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  1. I just did two "Hunt" missions in a row last night in Kuban as the Russians. Having to fly in a constant bank circle for an extended period of time with 4x time acceleration was pretty brutal on my stomach and head. Is there another approach to doing these missions than having to circle around a point? I tried doing a back and forth pattern as well, but it also was so repetitive and had so much constant banking and turning it was almost as bad as just circling the point.
  2. Since posting this, I've seen this happen again once in 20+ more career missions. So at least it seems to only effect specific situations (which I have no idea what the specifics of are). However, both times it happened in my Kuban career.
  3. To install the new update, I can just copy the content from the new patch zip into my IL2 directory like I did with the previous mod, right? I've only been using the mod since last week, it seems I don't have to worry about .ini files or anything?
  4. The instructions are a little hard to understand... How do I uninstall this mod (from a manual install)?
  5. I've had several missions where ground units will disappear when looking at them from various angles. I did a train attack, and the train was only visible when I looked at it from behind my plane. I just did an armor attack mission, and the exact opposite happened. The entire convoy would disappear if I turned around to look at it after flying over it. I'm running the 3Dmigoto mod, could that potentially be the reason for it? Anyone else have this issue and a fix?
  6. Ah, I found how to disable it, it was in an odd menu in the BIOS. Huge difference in frame rate. The stuttering is now gone! It sucks that I'll need to reboot my PC to switch off hyperthreading every time I want to play... I hope that the devs can fix this issue.
  7. If I can't disable HT in my BIOS, there is no other way to do it, right? Unfortunately my BIOS doesn't have that option.
  8. Yeah, I disable the HUD every time. Like I said, I'm getting a solid 90 fps when testing in a 1v1 with ASW disabled. As for my driver, I already did a clean driver install, had the game bar disabled and my Nivida control panel is set to maximum performance and optimized for all applications. All other VR games work perfectly fine and smooth. The ground stutter is extremely subtle, but it is definitely there. It is not noticable when I'm looking forward or back, only when looking out of the left or right.
  9. I've been tweaking my VR settings for the past few days, and one thing I can't get rid of is "stuttering" when looking at the ground passing to the left or right out of the cockpit. Every .5 seconds there is a tiny microstutter when looking at the ground. I thought it might have been an artifact of ASW, but I've gotten a solid 90 fps with ASW off in a 1v1 quick battle, but the ground stuttering is still present. Is there any fix for this? It is really apparent when flying over heavy forests. This is on an Oculus Rift running on a i7 7700, 16 gig of RAM and a 1070ti.
  10. When playing in a career mode, is there any persistence in objects that you destroyed? For instance, if I take out all the AAA at an airfield, will it remember any of it being destroyed if I fly over it the next mission? Same question for bridges? Also, does the campaign engine remember all the enemy airplanes I've destroyed, both on ground and in the air? Would destroying a lot of airplanes at an airfield make further missions a bit easier until the airfields are reinforced?
  11. If you buy IL2 directly from the publisher, it doesn't run through Steam, right?
  12. I am a bit confused about this as well... in order to play using my Oculus, SteamVR has to be running. Are people running the game outside Steam? If I am running SteamVR, how is ASW controlled?
  13. I have a Rift headset, and run the game through SteamVR. Apparently ctrl-numpad 1 enables and disables ASW. When I press this, nothing seems to happen. My framerate remains the same (45 fps). Is there some indication that ASW has been enabled/disabled?
  14. I absolutely love the new career mode. After a few missions I think it may be one of the best dynamic campaigns ever created next to Falcon 4. I am wondering how much persistence there is going on behind the scenes. Obviously it is keeping track of your squadron's current plane count, but what else is tracked? If a bridge is taken out, will it still appear destroyed if you fly over it later? If a troop ground attack mission is succesful, will friendly troops around it advance?
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