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  1. That did the trick, thanks! I guess the Flying Circus version works with the default Java download.
  2. That did the trick, thanks! I guess the Flying Circus version works with the default Java download.
  3. I just re-installed java from the link that opens when trying to run PWGC.exe from the PWGCBoS directory. It still pops up that it needs java after installing java again. However, PWGC FC (which uses the same java installer) runs perfectly fine. I have no idea why PWGC BoS doesn't detect that Java is installed....
  4. I have PWGC for Flying Circus installed for IL2 and it works great. I needed to download the Java runtime installer for it to work when I initially installed it. Now, I just installed PWGC for BoS in the same IL2 install folder, and when I click on PWGC.exe it tells me I need to install Java. However, I have already installed Java for PWGCFC. I just tried running PWGC in the PWGCFC directory and it boots up fine. How do I get BoS PWGC to recognize that I have Java installed?
  5. Great, thanks. Also, does either version of this campaign generator have persistent objects in the campaign? Like bridges and other objects destroyed in one mission are gone in the next?
  6. In the mission briefing, does toggling "all squadrons" actually make those squadrons appear, or is that just an option to see where they will be flying no matter what?
  7. I played a French campaign in FC for about 5 missions starting on the ground, and I had a lot of enemies on every patrol. I then turned on "start from air" for this campaign, and in the past 3 missions I haven't seen a single enemy. I started a new campaign playing in an English squadron with a Camel on the southern part of the map. I just played the first 4 missions with start in air enabled, and haven't seen any enemy planes. Is "start in air" not working correctly?
  8. How kind of them to allow me to pay $20 more instead of $30 more for 2 planes that I have no interest in purchasing, and giving me no option to purchase the standard edition hoping I'll just cave in and purchase the $70 version because I don't want to wait. Nothing cynical about that at all.
  9. Oh, great. How incredibly cynical of them. Well, I guess I'm waiting even longer now.
  10. I saw that Bodenplatte was finally released today and loaded up the store to purchase it, but I only see a "premium" version that is $70 (!!), and no regular version. Can someone link me to the regular version's store page? Thanks!
  11. I just did two "Hunt" missions in a row last night in Kuban as the Russians. Having to fly in a constant bank circle for an extended period of time with 4x time acceleration was pretty brutal on my stomach and head. Is there another approach to doing these missions than having to circle around a point? I tried doing a back and forth pattern as well, but it also was so repetitive and had so much constant banking and turning it was almost as bad as just circling the point.
  12. Since posting this, I've seen this happen again once in 20+ more career missions. So at least it seems to only effect specific situations (which I have no idea what the specifics of are). However, both times it happened in my Kuban career.
  13. I've had several missions where ground units will disappear when looking at them from various angles. I did a train attack, and the train was only visible when I looked at it from behind my plane. I just did an armor attack mission, and the exact opposite happened. The entire convoy would disappear if I turned around to look at it after flying over it. I'm running the 3Dmigoto mod, could that potentially be the reason for it? Anyone else have this issue and a fix?
  14. Ah, I found how to disable it, it was in an odd menu in the BIOS. Huge difference in frame rate. The stuttering is now gone! It sucks that I'll need to reboot my PC to switch off hyperthreading every time I want to play... I hope that the devs can fix this issue.
  15. If I can't disable HT in my BIOS, there is no other way to do it, right? Unfortunately my BIOS doesn't have that option.
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