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  1. Yeah. I quess it is possible. Despite me & some team mates monitoring the situation for the 2 hour duration of the map. And never witnessing any indications of such attack. But I admit anything is possible. (Come to think of it, it is also possible that I will get lucky with Piper Perabo tonight..)
  2. I wonder if someone would be kind enough to clarify some supply mission mathematics to me? -I just flew 4 supply flights with Ju-52 into Abganerovo. The damage to that field was 21% at the start of the map. Ju-52 is supposed to bring ~7% supplies per flight. Now, 4 x 7% = 28% in my book. I was in the air practically the entire 2 hours of the map in question. Not once did I see any indication of Abganerovo being attacked by reds, no reports, no visual cues of enemy activity whatsoever. Yet, at the start of the next map the damage in Abganerovo was 15%. So, did someone mystically bomb that field without it being registered and reported at all? Without any new damage being shown at the field during successive landings? Or, does the "approximately 7% supply capacity of Junkers 52" actually mean ~1,5%? -Luomu
  3. Ahem, my ancient TIR 3 doesn't seem to work with 5.2.200 software. Any recommendations/help for the computerially challenged noob would be greatly appreciated..
  4. My VERY old TIR also does not work. I'm using 4.2.039 software which they say is the latest version I'm supposed to use.
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