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  1. I like a lot of what has been said already. I'd love to see dynamic visual damage and "deformable" aluminum skins and fuselage parts, wrinkling and crumpling realistically upon contact. I've seen some of this in racing games even today and think it'd be a neat bit of eye candy in a flight sim.
  2. Yep, this worked for me! Sadly my machine can't handle the 150km draw distance but no microstutters now!
  3. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one and I'll be trying these suggestion the next time I play! Glad there seems to be a workaround!
  4. Ahhh, I understand. Thanks for the quick reply! I guess I got my wires crossed.
  5. Not sure if this is the right place to post this but I pre-ordered the premium edition of Battle of Kuban back in December however I'm not seeing the 109 G6 or the La-5FN available for me to fly. Anyone else experience this or know why that may be? The premium edition does include the two collector aircraft, correct?
  6. I tend to fly Luftwaffe birds but of the new aircraft, the P-39 is the one I'm looking forward to most I think. Such a weird little plane, and I like that!
  7. Off topic but am I seeing some markings that say ME 209? If so, given the rarity and experimental nature of the 209 this surely was a misidentification but with what, I wonder? Some of the said markings honestly looks more like NE 209 or 200 but that makes even less sense. Maybe MC 200?
  8. Hello Bear. Good to see you again. And yeah, I was referring to the pilot pic in the career menus but custom pilot skins would be nice too!
  9. I assume there's a way to use our own face? I'm uh...asking for a friend...
  10. Without a doubt the dynamic campaign is what I'm looking forward to most and indeed is what I've wanted from the start!
  11. Given the scale and focus of BoBP, the presence of heavies isn't really needed beyond perhaps as dressing/static targets for allied airfields.
  12. Yeah, it's rather odd and I do think this dynamic needs to be revisited and looked at again by the devs. I've failed missions despite making it back to base and performing a nice deadstick landing and completed missions despite dying after I had passed the "exit point". Maybe things will make a bit more sense with the new dynamic campaign? Put simply, if I make it back behind friendly lines alive after completing the objectives, the mission should be a success even in the case of bailout or bellylanding. The campaign then progresses accordingly based on my health (or lack thereof). If I'm injured, convalescence should be factored depending on severity. If I crash land or bailout behind enemy lines, then the proximity to the front should factor on whether I'm captured or escape, with some level of chance factored in. It's been many years but I'm pretty sure the dynamic campaign introduced in Forgotten Battles handled things in just this way. I'm going off on a tangent but regardless, I shouldn't count as a "kill" for the enemy (or "destroyed") until my plane contacts the ground "violently", I force land outside the vicinity of a friendly airfield, I bailout or am literally killed (either in the cockpit or from bad bailout). Unless I'm killed, none of that should affect mission success if it occurs behind friendly lines and the mission objectives were completed.
  13. Dive brakes on a P-47? That's new to me too!
  14. I've wondered about this myself. I'd be curious to know what the hurdle is, in that regard.
  15. Just gorgeous all around! That A-20 is impressive indeed. It might be just me but I tend to find the painted parts on these wartime aircraft in BoX to be too shiny but damn the models are stunning! Beautiful work!
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