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  1. How about increased automation. Triggers are fine for fine tuning, but I just want to make simple training missions. Like 2 vs 1, 2 vs 2. I am getting tired og using 3+ triggers every time I need to create an object.
  2. Merry Christmas to us all. Thanks to 1C Game Studios for agreeing to it. Thanks to Team Fusion for all the work you have done so far. I think this shows a trust in you and your work. I am looking forward to buy your product
  3. During my time i dosens of simulators I have wasted more aircrafts due to lack of knowledge than I care to remember So after while flying IL-2 I started out collecting and testing for flight data. I would be really nice if this simulator would be delivered withe the following data and that the data are alligned with real world data Pretty please LIMITATIONS V'NE - Never Exceed Speed (in Any Operation) V'FE - Max. Flaps Extended V'LO - Velocity Landing gear Operating (Max Landing Gear Operating Speed) V'LE - Velocity Landing gear Extended (Max Landing Gear Extended Speed) V'R - Rotation speed (aka safe takeoff speed) Vcorner - Corner speed V'sus: - Minimum sustained speed V'REF - Landing Reference Speed (Threshold crossing speed) V'S - Stall Speed (in which A/C is controllable) V'S0 - Stall Speed in Landing Configuration V'Y - Best Rate-of-Climb speed V'BE - Max Speed brake Extended Speed (if airbraks are present) Water Temperature min and max: Oil Temperature min and max: Wing Span - Nice to know when you use the sight to guage distance vs convergence Lenght: xx,xx m Wing area: xx,x m2 - This give an indication of what kind of combat and handling can be expected Service Range with normal bomb load: xxx Km Service Ceiling: xxx m The data below will give an indication of when an aircraft is in overload configuration. It seems that most sim pilots are unaware that the amount of fuel are reduced when the bombload are raised to max and that it is a compromise between range and bombload. Cliffs of Dover gave us a nice indication of when an aircraft was overloaded. Weight, Loaded: Weight, Max TO: Normal Bombload: Max Bombload:
  4. None! As long as the server have the ability to control the use of icons and ordinary players can make their own servers I don't care if icons are available. That way we all will be able to fly the flavour we like :-)
  5. For the last couple of years we have been very active in internation SEOW campaigns. These have resultet in several videos. Hope you enjoy :D From the Marianas SEOW in 2012 Normandy 1944 From an Internal SEOW Campaign
  6. Instead of reinventing the wheel I took the liberty to quote directly from our "Gate Hourse" http://www.europeanaf.net/
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