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  1. Dear all ladies, I may have an solution. I uninstalled the game, and reinstalled it again, and now it works fine for me. One error though. When the message comes that the mission is complete, it is written in french. I can live with that but...it should be changed.
  2. No. Nothing worked for me. I tried to restart. I tried to validate my files and 1 tried starting in the air. Nothing help. Now i will try to reinstall the game and come back to you. I hope the Dev team are reading all of this too!
  3. Everytime i try to begin my career, (just before the flight), it pops up with another face than the one i choosed. And then i get the message "Error. Automission start failed". It makes the game impossible to play. What can i do? Johnny F. Error.pdf
  4. PROBLEM!!! I am new on this, and i would like to ask a question. I have made an account with Tactical Air War called Johnny DK. I have my IL-2 BOS account called DjankoDK. When ever i log in on IL2, and choose the TAW server in multiplayer it stats my name as djankoDK. And when i try på fly in TAW server, i get a "You may not fly this plane. Leave or you will be kicked". What am i doing wrong? and how do i use my TAW account on IL2 BOS? (Steam version). Thx
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