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  1. Not really... It`s never ending story about "Hartmaning" at 8k plus red advantage with loadout , Pe2 & sturmovik`s. Saw this dozen times on different servers, campaigns, wars. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We have few solutions. Keep fingers crossed about the script progress. We are preparing something huge. All of you will be at the same time suprised, happy and disapointed. And after few missions start to hate every minute s
  2. Niedziela. Godzina 18.00 Briefieng organizacyjny i wyjaśnienie zasad, test mapy. Ustalimy jak możemy optymalnie ustawić elastycznie czas walk, żeby uniknąć walkoverów i wyciągnąć z tego jak najwięcej zabawy. Widzimy się na TSie LG/TAW W razie pytań piszcie na priv na Discord. Dodatkowo 334th organizuje TopDog league/tournament 1vs1 w tą niedzielę o godzinie 20.00. Jeżeli również chcielibyście się tam zgłosić można zrobić to przez ich Fb https://www.facebook.com/groups/il2leaguepilots/announcements bądź Discorda https://discord.gg/nNRJEFzD Jest już jakieś 16-20 u
  3. Please report GMT so we will know what time we can expect you on the server. McKinley check pm!
  4. Thx for the reply! Rgrt! by 20`s you mean 20.00 which team or what ? I`ll try to join your Discord this evening to talk about the details
  5. S! I remember MERC team from old il2 events. Had a great fun on your open pit arcade servers, good old times. LuftGangsta (+1/+2 GMT) team is applying for the league/tournament How much players is involved in a match ? We can do some friendly team deatchmatch as well.
  6. Join LG TS taw-server.de:9988 pw: taw 1942 or find me via Discord. I`m always open for 1vs1 duel training. pm me so we can catch later at Berloga ie.
  7. Wow, thanks 72AG! Thats a lot! But a read every line. Good to hear feedback from veterans! And yes... last patch changed a lot. Lets hope they do some small tweaks in the next one. I remember at the begin how easy it was to break or burn 109 with Yak1. Now if you dont have good angle it takes "years", same with G-force. Red planes are wining the turn fight easily but with longer engagement or defence you need to use some skill and brain to avoid enemy fire.
  8. Dzięki zainteresowanie tematem i zgłoszenia. Następny weekend 27-28.02.2021 przewiduję briefieng organizacyjny dla uczestników wraz z lotami zapoznawczymi i dokładnym wytłumaczeniem zasad. Dodatkowo każdy z uczestników będzie uwzględniony przy zaproszeniu na event "Top Dogs" ( 1vs1 oraz 2vs2) wkrótce organizowany przez zespół 334th . 1. RavN_SiemaZiomek 2. OPS_Lipas 3. =LG=todeskvlt 4. RavN_Gora 5. PlkDlugi 6. =LG=Piciu 7. =LG=Aion 8. =LG=Coldman 9. Turkish 10. =LG=Franz 11. =L/R=Maurox 12. =LG=Padre 13. Kynodontas 14. =L/R=StaryMruk 15. INIGO_Mic
  9. Exactly... And there might be some voices about it in eastern camapaign And my idea is to attach voting results to the manual so new joiners will understand why TAW work like that.
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