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  1. Historically corrected skins are not yet available for those aircraft because they are still waiting in line to be updated to 4k resolution in the game. All of those aircraft still use the default 2k resolution, which is very noticable when playing in VR for example. However, the Devs are doing a good job of slowly updating all of the aircraft to 4k. There's usually one included with just about every update, on average. For instance, the most recent updated included the Russian I-16 in 4k.
  2. Yeah, it's a lot of fun to do engine management when you get the hang of it - which doesn't take long. Also each aircraft description includes the needed info about max engine RPM and manifold pressure for normal flight, combat, emergency power, etc. I've spent a long time setting up my keyboard and joystick layout to be intuitive so that I can literally fly every plane in the game without the need to even look at the keyboard (since I also fly using VR) and can find keys very quickly just by feel and have controls for everything regardless of the aircraft, including switching to d
  3. I started a Battle of Moscow career playing II. JG 52. I noticed that in all missions where my pilot doesn't participate (so the ones that you just click proceed and they're processed by the AI), the AI only ever seem to shoot down "heavy" enemy aircraft. This is regardless of mission type. So, even when they're escorting bombers themselves and most likely to encounter light fighters, it doesn't matter. They only shoot down heavy aircraft. It's a very minor issue, but just seems odd.
  4. Thank you for the links. I had no idea these existed. And thank you again for the nice work to update these skins.
  5. Thank you for these updates. Since I was already cheeky enough to ask for these in the first place, I'll point out that the "default" skins that go in the "planes" folder instead of the "skins" folder also need to be included. 😁 Sincerely though, thank you for taking the time to make these. They're a geat addition for the sake of historical accuracy.
  6. Thank you for the corrected skins. If you get bored, I believe both variants of the He 111 and both variants of the Bf 110 have also been updated to 4k but also don't yet have any corrected skins. You know... if you're bored 😁
  7. One thing to keep in mind though is that not every customer starts off buying every package in the series. It would be a tough sell for somebody just starting out with only the Battle of Normandy to buy a WW2 flight sim that doesn't include any variant of such an iconic aircraft. On a purely personal note. I love all of these aircraft and really enjoy having so many variants (spitfire, Mustang, Yak, 109 - They're all cool to fly and it's a great combination of learning their idiosyncrasies along with the history of their devlopment that I find enjoyable. So, whatever planes they pr
  8. Why not have a selectable option such as "pilot fitness"? It would be similar to when you choose novice or ace for the AI in a quick battle. Only this option changes the parameters for your virtual pilot. Your virtual "novice" isn't going to have the same level of experience or practiced techniques in dealing with high G loads and is going to be more prone to blacking out. In fact, this could also be extended to adjustments in plane visibility and spotting, depending on how it's implemented of course. So, the novice pilot isn't going to be as good at this either - i.e. making it h
  9. Here's an interesting little article about "Sherman was Right" from my home town paper (in German). https://www.hz.de/meinort/hermaringen/neue-details-zum-mustang-absturz-1945-aufgetaucht-31531384.html
  10. Yes, the instrument panel in the Stuka looks just like the shot you posted of the FW190 interior, so it seems to likely be related.
  11. Version 4.007 Playing in VR with an Oculus Rift S Geforce RTX 2080 ti, latest drivers When flying the Stuka D-3 and dropping a bomb, I switch to the bomb camera view where you can watch the bomb fall, impact and explode. After the explosion, and switching back to the cockpit view, the textures are all extremely low resolution, the instruments are no longer legible, and the cockpit photo is all black. The only way to restore the textures is to then exit the game. Upon exit the game essentially freezes. You can still shut it down by closing the window by right clicking the
  12. Ahhh, ok. Now it makes sense. Thank you again for the really nice corrections to these skins. I look forward then to further updates.
  13. Are there historically corrected skins for the 109G6 or 109E7, or for any of the Bf110s? I downloaded all of the others, and also... thank you. They look great.
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