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  1. It took me ages to buy into this series. After Cliff of Dover I was pretty pessimistic toward any new sim. It was not until until march last year, and it was not until the big patch last summer. This leads me to the conflict between servers with limit aircraft types. The makers of this sim made a very calculated decision of making sure that any owners of any their sims can join all servers even though they don't own the maps. A feature that does not invalidate buying their older products and thereby getting anything for free, thus giving them revenue and profit for further developing. This 'feature' also place a break on the server developers due to pressure not to loose players. I am aware that money does not grow on trees, but If bought into this sim and you like the graphics, flight-model and online servers, you are hooked on keep purchasing the sim series. If we dont, we will loose access or the server will stop to evolve. I been there, bought the T-shirt.....more than once ....but at least I two of their products on a sale
  2. There are static blocks for most objects in the game. They have less options and take up less resources. The non - static can be both passive or active if I remember correctly. I think the difference is the load on server resources.
  3. I like the idea of interdiction missions. Hitting bridges, railway hubs and using a huge load of 50kg bombs against truck convoys.
  4. "Luke: Vader... Is the dark side stronger? Yoda: No, no, no. Quicker, easier, more seductive." - Star Wars IV
  5. "Is the Blue side stronger? No, no. Quicker, more seductive"! - Starfire
  6. Which is why EAF are seriously consider changing back to Red before we planned! EDIT: The level of incompetent pilots on the Blue side is staggering. * They bomb stuff on tank bases which does not help friendly tanks advance * They do not cover their bombers * They attack strategic targets which does not give any advance on the map * Friendly fire is way higher than on the Red side (I cannot remember a single incident) * They write targets in the chat * They trashtalk * They chose aircrafts which are not suited for their tasks which makes them loose them * Before the introduction of the personel hanger some sqd used Jabo's as pure fighters and flew formations flying on some obscur part of the map The list is endless! Generally speaking, most newbies are attracted to Luftwaffe aircraft's becourse they have a reputation of being the best planes. Which is why you often see 109 pilots go turning with Yak-1's The number of Blue Sqds which does know what to do does not make up for the incompetent ones.
  7. Speculating.... If the aircraft where mod limited to reflect historic use combined with the ratio of historical numbers. The aircraft which does not appear in the games could be replaced by similar types, or with predetermined mods. SB-2's could be replaced by Pe-2's, but in fewer numbers to reflect their increased capabilities and survival. I-153 could be replaced by I-16's E-4/B with E-7B and force the E-7 to carry bombs in order to prevent them to be used in the pure fighter role. I posted the some of the numbers I have. It is worth to notice that the VVS had a lot more aircraft available than Luftwaffe. But the capabilities of LW aircraft and personel was a lot higher. On the Moscow front at Lvov 1941-07-06the numbers looked like this: Bf109E-4/B: 31 Bf109E-7/B: 130 Bf10F-2: 79: Bf109F-4: 160 Bf110C: 178 Hs123: 22 Ju87B-2: 273 Ju52: 123 Ju88A4: 83 He111H-6: 46 He111H-2 70 I-153M-62 - 170 (can be replaced by the I-16) I-153M P- 156 (can be replaced by the I-16) I-16 model 18 - 224 I-16 model 24: 252 MiG-3ud: 58 Yal-1: 127 Il-2 series 1: 6 Su-2: 61 SB-2 M-100: 49 SB-2 M-103: 221 DB-3b: 32 DB-3M: 98 DB-3F: 118 Pe-2 series 1: 45 TB-3: 109 Li-2: 79
  8. I did consider the Klin factory, but I really wanted to try out the E-7 as a A3/A5 substitute. I ended up losing several 109E-7 during my "FLAK-dance" "When the FLAK starts playing their music you better dance, and if they don't like your dance they will let you know"! - Unknown source
  9. Well,..just to cut my own legs off ...I have 'heard' that the cannon mod was never used on the Mc202. But they work nicely on AAA. BTW the weakened plane-set incurs another headache. - Usually a good two man team can eliminate the AAA and most of the equipment in a Tank-base if there are no air opposition. With he introduction of weaker planes (less cannons, ammo and speed), the aircraft attrition rate have gone up. Combined this with the personal hangar, the AAA are re-spawning before the elimination of other ground units can start which result in aircraft attrition. In essence it is probably not possible to have any impact on the tank-bases unless you have a 4 man team. This might require some additional investigation....
  10. The main reason why I mainly fly Finish Dynamic Airwar is that most of the other servers only have static ground units (AAA firing does not count as a moving object )
  11. Yes! If the choice is between another Clod or stutter I will chose stutter!
  12. I highly object to an approach like this becourse a lack of moving ground units will reduce the immersion for groundattack pilots like me I will basically be reduced to a pure airwar like Cliffs of Dover. Which was my main reason for stop flying Cliffs.
  13. It might be a good idear to tweak the AAA respawn/resupply time. The older aircrafts are not so effective as the late '42 and 43 models. This means a lot in the time it takes to kill the AAA.
  14. I wonder how the feel would be if the Yak and the Fw190 was removed from the equation I am a big fan of both but they are both very very good in their own way.
  15. BTW, with the rolling planeset the 109E-7 becomes interesting as a Fighterbomber (JABO) instead of the the Fw190 ;-) EDIT Which have been sadly neglected by blue pilots
  16. Will this also happen to the Armour? I ask becourse the T34 (and others) was a seldom sight at the start of the war.
  17. The message of resupply is fantastic. Thanks. I was not aware that chute killing was forbidden, but I will relay this to the rest of EAF as well as spreading the words when I chat with other players
  18. @LLv34_Untamo Are there any registration in the server logfile of when pilots are killed in the parachute?
  19. I am really glad for the implementation of the personal hangar as this makes it easier to hunt down parachute killers like you and making your play experience as bad as it does to those of us who you 'chute-kill' And you don't have to change to blue side as they have Staiger, who we will treat equally well when we go back to Red side
  20. The supply aircraft was a He111 taken from the air-spawn. BTW: It seems that only the Ju52 is available from ground spawn-points. I would very much like if you made the He111 available as well as time are usually of an essence when it comes to supply as long as the Red side dos not have the C-47 copy. Or you should start implementing a difference in supply depending on the supply aircraft flown....
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