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  1. The Tiger was designed as a Break-Through tank, and as such the amount of needed numbers the were thought not to be very great. It was also this reason the cost and maintenance issues where not thought of as an issue. The armature tank researcher Nicolas Moran describes this a lot better than I can 😉
  2. Could you please elaborate; I don't get it. I own a TM Warthog with dual throttle and left slider is assigned to engine 1 and the right to engine 2. This works quite well, except for the 3 engine Ju52.
  3. Type of improvement: Graphical/Gameplay Explanation of proposal: Deleting the backseater/Frontseater in the U-2VS Benefit: Reduce load by 80-120 kg Making the plane joyful to fly in non-combat environment. Making the plane more maneuverable with a heavy loadout. Sometime you really want to be alone on the plane and mr. grumpy in the backseat does not make my day 😁
  4. Speed and mave movement in two axis are my key to survival. I do this by diving from at least 2.5 Km. I start my dive parallel to the ships (or at least of bore) doing S-turns or just doing a gentle turn (to loose as little speed as possible). The turn gets harder as I get closer (but no break turns). My dive end close to the ship and allow me to skip bomb (altitude around 15 meters). After release I keep low making jinks in both planes. I never attack more than one at the time unless I have a wingman to drag AAA. 25% getting home without a scratch. 50% limping home 25% ending in a parachute
  5. Disregard that. My plans was changed for me. I wont be able to participate.
  6. Very nice and thanks for the skin. It has been sorely missed 😁
  7. A word of thanks 😃 The change of distance, moving the factories in the rear was a great move. EAF did two sorties like that yesterday and we really enjoyed it even though we took damage and loses from the FLAK. Very immersive. We really enjoyed it.
  8. A good multiplayer could be run by volunteers. It was done before with systems like SEOW, and could be again, BUT it will require that the developers prioritize time on the Dserver application as It has less ability to run the same amount of objects than the old IL2 1946 even though computeres where weaker then 🤔
  9. I am unable to see how. There are many airfields on the Kuban map, but pilots might have to fly a little longer before getting to a tankbase. When your guys said that you was implementing Kuban, I was quite sure that we would have fighting over the strait of Kerch as well as fighting along the southeren sea.
  10. I concur with the loss of everything. Since dead is dead. But I like the idea of doing a resupply will keep people flying. it is more or less what the InWar server does as well as what SOW.
  11. @angus26 Absolutly! Daidalos team are very talented. I wish they would contribute for Il2 great battles @EAF_Starfire @-IRRE-Therion @angus26 and @LukeFF thanks for your support! I love when people are enjoying my contribution. I don't have to anything to contribute with on this thread, but I really enjoy reading the thing that get postet. So whenever I see something I enjoy I try and show my appreciation😁
  12. The lack of distance between covering airfields and the frontline / tankbases AND the new resupply times makes depot and factory strikes unfeasible.
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