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  1. it has been years since I have played logged on installed game but cannot get on server hopefully support can get me going
  2. when I try to log in the game says I have connection issues
  3. hello it has been years hoping to get back in the game if will ever let me
  4. I have been away for a long time ..can't connect
  5. having similar problems .will try to reset everthing to default
  6. complete reinstall game its the weekend still no server connection at a total loss as what to do
  7. thanks for the help ! I uninstalled the beta version and reinstalled the game unfortunately now unable to to update the game because I assume the server is offline,but here's hoping that next week I can at least update so I can play offline as well
  8. I have been away for a long time ,please help ran update today and still cannot start the game ,it says master server not online but its friday and server should be running tried to start game offline but I get the error my game is not updated ,so I have a problem I no not how to fix ..please help
  9. your template should read Flying Together not Fly In Together your template should read Flying Together not Fly In Together
  10. will the developers give us a chance to look at the manual before release of the game?
  11. Spectacular detail that moving tail wheel was something else
  12. an exculisive pilot skin for founders or the opportunity to have our own personnel pilot skin would be a nice touch
  13. please tell us about BOS ground units? number involved would be a great start
  14. if this game does not allow easy full mission building and does not have at least 200 moving ground objects it will have trouble expanding
  15. andy have you ever played another flight game? what I have stated are not just my observations [EDIT BY FSM - YES THEY ARE] have you ever tried to make an online mission? it is very restrictive in game play [iN THE POSTER'S OPINION]. the knee board map is brutal [DEFINE 'BRUTAL'. I HAVE NEVER CONSIDERED USING IT TO APPLY TO A COMPUTER GAME'S MAP] [EDITED TO REMOVE INSULTS, UNSUBSTANTIATED ONES AT THAT]
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