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  1. What is your nickname in the TAW and Discord ???
  2. So here we are at the end and the begin. At this point I would like to mention all those great people who helped me and our crew to build this season. Some of them gave us small tips, some many great advices. There was also some tension, critic and frustration on both sides. @=LG=Kathon, thanks for our night talks and never ending emails about the script 馃槃 I`m still suprised you didnt blew up when I was asking you again and again about new features and trying to fulfill my dirty TAW dreams. @=LG=todeskvlt , thanks for amazing job with the webiste, graphics and being the voice of reaso
  3. 6240 seconds ( stream with career&planeset guide )
  4. Beta tests finished Data taken from server statistics During the test stage: - average red player was able to collect 3.1 CP per mission - average blue player was able to collect 2.8 CP per mission Thanks to all reports, statistics and suggestions we made last changes: Stats - inactive players will be removed from the statistics until they will come back to combat duty and collect gk/ak - top 5 counted by max total streak, not alive - legends will live forever ;] AAA - AAA level raised - but we still have something in the pocket - some small update for defence lines, d
  5. Join TAW TS3. Everyone is welcome there
  6. 1 part , enjoy Main thoughts about the project, Request Change Procedure, registration and launch date https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kce68KlBrHg&t=4s
  7. We plan to finish test stage this sunday 02.05.2021. Last tweaks in progress. Tests brought plenty of interesring results, those who track discord text channels know what I'm talking about. Feel free to join us by clicking link below: https://discord.gg/2jF9yhES5n What is more I'll try to prepare few short videos with some Q&A and short explanation about upcoming changes on my unproffesional and boring YouTube channel. Feel free to subscribe to hace access to stream/Q&A videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwhnHsPB4Sun6do8Twv
  8. Last phase of tests(like I mentioned on forum)--> 15.00 short brief at TeamSpeak. We will announce when and how we plan official launch of first season of Tactical Air War 2.0 "No mercy", how the registration process will look like and what changes you can expect. Server works and is reloaded. 1st map is loaded. Your registered accounts works! If someone need to register call one of LG Website is not working right now due to maintenance . 15.30 GMT we start last phase of beta tests. I'ts extremely important to populate the server as much as we can to achieve stand
  9. registration is not available on website currently, plz contact with me or other LGs to register your account, raport nickname, team and chosen career to make it easier for us
  10. Understand. I hope You understood too that namecalling someone on public who is not Your close friend and not giving even a simple small sign it's a joke will be treated as something offensive. I'm taking back my request to Kathon to ban You from the project after your post. Have fun and enjoy our hard work in this season, leave constructive critic when it ends. Salut! And for all. I don't know what was in the TAW before, but now there is no difference between namecalling someone on game chat, forum or discord. Warn, ban or immediate ba
  11. Wraz z nowym sezonem zapraszamy wszystkich nowych oraz starych graczy do wsp贸lnych lot贸w na wirtualnej wojnie "Tactical Air War". W tym sezonie przygotowali艣my wiele zmian w kierunku historycznego aspektu rozgrywki, zmotywowania graczy do wykonywania zada艅 oraz polepszenia dynamiki rozgrywki. Historyczne kampanie z historycznym zestawem samolot贸w, dedykowane kariery pilota, nowy system punktowy, odblokowywanie lepszych maszyn, realna, dynamiczna pogoda to jedne z niewielu nowo艣ci, kt贸re b臋d膮 czeka膰 na graczy w tym sezonie. 呕eby do艂膮czy膰 do nas musicie wej艣膰 na Teamspeak TAWa adres
  12. I was trying to get access from PC then from mobile phone. Same story. Just plz have in mind I would like to participate and register ;] Thx in advance!
  13. Yes, I can,t open this link http://stats.jasta5.org/
  14. Good day! I was trying to follow instructions described in first post, but somehow I can`t open jasta5 website and register there. I would like to join the event and fly for Entente in this Saturday with virtual pilots from 1PL. Already voted in the poll and read the manual. Is there any chance to sign me in to the event ? regards
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