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  1. Mladshy Lejtant Rocco Blvkhartyrovitch gotov !!!
  2. Wystarczy napisać na messengera z FB lub do nas na priv na forum. Najprościej złapać nas na TS3 TAW Adres: taw-server.de:9988 pw 1942
  3. Recipe for happy life: 1. Less expectations Cheers! 😄 😄 😄
  4. Plz go back and find the issue with player who landed on enemy airbase and was killing spawning players with gunner. And you will understand why it is how it is Cheers!
  5. God dammit... Now everyone will think that we care about TAW and people comments and suggestions... 😕
  6. Good. They are good. Math is simple Thx for the reply! Other users gave me links to your website. Great job. About AI. Currently every moving object, AI is causing too much stress for the server. Its not 1946 m8, unfortunately...
  7. TAW dogfight test ( in progress) server is up. Fast dogfight, airstart. Limited loadout & planes as for future planned historical planese. Enjoy!
  8. Thats why I checked units operating at Ostfront in 1941 and early 1942. I strongly recomend to it, so we will be on the same page. No need to guess that we dont need total F-4 numbers on every battle area
  9. One of the most professional posts which I ever seen on this forum. Hats off.
  10. You can expect new season around June 2019 Best regards
  11. Many thanks for TAW supporters!!! http://taw-server.de/supporters.php
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