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  1. Could we please have the same amount of AAA at each airfield as the Tank-bases as well as the same skill level and re-spawn time?
  2. If the available in the server reflects historical ratios and fronts, be my guest 😉
  3. Personally I hope not. For three reasons: 1) The Spitfire Mk. IX (all versions) where never available to the Russians 2) The G-14 was never available on the fronts which took place on the maps we have availble 3) There are currently no aircraft in the Allied Inventory which can keep up with the G-14 We did some tests on EAF private server yesterday and the G-14 is fantastic. It climbs like a rocket. Hang-time is even more fantastic than the La-5FN. Although the Spit 9 is great, it is just no match for the G-14.
  4. Thanks for the link to the story. Quite interesting. Its a shame that it was returned, but I guess it was part of the neutrality pact with Nazi-Germany at the time.
  5. No! Not confused, but delighted with BTW I was thrilled by the map this Monday; There where Red bases at several different distances from the front whis made it quite fun and easy to chose a base which wasn't in danger from getting bounced by bandits
  6. I have no time for visual before and after my attack as I am near max speed and everybody are trying to kill me, including the trees ;-)
  7. I did the <field fa4 and although the messages are very funny they lack the information I need. What I need is to know what is destroyed. Not what are open. 10 years ago I helped implement a monitoring system at a big Danish IT Hosting and Outsourcing company. When we asked the server specialists what they needed to see, the answer was this: - "We need to see what is broken. We have no need to see what is working!" They had so many servers that servers in green was just cluttering the monitors. I would very much like to see a reduction in supply time when parts of the factory is destroyed. It would increase the immersion and the feeling of accomplishment as destroying a factory is a big job. IRL the factory would divert resources to repair their own factory.
  8. It makes it really hard to see when to change target :-(
  9. Ribbon and I did 7 sorties on Staritsa factory yesterday. Most of it on B-bloc. Are there anyway to see on http://ts3.virtualpilots.fi:8000/en/faq/ if it is destroyed?
  10. Dear developers Let this be a configuration item in the Dserver.
  11. Lets agree to disagree. Easy, No! Simple, yes! Semantics? Yes!
  12. Factory can not directly supply equipment and weapons to the front !!! I like that idear! Just speculating a bit: Factories supply warehouses. So what do we don when the frontline moves to close to the factory? - Do we keep them? - Do we move the factories off the map? - Do we add a longer supply time as a penalty as well as make them un-bomb-able? Supply time should depend on transport time. Does distance and/or road/rail network get into that math?
  13. [Irony on]Strange! [Irony off] I did several bombing sorties last night in a early morning mission with piss poor weather (great fun ) and I would swear that I bombed the factory in Staritza as well as destroying two searchlights at Staritza airfield just for fun. Ribbon did a few sorties with me, but somehow only his crash/dead have been recorded. Today I looked into the situational webpage and was surprised that it had all been repaired. Which was why I asked those questions earlier on. It basically means that if we do not destroy the factory within 10 min, we should not bother. The math is quite simple: Pe2/A-20 start to takeoff - 2-3 min 50 km to factory in a straight line (which LW pilots expect) - 10 min 50 km to RTB - 10 min Landing - 1-2 min ------------------------------------------ Minimum required sortie time: 23 min Realistic with detour: 30-35 min Factory repair: 10 min In order to finish off the factory before it is repaired, a certain number of aircraft will have to take it out in one sortie with multiple planes. I don't know how many building have to be destroyed, but I have an average of 10 building each sortie i dont get shot down. Aircraft needed = Building / 10 + Aircraft attrition to AAA + Aircraft attribution to fighters Remember that winning depends on time! - How much effort can be done within each virtual pilots gametime. Even if a pilot does not care about his virtual life he still need to have aircraft's in his personal hangar. This adds to the time as there are more pilots flying fighters than bombes. Unless someone can prove my homemade calculation are completely wrong, I can't see the map change anytime soon. Personally this have lessen my feeling toward jumping in ourside Sqd evenings.
  14. @LLv34_Temuri I have som questions regarding http://ts3.virtualpilots.fi:8000/en/faq/ Is "Repair time" for the factories in min or hours? Is "Repair time" for the factories?
  15. I would have thought that the blue side would be counter attacking as some of the regular Red squads have been absent. But I guess that the rest have been taken over the slack :-)
  16. It is more or less correct. Reallife issues have taken up the time of the three most active EAF pilots. Combined with the changes which makes it necessary to fly as a team of two or more If you care for your career. There is not really not a lot to do when you are alone. So when I have an hour or two, I usually fly resupply or repair mission which give ZERO points on my caree.
  17. I have another request :-) Would it be possible to add the A-20 to repair and supply planes? I ask becourse I drop in at odd times do a single sortie. With all the changes toward team-play, this has limit me to run supply and repair runs. A task which I become fond of. But I would also like to get some time in to getting to know the A-20
  18. Dear Mr. Zero First of all, this was for the developers to read and not for you to defend! Second: You write: "Probably"! Which indicates that you have not done homework! Third: The smiley of yours with a tongue out and you deserve to get the tongue washed in brown soap for pointing it at other people. One a side note: I might come from a Sqd which is allied aligned, but these days EAF fly both sides and want to see a historic representation and are unlike you, not a fanboy of either side. Some of us see the planes in strategic view. Not just one cool gadget over another. In my opinion the flaw of DCS WWII is the lack of a good periodic historic plane-set. I done my part of fighting 109K-4 in the Spit Mk. IX and visa versa, but the immersion gets lost which is why I fly this sim.
  19. Dear Developers I know that this might be the right place, but I doubt a lot of the guys I know agrees with that there are no bugs in 3.00. It would be nice if you (the developers) address it instead of denying it. 2nd. It would also be nice if you (the developers) decided to tell why you chose the Spitfire Mk. IX and not the XIV. The Mk. IX was obsolete at the time of the Bodenplatte
  20. How is the pilot situation for the next campaign? Are there space?
  21. How is the pilot situation for the next campaign? Are there space?
  22. 3.0 bug. The replay seems to use the mission on which it way recorded. I have no problem using replay from EAFs own server as the mission file is almost static, but on Finish an Berlga i am unable.
  23. That is exactly what I mean. The new aircrafts are missing. The Berloga concept and mission is great for structured air to air training. With the new ability for everyone to host this could be very useful for Sqd training. EAF already use Berloga, but there are times we need a sterile environment and custom settings.
  24. I have a big request. Could you please make increase the distance between airfields? If they are placed to close to one another the play tends to get very arcadish. Example: Dugino vs Sychevka. Distance is 16,5km or 2 min of flighttime? Attacking the tankbase becomes irrelevant before the oppositions airfield are either suppresed or destroyed. Basically a war of attrition depending on who have most aircrafts in the hanger. AKA no tactics, just speed and brute force.
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