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  1. I do not want to toss the genius label around lightly ...but you Sir are friggin one!! Bravo,well done.The launcher had been a real thorn in my side.Well thanks to you..game updated and I'm ready to fly again.Esp. thank you but also everyone who chimed in with their help. jensen
  2. Everyone,thanks for your help.My Launcher never actually worked for me so I installed the game on a friends laptop...got my 16 gig thumbdrive ,copied it and installed on my computer.The IL2.exe works like a charm,thanks again.
  3. chris455..thank you I had the proper .Net Framework so that also is not the problem.A really perplexing problem that just bugs me to tears.I really want to fly a little faster than my Dr1.
  4. I'm not quite sure how to start the game without the launcher..the only 2 application files i have are Launcher and Restarter. Launcher does not work and Restarter does even less.I would love to find an IL2.exe somewhere. Thank you all for your efforts though...very much appreciated. Vid drivers up to date.
  5. sorry about starting this again but somehow it was impossible for me post a response to a suggestion in the last thread of the same name. Christ....I have tried every suggestion so far without any luck.I still get the "launcher has stopped working"....I have a normal computer with Win 7. What the Sam Hill is the answer that I seek?REFUND?
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