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  1. ~S~mate. I don't know what to say. You have tried all the usual suspects. Mine worked out of the box. I have no "Updates" folder in my install. I pinned an .exe icon to the taskbar and hit it once in a while, click d/l all and it happens. Great memories flying at JO. I know it was you in the incident. ~S~ mate. DDStrider
  2. @DDSnacko ~S~ mate! My game is in C://IL2 Battle of Stalingrad and this works for me. Check the destination path or do a delete and d/l again. Very convenient for a skin whore like me, lol! Still remember our online rolling scissors dogfight when practicing in JO Advanced Fighter 3, with 7 revolutions! Best of the season and Merry Christmas mate! DDStrider
  3. ~S~, all! What would be the installation path for these music files in BOS, please and thank you. Strider
  4. Dear Dev's, Thanks for P-40 on schedule (woohoo!) and important fixes. D/L'd fast. Your team sustains an amazing pace of cures and advancements. You fix stuff that I didn't know had a problem. Your attention to detail is why I bought this sim. More than happy to be part of the BOS/BOM community. Fly happy! Never be afraid to escape a bad situation. ~S~ Strider
  5. ~S, all! @Sim Thanks so much, m8! Even this newb can handle that. ~S! Strider
  6. ~S, all. So I gather that its fly with blue snow in community created missions until the atmospheric option in the mission is updated? Not being a mission builder myself, could someone please advise the correct path to this option so I could do it myself? Or am I underestimating the difficulty in doing so? Thanks in advance! ~S! Strider
  7. ~S~! I would also like to know what advantage a Steam account gives to the holder. Seems its not a newb question ( although I am certainly a newb about this). Thanks for any comments/replies. Good hunting! Strider
  8. ~S, m8~ Would you mind posting your stick settings in game and CH Controller, if you use it? Actually, anyone using a Fighterstick is invited to share their settings. This should probably be a separate topic. Mine is jerky and sometimes reverses yaw input. Thanks for your time! Strider
  9. +1! I got burned badly once by a HDD crash---K's of $ and months to rebuild my accounting files. Of course, the tax people picked that time for an audit. Nightmare! Triple backup's are a necessary pain. "Better save than sorry"! Thanks All! ~S! Strider
  10. I'm a firm believer in triple back-ups but that's just business me. My question was whether the update will wipe my personal settings and it appears as it will. ,We'll see. Thanks, M8! Cheers! Strider
  11. Thanks, M8, and for all your contributions, long time fan in all comments, mods, etc. I admire your intensity in pursuit of what's right and cool. That;s ok. I have screenies of all Controls screen settings, so re-setting is a minute incovenience compared to what is promised in 1.009. ~S Stider
  12. ~S All! As the title says, should I save my input folder or anything else? A search brought up a thread about Version 1.004 and Zak said not to or there could be bad consequences due to changes in input folder. Thanks in advance! Cheers! Strider
  13. ~s! All! Great news. Can I pre-order a pre-order? Cheers! Strider
  14. ~S, M8's. Suggestion. Go to your local flying school and purchase an actual Pilot's Log Book. Or get one online. ~S! Strider
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