think Africa would be smart
  3. Looking good. Personally don't care about the skins - we have plenty of snowy/Russian/German ones. I can cope with a handful of alternate skins. Besides we'll have desert skins for the 110, P-40, 109, and I'd imagine the 2002. Enough to do a small African dogfight if you ignore the fact you're flying over Russia.
  4. What a cool little plane. I can't wait for these planes to flesh out the skies.
  5. Reinstalled six different versions of C++ and everything is running okay at the moment.
  6. Roger that. I googled it a while last night - reinstalling the redistributable stuff right now. Hopeful from what I've seen online.
  7. Does anyone understand this? I'm dead in the water (and furious). Re-installed Windows (same hard drive, same version). Re-installed Steam games, including IL-2. Now I receive this error when trying to load either dserver or editor. If I can't resolve this, unfortunately I'll be done with IL-2. Been waiting since it's release to make and host missions.
  8. Awesome stuff there. I just love that damn plane. :D
  9. Finally...with the release of the DServer and Editor the other guys in my group have picked up the game and we're playing it the way we want (100% expert settings...WITH external views - we like watching each other go down in flames!). This is what we were hoping the game would become. The guys are still miffed about the unlocks (they picked up the normal version) but we're getting there!
  10. So...can you play cooperative, but for the moment we just have to save it as a DM? I'll try that - having the exact same issues.
  11. I know making a normal Cooperative mission (as I have dozens of times in RoF) does not get recognized by the Dserver app. I haven't bothered going back to look at it.
  12. The grass better be 100% accurate to the colour/texture/density/twist rate etc. of the actual grass at Moscow or this game is a joke...an absolute joke!
  13. That's the main issue. We play RoF and it all works fine...yet we can't join each other's stuff in BoS. Really hoping someone has an idea we haven't tried.
  14. Buddy of mine and I were trying to run DServer (using our current BoS accounts - haven't received DServer accounts yet). We've done the usual 28000-28100 port forwarding, and we can host servers and see each other's --- yet not join. No real reason we can determine. Is anyone else having this problem? Solutions?
  15. Question...which map are you using? If you're using the huge Stalingrad map - an old ROF practice was that you really had to delete any towns/bridges/cities etc. you weren't going to be using --- because your game may be trying to run all of the towns/cities/bridges in the entire map. For example, in ROF if you used to the largest map they suggested you basically select a 50x50 KM area to use...and delete everything else. You'd group everything you wanted to keep, create a group name and then delete all the other groups on the map. This is just a guess. I know my ME won't even run when
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